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I have been reading and studying the Tarot for 25years and began in my teenage years. I have done many readings for many clients however I always feel that I am just a mere student who is always learning new things about this wonderful tool for an insightful and meaningful life. Along with being drawn into a world of psychic phenomena I have also taken time to study Psychology as a University degree, and completed courses and learning in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Meditation, the Qabalah, Scrying (Crystal Ball Gazing), Angel Card Reading, RUNE stones, I-Ching, Spiritualism and Feng Shui which have helped to deepen my connection to the Tarot over my lifetime. The Tarot for me has always provided treasurable nourishment of thought, feeling, and insight and I tend to find that many of my clients are grateful for the way that it can affirm to them what they already intuitively felt about a situation or can give 'hints' or 'clues' to alternative ways to see things when they find that they may have found themselves stuck somewhere without taking the freedom of choice-making away. As the Tarot is indeed a tool for strengthening any persons 'psychic' abilities it certainly has helped to strengthen my own ability to 'feel' many deeper aspects of life and situations that I am faced with and so thus at this point I now do many of my readings free completely clairvoyantly and free of holding a physical pack of cards in my hands, although their magical influence within my insights will never leave me.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love it when within my readings a client is not only provided with validation of something that they already know, which is important to me as it helps me to know that I am on track, but where the client is also provided with food for thought, or a fresh perspective, about things that they did not know which then perhaps allows a person to find greater space in their own mind and so they once again identify their own access to choices that may have until that point been clouded over or had become unclear.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

In many ways I am a very typical Capricorn, the masters of time. I am very earthy, practical, antiquey, perhaps a little ambitious of big spiritual dreams and I love things to have a use or purpose. However much of the strongest influences in my chart come from my Ascendant and Moon both being found in Scorpio which moves me to seek deep beneath the surface for insights and helps me to look towards spiritual things for answers.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When Tarot is the path that you are going to take then more often than not it creates a memory within your mind when you can actually first begin to remember that will stay with you. As a child, I seemed to always be to understand the language of animals and sensed that I knew what they were thinking which seemed to make them favor me as I favored them. I would also tend to sit by rivers and ponds and read the stories that I could see appearing in the reflections. I think back and know that I have had many strange experiences of spirit-like encounters however never seemed to think much of them as I took them as very natural.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I learned that I would often clairvoyantly see words spelled out within my mind although being dyslexic, and often the words not even being in English, I would struggle to know what they meant so I decided that I would begin to always keep a notepad by my side during readings and would just write exactly what I was seeing. I remember one time writing down some letters, and in a particular way, which made no sense as a word I knew but my client confirmed to me by showing me that it was the letters and word that was engraved on the back of a medal that her grandfather had received in his lifetime. As mentioned before however, I love it when through my insights something which seems so off the chart ends up being exactly right. I am not afraid of the client saying 'no' when my intuition confirms to me with no feeling of doubt that it is actually a 'yes' and then the person validates this to me later.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I studied Psychology as a University degree which helped me to understand people more deeply. I have also completed learning in Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, Hypnotherapy, I am a REIKI Master, I studied Astrology, Feng Shui, NLP, RUNE stones, Angel Cards, Spiritualism, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation (and other forms), Scrying, the Qabalah and I have a lot of personal experience in management. My favorite area of psychology is personality profiling and using knowledge about ourselves (strengths and/or weaknesses) to improve ourselves (personal development) or to even change ourselves if we wish to give something in life a go that we have never done but feel that we would be capable of.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Trust your own intuition. You only need another person's psychic abilities when your own intuition needs validation or some fresh intuitive insights. Never give up your own power to choose and to decide for yourself. All psychic readings should just provide some extra support that you might need in writing your own life story.

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Sorry got cut off. Thank you very much Steven for the nice reading, hope to catch you again x

- Anon

28th December 2022

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