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I use various Tarot spreads tailored to suit the client's needs.  As a gifted Psychic, Empath and Tarot Reader I use Old English Tarot spread for general readings. It gives me a twelve month picture of your life and I hope it helps you to make the right steps towards a positive future. The relationship spread I use shows the way both of your lives intermingle and synchronise. One spread covers one month. It shows the impression created on the initial meeting, the present situation, and the next few weeks. I can then expand the reading further into the future.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My path in life is to serve and I am pleased to be able to allow others to partake of my abilities in all areas. If I can just touch your life and bring you love and light, we will have experienced something special. It makes me feel warm inside.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am not typical on the surface. I have Sagittarius rising and the mixture of fire and water has given me a few exciting times. My Moon on the descendant in Gemini makes a mess of my relationships. Oh and watch out for my Mercury in Aries, I do have a well bitten tongue though.  However, in general I am dreamy, artistic, easy going, vulnerable and regard this as my strength.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My memories go way back into pram experiences, but my first Deja-vu memory was at around the age of four or five, I think. I tended to push my experiences away. When I was young my friends and family thought I was being silly. So I stopped mentioning it to people. My interest was revived when I started studying Psychology. This opened up a new search in my life. I still denied I had a gift until my girlfriend kicked me into reading for the public.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

They are all memorable. Making a psychic link with a person is a special event.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I worked my own psychic booth in Rhyl. I was also the resident reader at a new age shop in Hastings. I have attended a great number of the acclaimed, Body, Mind and Spirit festivals, in London (Victoria, Alexandra Palace) and Manchester. My experience benefits from my psychological knowledge and astrological knowledge. My work as a Tai Chi instructor keeps my sensitivity to subtle energies on top line. I have three degrees which all contain a significant amount of psychology. I am an Advanced Tai Chi Instructor, and have been awarded European Silver and bronze medals.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

You consult me because you want to know what is waiting around the corner. At times, what I pass on to you may not be what you are anticipating. That is the nature of life. You want a clearer picture of what is ahead so you can plan your life more thoroughly. I pass on what I see as I honestly see it. It is what it is, and I cannot change what I see. However, you may choose to use the information to change your life.

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What our customers say about Dan

Thank you for the reading! Dan's good in a way that he tells you a mix of what you want and wouldn't want to hear, which is good. He was accurate about my current situation and gave some light on the future. The predictions he gave me before all unfolded so it was nice to have an update. Thank you! 🙏

- Tristen

15th June 2024

I had a reading with Dan on April 8, 2024, so nearly 4 weeks ago. Some of the things Dan has told me has happened throughout these 4 weeks. Dan mentioned there was third party communication (and that I shouldn't believe in it), thanks for the advice because I didn't believe any of the things that were said which made me feel more at peace in myself. My POI did lose something, as Dan predicted, as he lost his job. There's still more to come, of course, but things have already been happening thanks to Dan's insights. Absolutely feels like a blessing having Dan on here because he's very true in what he does. Not only does Dan answer the things you've asked about, but he picks up on other areas as well. He told me there's a new start in November this year, mentioned "building a nest", and of course that's when my baby is born so that's spot on again. He tells you a mix of things you want to hear and things that you don't want to hear as well which is really good, because without Dan's insights I would have been left worried throughout the whole of April's events (haha). I will ring Dan again in a week or so for an update. Thank you for the reading 4 weeks ago! :)

- Tristen

2nd May 2024

Just wanted to say that lots of Dan’s timings/predictions about a relationship have proved accurate again over the past four months.

- Kate

16th December 2023

What a lovely man to talk too!! He picked up my situation instantly, even without me saying the other person's name or DOB. He picked up that their was distance between the two of us which will improve towards the end of June and that we would be in a committed relationship by the end of the year. He said there was a past life connection with the two us and fate brought us together. He said he will connect me within the next 4 days, after he has sorted out some 'stuff'. August looks like when things really kick off. So thank you Dan for your reading. Iv read a few of your reviews and it seems like your timings are all very accurate! X

- S

21st May 2023

I was recommended by friend to have reading with him...excellent!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Anon

7th January 2023

Brilliant!! Doesn't judge, gives info very quick, describes characters extremely well !!

- S

7th January 2023


- Anon

3rd January 2023

In terms of timing and specifics of predictions, I’ve found Dan to be one of the best readers on here, and a calm and solid person to talk to.

- Kate

7th October 2022

A very thoughtful reading. Dan was clear and well paced. The reading showed all what I wanted to hear… hopefully it pans out like that 😊

- N/A

12th March 2022

I had me first reading with Dan a week ago, and just had another today, I knew Dan would be brilliant, and was right What a lovely calm down to earth reader, I have had many as I have a very complicated situation, and Dan is one of the best I have spoke to, when you have loads to compare with, the really gifted ones just shine out, and this is what I found with Dan, also, his timings are amazing, I have a few of the really gifted ones and Dans timings was the same, they are helping me put the pieces to gether, I have to say he really knows what he is talking about, spot on with info, knows what me and the other person are like and what we are going through and the lovely light at the end of the tunnel, A true gifted genuine very high level psychic, He knew we were past lives, he just knows, Thank you Dan so much, will be back again, wish I found him long ago , Love and light Julie :-) x

- Julie

11th December 2021

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