11 Ways to be Kind

Think about how good it feels to receive a compliment, a courtesy, or a favour. Then imagine how easy it is for you to spread that feeling to others.

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Think about how good it feels to receive a compliment, a courtesy, or a favour. Then imagine how easy it is for you to spread that feeling to others. Everyone wants to live in a kinder world. The sort of place where people help and support others, rather than elbow them out of the way! But is this an impossible dream? No, not if you kick-start the change you want to see. Because the biggest changes often start in the smallest ways, through the actions of one person. So move towards a kinder world by performing everyday little acts of kindness, and the change will begin.

The best news is that kindness spreads. So the people you are kind to are more likely to be kind to others. Then before you know it, the world's a kinder place! Okay, so it might take awhile to spread to the whole world... But your kindness will have a much bigger impact on the people around you than you can imagine. So get out there and be kind!


How to be kind:


1) Be there for loved ones

Offering emotional support in tough times is an act of kindness. And it doesn't cost a dime! It's all too easy to shy away from awkward emotions when somebody is in distress. Instead, be kind by being the shoulder to cry on, the voice of sympathy, the helping hand. Kind words and a listening ear are all that's needed.


2) Give a compliment

Give praise when you admire something. A good performance at work, a new clothing style on a friend, a task well done. By acknowledging people's successes you are spreading kindness and making them feel good. So they are more likely to spread kindness themselves.


3) Kind to a stranger

How do you feel when a stranger shows you a small kindness? Good! So smile instead of frown, hold the door open for the person behind you, make room on the train for somebody else to sit down. Really small and brief acts of everyday kindness can have a hugely positive impact on other people.


4) Offer a favour

Look around you and notice where there is need. Perhaps somebody in your community needs your help in practical ways? An elderly neighbour needs help with carrying the weekly shop, or a single parent needs a babysitter. Offering to do an errand or a chore spreads kindness.


5) Thank somebody

The simplest way to spread kindness is to say: 'thanks'. This little word expresses your appreciation and gives the other person an emotional boost. Little expressions of gratitude count. Thank somebody for showing you courtesy as you go about your daily life.


6) Be kind to the environment

The world around you is a delicately balanced living, breathing being. To keep it healthy now, for you, and for future generations, you must show kindness to the environment. So recycle everything, re-use instead of discard. Never dump trash. Only take as much as you need. Cultivate a green space, plant flowers and trees. Offer to keep your neighbourhood clean by clearing up litter once a week.


7) Tell somebody they matter

There's bound to be people in your life who helped you along the way. A teacher who believed in you, a sports coach, a relative or a friend. Don't keep your gratitude to yourself - tell the person you appreciate what they did for you.


8) Volunteer your time

Being kind is about giving time and effort. So choose a sector you are interested in and volunteer with a charity. You will be giving back to your community. Not only does this feel wonderful and help improve your area, but kindness has a tendency to bounce back at you. Meaning you might find paid work opportunities come from your volunteering.


9) Be a true friend

If you know a friend or relative is struggling at the moment, be more than a listening ear. Be a helping hand, too. Offer to do a chore a week for them until they get back on their feet.


10) Pass on knowledge

If you have a skill, pass it on so it can benefit others. Teach a somebody what you know: home improvement skills, cooking, crafts, gardening or anything positive that might enrich their life.


11) Reach out to the lonely

Visit people you know who might be lonely. A 20-minute visit to a care home can mean the world to a resident who never has any visitors. Remember to visit your grandparents, or take five minutes to see how an elderly neighbour is doing.




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