9 Ways to Roll with the Changes

Change is the only constant in life. It will happen. From redundancies at work to relationships ending to children leaving home. Change is inevitable.

Change is the one word that terrifies even the bravest of people! This six-letter word strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who thinks they are going to experience it. But why? It's because change means stepping away from your comfortable routine. It means taking a leap into the unknown. But change is the one thing that nobody can avoid forever. Everything changes. So it's up to you to make sure those changes are for the better. You need to learn how to roll with the changes - to bend not break - so you can adapt to change to create new successes. Here's how to do it.


1) Accept change

Change is the only constant in life. It will happen. From redundancies at work to relationships ending to children leaving home. Change is inevitable. Accepting those changes that you know, deep down, are for the best is essential for your wellbeing. Of course, change is often uncomfortable - that's exactly why people fear it. But if you flow with the changes instead of fighting them, you can make your life even better than it was before.


2) Think first

If something in your life is changing, don't react in a panic. Mistakes happen if you act in haste. Instead take the time to consider the best course of action. Think outside your comfort zone. Could this change be the opportunity for you to start a new phase of life? To begin a new business or to move to a different area? Think in terms of opportunity instead of being fearful.


3) Act don't react

An even better idea is to pre-empt change. So instead of being forced to a crisis point and having change thrust upon you - you be the one to initiate the change on your own terms. So if things are not going well at work, don't bury your head in the sand and wait to be called into your boss's office. Look at how you can change your role at work, or look for a new job at a new company.


4) Open your mind

Change is a chance to start again. If you move with change it can open up a whole new world to you. Don't get stuck in a mental rut. Start by opening your mind to new ways of thinking and ways of viewing the world around you. There's always more to learn!


5) Look after yourself

Caught in the whirl of change it can be easy to forget about caring for yourself. But as familiar routines fade away and the shock of setting out on a new journey settles in, you need to care for your mental and physical wellbeing. So make time to contemplate and relax.


6) Become resilient

Your most powerful weapon against change is resilience. This is the ability to bend with the changes rather than break against them. Even if you suffer a setback, resilient people get back up and turn the circumstances to their advantage. You can build your resilience by having a positive attitude, by seeing the opportunities rather than negatives in your changed situation, and by viewing failure or setbacks as the chance to learn and improve.


7) Out with the old...

Change is an opportunity for you to rid yourself of mental clutter. You can use change as a springboard to discard old ideas, tired routines and energy draining situations. Use change as your fresh start to release all the things in your life that have been weighing you down. Begin again with fresh energy.


8) Change is exciting!

Change seems scary because it's new and different. But imagine how boring life would be if everything stayed exactly the same forever. If nothing changed, you could not learn and grow and become more successful. Change is your friend, not your enemy. Change helps you reach your potential because as you try new things you discover new talents.


9) Reframe your experience

A great psychological trick for dealing with change is to 'reframe your experience'. This means realising that the fear you are feeling is not actually because of the changes happening but it is because of the uncertainty those changes bring. The uncertainty will pass, but the changes can bring lasting opportunity.


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