New Year, New You

For many people the New Year offers an opportunity to finally make those long overdue lifestyle changes that have hindered progress, happiness and contentment.

For many people the New Year offers an opportunity to finally make those long overdue lifestyle changes that have hindered progress, happiness and contentment. These lofty intentions typically include things like getting fit, finding your dream lover and making career advancement.

If the resolution isn’t clearly defined it can be difficult to achieve the desired results. If the goal is too big or challenging, you can easily become overwhelmed at the start. Adopting a fresh approach can help you kick-start the New Year as a confident new you, who is able to see any resolution through to the end.

The Present You

Instead of beating yourself up over your previous lack of direction, confidence and ability to complete your goal, shifting your perspective can help you narrow your focus. Stop thinking about the future and concentrate your efforts now. As the Present you, you have complete control. You can become the new version of you whenever you decide to. Take baby steps, and do the things that you have resolved to, in every moment, every day.

Shift Your Perspective

When it comes to setting goals it’s important to avoid generalising. If you want to be healthier choose a smart resolution that encourages you to stay focused every day. Don’t pile on the pressure by committing to healthy eating, if you know you will struggle to stay away from tempting snacks and treats. Instead, shift your perspective so that you can make a smarter resolution like committing to eating more fruit and veg.

Picking just one or two things to focus on makes your goals more realistic and achievable, and less restrictive. This smarter method of New Year resolution setting can easily be applied to anything.

Creating Career Opportunities

If your resolutions are more focused on landing your dream job, finding your soul mate and saving money, you can create the perfect opportunities to attract what you desire.

To find your dream job, shift your perspective and focus on expanding your professional network. Make it your resolution to connect with people who can help you achieve your goal. Do some research and reach out to professionals in your line of work. Focus on building relationships with people you admire.

Soul Mate Seeking

Looking for love doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. When you have a positive high vibe you’ll automatically align with people who match your spiritual vibration. If you long to meet the man/woman or your dreams, stop stressing and make a resolution to be more present in all social situations.

Your dream lover may not necessarily be your usual type. By being open to the possibilities, and enjoying social interactions with everyone, you’ll increase your chances of making a connection. View the dating process as an opportunity to enjoy meeting new people. When you meet someone you like, avoid jumping ahead and planning your future together. Stay present, and let the connection grow naturally.

Saving Money

Creating and maintaining a budget will help you gradually save money for important big purchases and special treats. It’s vital that you are honest with yourself, and that you evaluate your discretionary spending. Start small by committing to cutting costs of unnecessary purchases. By-passing your usual stop at the coffee shop, every morning, can easily save you a sizeable amount of cash over the year!

Be creative and come up with a few ideas to supplement your cash flow. Keep a track of your purchases and reevaluate your budget and spending regularly. Making positive changes to your spending habits is fun, once you see how much you can save.



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