Strengthen The Happiness Bond With Your Child

Happiness is not just about good times and having things that you want. To be a balanced and emotionally healthy individual it’s also important to face your fears.

Strengthen The Happiness Bond With Your Child


Childhood is the most crucial part of our lives and the time when many of our false and limiting beliefs are formed. If you are a parent you will naturally want your child to be carefree and happy, and to instill in them a strong sense of inspiration, motivation and purpose. Strengthening the love and happiness bond with your child/children simply requires consistent patience, understanding, love and compassion on your part.

  • Encourage

Happiness is not just about good times and having things that you want. To be a balanced and emotionally healthy individual it’s also important to face your fears. As children we learn to face and overcome some of our fears on our own, without the help of parents. Some issues however, can greatly benefit from parental insight and loving encouragement.

To help and encourage your child to always be genuine and authentic it’s essential that you are there to give support in whatever form it is needed. This could be vocal encouragement that helps to build your child’s self-esteem and positive self-belief, or emotional support when your child feels sad, upset or overwhelmed. Physical help with difficult homework will also help with bonding.

Teach your child that it safe to express feelings and emotions and that they can trust you completely. Helping them to overcome challenges and fears will strengthen the bond between you and create a solid foundation on which to build happy memories.

  • Focus

When it comes to positivity it is important that you lead by example. Whether you realize it or not, you are your child’s first role model. Adopt a positive and upbeat attitude, particularly when you are with your child. Obviously there may be times when life stuff gets you down and you don’t feel remotely optimistic. Focus on the positives in every situation. You could even turn this into a game to encourage your child to develop a confident, happy and positive mindset. Whenever something ‘bad’ or negative happens ask your child to think about positive things that could arise from this situation. Chances are you’ll be amazed and surprised by how optimistic their view already is.

  • Reward

Show your child/children how much you love and cherish them by always rewarding good and brave behavior. This doesn’t mean showering them with expensive toys and the latest gadgets on their wish list. Reward your child with genuine and heartfelt words that clearly express how proud you are of them. Spend quality time together doing things that they enjoy. It’s these priceless happy moments that will strengthen your bond, and that they will treasure forever.

  • Chill

Sometimes your child may want to keep his/her own company, and not spend time with you. This doesn’t mean that they love you any less. It simply shows that you’ve been doing a great job raising a well-balanced and happy child. Accept and respect their personal space and don’t force your attention on them. Within the parent/child dynamic happiness comes from knowing that you have a strong bond that can’t be broken.

There is likely to be times when your child is happy to spend some chill out time in your company. Make sure that you make these moments extra special. Schedule some fun activities that you can both happily enjoy. Young children are happy cuddling up with you for some duvet time, watching their favorite DVDs like for the millionth time! Teenagers on the other hand, may take some coaxing and cajoling at first, but generally a movie and some pizza is all that it takes.

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