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I have always had a psychic intuition from a very young age, and my psychic vibes have grown stronger over time. With this lovely gift being passed on from my mum it has helped many people see the potential of their future. My readings will always be honest and I will make you feel at ease, giving you a clear picture into what the future holds. With my Tarot readings I give you a month by month indication of your life ahead. My Pendulum works greatly alongside me to give confirmation to any questions you may have. With my Tarot Card readings I do get spiritual help coming through and a sense of feeling on things, and I can relate this to you to give the best outcome for your reading to try and put you at ease.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

We all have questions that go around in our minds and would like to ask someone? This is where I fit in, I enjoy having the one to one talk, as a good listener and a true friend, being there for you. With my honest approach you will always be glad that you spoke to me to hopefully answer those thoughts that will then give you an insight into your future. I will always be truthful and aim to give you the best reading possible so you go away feeling positive.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am true to my star sign as I am adaptable, knowing each client is different upon what they want to know. I am outgoing, enthusiastic and I have a passion to have that deep conversation about life.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a young child people often said I was a bit strange and I would often mention something that has not yet occurred. This has developed over the years as my mum and grandmother were Psychic Tarot readers so this was my most natural path to follow and I love it !!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

When I was working in New Orleans giving Tarot readings, a client came to me who was uncertain and upset about their current career and wanted to know was the future going to get better for her. Upon reading her cards we could see a legal profession in her pathway. She looked at me and said you're joking! As she was not in the position to go back to studying. Behold four years later she contacted me saying that she had graduated with a Law degree and thanked me for that day. This was a lovely feeling that I only read and told her what her cards were saying and it worked out for her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have worked in this profession for a very long time, whilst working in the USA.  Here I have hosted numerous Tarot parties, and have attended well known workshops held by top psychic mediums. I am always studying within this field, looking to give my clients a crystal clear reading into what their future holds. My Pendulum has always been with me throughout my career, which has been passed onto me from my mum. My Pendulum can confirm many questions you may have to give us a confirmation.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

From my experience I have learnt that it is important for clients to be open minded and honest as this allows me to connect with my psychic intuition, giving them a clearer true reading. It is important that by having an open mind the clients' readings will be led to a pathway that the Tarot's are showing for them. Whichever way the path is saying, the client should always remember that this is their reading, unique to them, and that cards will say what is relevant to them.

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What our customers say about Diamond

Good reading with cards.x

- Anon

13th March 2022

I had my first reading with Diamond end of dec, oh Diamond, thank you so much, what a ray of sunshine you are, very uplifting, timings and predictions are in line with top readers on here, and I have had many readings as im in a very complicated situation, and Diamond is one of the best, very gifted, instantly knew the situation, spot on, amazing, timings the exact same as other top gifted readers, thank you Diamond, you are lovely, down to earth easy to talk to, and she gets info very fast, fitted a lot in in a short time, very impressed, very reliable, will be back, made me feel so much better, and she helped fit the jigsaw pieces together, lots of love julie :-) xx

- julie

9th January 2022

Thanks Diamond. The most reassuring reading and straight to the point. Hope they come true

- Abigail

31st December 2021

Such a lovely reading with Diamond. Instantly gave me the answers I was looking for and did it in such a positive and supportive way, thank you so much x

- Dena

25th November 2021

Thank you Diamond! a lovely reading and insightful.

- Anon

23rd November 2021

Thank you for reading today . You was spot on with what's going off around me with my ex no question asked. Was Lovely talking to you. Will get back to you . Thank you xx

- Susan

12th October 2021

Diamond by name, diamond by nature. Always quick, clear, kind and accurate. One of my favourite readers. Over the years she has been a fantastic ally, and excellent friend. Thank you for your wonderful service Diamond.

- Christina

18th August 2021

Lovely reader. Started of with a general reading. Diamond got straight to the point. Very positive reading and reassured me that Everything is going to be okay. Thank you Diamond xx

- Kelly

15th July 2021

Hi Diamond, I am so sorry we got cut off - thank you so much for our chat re sil and nephew. I took on board everything you said. THANK YOU X

- Carol

14th July 2021

Thank you for always giving me an accurate reading and being there for me emotionally jasmin xxxx

- Jasmin

17th June 2021

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