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About Crystal

Hi there!

When I give a reading I will let you choose what tools you would like me to use. I read the Tarot in my own special way, Angel cards and crystals. After 3 months of doing this job I had some Votex healing and from that point on I could hear my spirit guide John and other spirits. I hear John in my right ear and never my left and he is known for his wacky sense of humour. A lot of my friends and clients can sense John around them and some of my psychic friends get messages from him! He is a very strong guide and a healer, we are a team and I couldn't work without him!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like giving Clarity, help, support and healing during a reading as well as answering my client's questions with as much detail as possible. Giving very precise validations is important too! I love telling a client what is about to happen in their life and what their options are, helping them on their life's journey.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Yes I believe I am in some ways a typical Scorpio, after all Scorpio is the second most psychic sign of the Zodiac.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From the age of 4 I felt 'different' and that I didn't quite fit in, since talking to many other psychic's I now know this is a very common feeling. It was a positive not a negative and I had a gift that many others didn't. I would have certain feelings about situations and they would generally turn out to be true but I couldn't understand why I knew these things. The way I used to look at it is I would look at the colour blue and know it was blue, but didn't know why it was blue!

After I had my first reading I was told that I had a sixth sense and that one day I would become a psychic reader, the lady was so impressed that she offered me a job as a reader with her but unfortunately I didn't live in London where she was based, but looking back I doubted my abilities and it took a few more years before I was ready.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have previously worked as a holistic therapist and many other roles that have given me a huge understanding of people. I am a trained aroma therapist and have obtained my level 1 in Reiki. I am currently studying for my counseling diploma and my crystal therapy diploma which I will (hopefully) obtain later this year. I am also hoping to achieve my Reiki level II.

I have a straight to the point attitude which I believe helps to do this job.

I am a natural born psychic and get my messages from sprit through my excellent spirit guide John.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

You should keep an open mind and be aware that some of the things you are told may not make much sense right away! The more relaxed you are the more the more information comes through from spirit. Please also be aware that we can only pass on what we are given.

Please feel free to come through to me for an in-depth reading on any matter you wish!

You won't be disappointed!

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What our customers say about Crystal

Wow! I just had a reading with Crystal, and was not disappointed. She picked up on what was going on around me straight away. Even a couple of issues that I had not brought to her attention. Crystal you were spot on about my son, and the attention I was getting around me. I found the reading very enlightening regarding all the characters in question and I feel that although I had been through a rough time of late that things are starting to turn around for me at last. I felt very reassured and grounded after my reading with Crystal. I was very surprised when we connected for the reading initially, as I know she is very hard to get hold of, and I understand why. I had an excellent reading, one of the best, and Ive had quite a few, and I will take on board the advice and information given and go with the flow and see how things pan out, as I believe they will. Thank you for your enlightment, reassurances and insight. Love and light to you. xx

- Sonia

23rd August 2015

Thank you. Loved the depth and sincerity of my reading. Crystal is so gentle but totally solid. Wish you were here more :) One of the few readers that truly reach deep into the source and bring light. Bless you.

- Michelle

2nd July 2015

Dear Crystal (4/7/14). Thank you for easing my mind, your reading did not differ from my last with you, my hopes are still to have and be with a certain gentleman for you clearly see happening. Still a time to wait but worth it. Thank you to you and John. J x

- Janet

5th July 2014

27th October. Thank you so much my darling for the fantastic reading mwah. We had a giggle and you made me see sense like you always do. Mwah to you and John. Love and light, S xxxx


28th October 2013

28th September. Thank you so much to you and John for a fantastic reading. I haven't spoken to Crystal for such a long time and it was lovely to have a chat and get the guidance and insight. Mwah, Thank you so much my angel. Love and Light, S xxx


3rd October 2013

Thank you Crystal and John for the guidance you gave this morning 25/08/2013 regarding my career and personal circumstances. I look forward to becoming the person I am to yet become and to meet my 'funny' future partner with the ''biceps'' and ''good teeth'' as you validated. I will be in touch, A xxx


27th August 2013

I would just like to say a massive thank you Crystal we got cut off before I could tell you. All I can say is the reading you gave me today was amazing & I will be in touch again soon with updates. Love & Light S. xxx


18th March 2013

Spoke to Crystal 16/3/13. Liked her down to earth delivery. Tuned in well and information flowed. Exceeded my call and still could have talked for much longer. Stayed focused, no repeating herself, very matter of fact and answered questions as I asked, and even gave me the chance to ask about anything else. Has given me a lot to think about and to remember a particular date - July 14th. Told me things as they were with no saying what she thought I might want to hear and I respect her all the more for that. I endorse the other testimonials written here and have no hesitation in recommending her as a reader. Thank you Crystal, I can see exactly why you are difficult to get a hold of.


18th March 2013

Hi Crystal. You are in so much demand as you are sooo good! Please log in more often and indicate on timetable when you will be working. Thanks :)


22nd January 2013

Words just cannot express how good this lady is. She predicted contact from a certain person and it happened exactly as she said it would with accurate timing. All her predictions in my readings have happened. I really love and respect her so much. She has given me so much hope and has kept me going. I'm truly grateful, one of the best ever. Love you loads Crystal and will always call you. xxx


27th November 2012

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