7 Ways To Boost your Bliss Factor

If the sun is shining outside but you feel like more like hibernating than getting out and about to socialise, then you need a spiritual lift.

Learn How To Lift Your Spirits Spiritual Style!

If the sun is shining outside but you feel like more like hibernating than getting out and about to socialise, then you need a spiritual lift. Moods and emotions ebb and flow, depending upon the influences around you at the time. So it's natural to not always feel on top of the world. So sometimes you just need that little extra boost to perk you up. But instead of turning to booze or other harmful habits for that emotional lift, look to your spiritual side to give you an instant, natural and healthy high. Read on to find out how to boost your bliss factor.

1) Slow it right down!

If your mind is whizzing from one problem to the next, it's no wonder that you're not feeling blissful! Rushing around, either physically or mentally, is absolutely exhausting. The way to enjoy life is to slow it right down. So you can stand still and ground yourself in the moment. Easier said than done? Well, yes! But you can help yourself out by carrying around a very small talisman - a crystal like clear quartz or rose quartz is perfect - but the talisman can be any meaningful trinket, such as a shell, ornament or a ribbon. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the rush of life, step aside from the fray by physically walking a couple of steps away and placing your talisman in the palm of your hand. Concentrate on the shape, texture and weight of the talisman. Let your mind focus on this object rather than your stress. Feel your feet rooted to the ground. Notice how your mind calms and quietens as you focus on the talisman. Stand like this for a minute or two until you feel calmer.

2) Trigger your sense of wonder

If you are feeling down, an instant, natural bliss booster is to trigger your sense of wonder. That means noticing the amazing, beautiful little details that are all around you but which you usually overlook. Get outside into your garden, a park or any green space. Look at the wildflowers, trees, bees, butterflies, birds and the vibrant colour of the sky. It might sound a bit hippy dippy but you don't have to walk around closely inspecting each thing. Just pick a comfy spot, sit quietly and contemplate the beautiful little details around you. Not everything around you will be beautiful - that's life! But you can get mentally lost in the wondrously bright colour of a flower or the crazy flight of a bee. It will relax your mind and lift your spirits.

3) Don't be controlled by your emotions

You're only human, so sometimes you are going to feel disappointed, angry or upset. When you feel something it's natural to react. But if you dwell inside these negative emotions by turning them over and over in your mind, that's allowing your emotions control you. So instead feel the emotion for a moment but then pause and mentally take a step back by asking: what are the reasons for this emotion? How can you change things? Rationalise, take action then move away from those negative emotions.

4) Be compassionate to you!

Wanting to be the best you can be is good - most of the time. But when it changes into constant self criticism and recrimination, it's no wonder that your bliss is blocked! The spiritual step to regain your happiness is to be kind to yourself. Compassion is always discussed in terms of showing it to other people - and that is an excellent spiritual act. But compassion should flow two ways, meaning you need to show it to yourself, too. So don't mentally beat yourself up if you made a mistake or didn't achieve what you wanted. Know you are good enough and what is meant for you will come to you if you continue to strive.

5) Set fear on fire

At the heart of most unhappiness is fear. Fear blocks bliss. Fear of not measuring up to everybody else, fear of being hurt or abandoned, fear of looking foolish and fear of being alone. But the good news is that fear is just an illusion. It doesn't exist unless you allow it to exist. Which means you can rid yourself of these feelings of fear just by stopping believing they might be true. Behave with honesty and dignity and know no fear. Refuse to live in fear and you'll experience a great lifting and lightening of your spirits.

6) You only control you

Once you realise that the only actions you can control are your own, you'll be a million times happier. Other people are going to do what they want regardless of what you say. Instead of stressing about the lack of control you have, focus on the control you do have by taking responsibility for your circumstances and your life. If you don't like it, take positive steps to change it. Only once you stop thinking of yourself as the victim and take responsibility will you truly feel blissful.

7) Be thankful

Gratitude gives you a bliss boost. Once you start thinking about all the good things in the world, the energy of these positive thoughts naturally elevates your mood. So think about every positive thing in your life: your friends, your family, your pet, your home, your health, your freedom, your ability to choose a different path in life. You always have something to be grateful for and a little private gratitude will really raise your bliss levels to maximum.


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