What's your number?

Do you keep noticing the same set of numbers on your digital devices, on signs or in print? If the same numbers keep cropping up on your radar, it's no coincidence!

What's your number?

Discover the message these numbers have for you


Do you keep noticing the same set of numbers on your digital devices, on signs or in print? If the same numbers keep cropping up on your radar, it's no coincidence! Because by noticing these numerals you are receiving a message from the Universe. Every number has its own energy which expresses universal principles. Numbers are symbolic and contain meaning which relates to your life. So repeatedly seeing a certain number means higher power is trying to pass on guidance or encouragement to you. All you have to do is work out what the message is saying. Here's how.



Taking you back to the beginning, the number zero is about transformational changes. This number is prompting you to explore new directions for your life and to push yourself to uncover your true potential. So go back to the metaphorical drawing board and have a complete re-think of your current situation and future.

Universe message: It's time for change.



Seeing number one is a call to action. The energy of this number pushes you from inertia into movement. The action could be physical: leaving a job or a relationship. Or it could be mental: leaving behind old ways of thinking. You've been stuck in a rut or you've been procrastinating over a decision. Number one tells you to take that leap of faith and do it. What are you waiting for?

Universe message: The time is now!



Life is about balancing your needs and the needs of others. Too much emphasis on one or the other and your life becomes unbalanced and stressful. Seeing the number two is a message to remember to keep balance in all areas of your life. Don't go to extremes in actions or thinking. Think and reflect to exercise good judgement.

Universe message: Find your balance



This is a magical number, linked to creativity and adventure. The universe is telling you to create in any positive way you can. It's the number of self expression, so don't be afraid to make yourself heard. Your ideas are good. Have faith in your creative talents and use them right now!

Universe message: Explore your creative side



If you've been flitting from job to job or relationship to relationship - it's time to stop and get serious. The number four advises you to calm and ground yourself. To find a permanent home or a job you are passionate about. Look for love rather than just good times. You need to build solid foundations for your life.

Universe message: You need stability in your life




The number five is unpredictable, it's adventurous and it's about new experiences. The energy of this numeral is telling you to take a leap into the unknown so you can appreciate all the world has to offer you. Move away from what is routine and comfortable because you are ready for an exciting journey. Your journey could be physical or it could equally be mental, emotional or spiritual.

Universe message: Step out of your comfort zone



The message of this number is forgiveness, compassion and love. Lighten your load by releasing any emotional baggage you have been carrying around with you over the years. Forgive those who have wronged you. Or forgive yourself for any shame or hurt you are wrongly holding onto as a consequence of other's actions. The number six tells you that you can be whole again. You will heal if you allow healing to come to you.

Universe message: Choose forgiveness



Seven is a magical number linked to esoteric knowledge. So if you are seeing sevens, the universe is pushing you towards your spiritual side. Delve into the aspects of spirituality that interest you. Or learn something - anything - new that is positive and beneficial. Knowledge will empower you.

Universe message: Learn something new



The number eight symbolises the completion of a cycle. Eight is about material success through determination and sustained work. This number is telling you to persevere despite any recent setbacks because success is on the horizon. You are on the verge of a breakthrough in your career. So keep up the hard work!

Universe message: You're about to have career success



The number nine has the highest energetic vibration of the first nine numerals, representing the peak of achievement and success. If you are seeing nines, it's a sign you should be using your valuable skills and successes to positively influence others. The universe is telling you to get out there and help change the world for the better!

Universe message: The world needs your talents





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