Switch for Success

Life is a series of changing situations. While there are plenty of joys and pleasures to be experienced, there will inevitably also be setbacks. The trick is to learn how to navigate these obstacles successfully.

Switch for Success

How to turn setbacks into opportunity


Life is a series of changing situations. While there are plenty of joys and pleasures to be experienced, there will inevitably also be setbacks. The trick is to learn how to navigate these obstacles successfully. Career-based setbacks present big challenges because they are linked to your sense of worth and earning capacity - these might include being fired from a job, your firm closing, your career progression stalling, or a personal setback, such as financial worries. All these types of setbacks must be overcome. So it's essential that you train yourself to become resilient to change in order for you to flourish and be successful. Learn to bend not break by using your existing experience and contacts to switch direction. So you can bounce back from setbacks and find an even better path forward.


How to Switch

Follow these simple steps to change your direction


1) Evaluate

This is the foundation of your switch. Identify what's gone wrong. Take stock of the reasons for the setback. Were there any warning signs? What could you do to prevent this in the future?

Next, identify the positives in the situation. So if you've lost your job: think about what skills and experience do you have? What good things have people said about your work? What contacts do you have who might be able to help you? Think about what you ideal career might be. Write down the answers to these questions and look for key words and phrases that describe your core skills or values. Think about how you can bring these core skills forward into a new career path. How do these skills match the people you have listed as key work contacts? See if you can match your skills and experience to somebody who might be able to employ you in a different area but still using your skills.



2) Gather knowledge

This is the exciting part where you search for new possibilities for you future - approach it with optimism. Research different career paths that interest you. Don't be afraid to open yourself up to something completely new. Plug any skill gaps you might have, for example computer skills or further development of your knowledge. Take a course so your skills are up-to-date. Read everything you can about your chosen career path. Look for new ideas and fresh angles on your experience. Talk to those who are successful in your chosen career. Could you observe them at work to learn new way of operating? The idea is to reach out into the world and find as many possible career or business ideas as possible that you are interested in.



3) Test Run

Hopefully you've come up with several strands of ideas that you might like to try. So test run each one, in a small way, to find the best fit for you. Introduce a small element of each idea into your life. So if you want to try being a freelance graphic designer - having the skills for this from your previous career - then set up one project to work freelance. Do it in your spare time so you can get a feel of working independently with clients and handling payment negotiations. Perhaps you want to switch from an office job to a more hands-on practical role, such as working with animals. Ask to volunteer on weekends at you local animal shelter so you can get a feel of whether you are suited to this role. Draw up a business plan so you can work through every aspect of your switch. Planning and sampling the switch will make it more likely to be successful.


4) Action!

Once you're sure as you can be of the direction you want to switch, it's time for action. Make sure you have been setting aside a financial cushion to cover your rent for six months until you get going. If you've put everything in place, then the action of switching should be a smooth as possible. Life is about switching to bigger and better opportunities, so don't be afraid of taking this final step. Work hard, using the skills and experience you have and you will be happy and successful. But if for reasons beyond your control, this switch doesn't quite work out, just adjust your plans and switch again. You are resilient. Good luck!


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