Is Your Partner Emotionally Draining You?

If your partner belittles you, treats you with little or no respect, and makes you question yourself, there is a good chance that you are in a toxic relationship. Before too long there are signs of trouble that you probably chose to ignore.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Draining You?


Toxic substances cause irrevocable damage. Toxic people deplete your energy and drain you, and usually leave you despising yourself. Whilst you can detach yourself from toxic friends, sometimes it’s not quite so easy to walk away from a psychic vampire who you happen to be in love with.

If your partner belittles you, treats you with little or no respect, and makes you question yourself, there is a good chance that you are in a toxic relationship. No matter how electric the chemistry was at the start, before too long there are signs of trouble that you probably chose to ignore. Facing the harsh reality, that your partner is emotionally draining you, is not something many people willing want to do. It’s not until sense of self has been damaged, and the relationship implodes, that most people finally admit the truth.

Before you beat yourself up over your bad choices it’s important to realize the positive in every experience, good and bad. You may simply have been playing out a karmic relationship that you had to experience for your own spiritual growth.

Is Your Love Affair Toxic?

Toxic relationships aren’t always so easy to identify when you’re in them. Being honest with yourself, and trusting your gut feelings, will help you see the relationship for what it really is. If you’re experiencing any of these signs you need to think about empowering yourself by detaching from your partner.

  • You don’t feel good enough

If you’re constantly trying to prove your worth by keeping your partner happy, you are likely to be addicted to his/her validation. You’re constantly seeking your partner’s approval and feel like a failure when you don’t get it. You never feel like you’re good enough and you live in a constant state of unease.

Your partner is emotionally draining you by exploiting your weak spot. He/she has quickly realized that your self-esteem is low, and every action or comment is delivered to feed your validation addiction. The harder you try to please, the more emotionally drained you will become.

  • He/she constantly puts you down

In a toxic relationship your partner will have little or no tolerance for your negative qualities and perceived flaws or faults. The put downs will start off casually, and will continue until they are a constant reminder of your low value worth.

Your partner has mastered sneaky ways of belittling you so that they don’t appear as flat out insults and criticisms. The continual put downs will drain you of positive energy and leave you in a heap of negative and limiting self-belief. You’re also likely to believe that you are everything that your partner tells you that you are.

  • You can’t relax and be yourself

In a healthy relationship you will feel that you can just be yourself. If your partner is manipulating you and controlling everything you do, you won’t be able to relax and simply be you. Having to walk on eggshells, and monitor everything that you say or do, will leave you feeling stressed and emotionally drained.

Your partner is likely to be a control freak that enjoys possessing people. Toxic people get a real buzz from draining the energy out of a positive person, and leaving behind the empty, dark shadow of their lover’s former self.

  • It’s all your fault

Nothing you do is good enough, and everything is your fault. If you get upset about the criticisms or blaming fights, you’re too emotional, sensitive and/or irrational. No matter how hard you try to fix things he/she doesn’t want to talk about it, or to work at making the situation better.

Toxic people never take responsibility for their actions. Blame is always directed at the person they are emotionally draining. When you’re finally overloaded with shame you won’t be able to recognize yourself.

Real Love

In a healthy relationship your partner will accept you for who you are, and will nurture, love and support you throughout. Every relationship is an opportunity for your soul’s spiritual growth. Until you learn the specific lessons, that each relationship brings, you will repeat the cycles and patterns. When you learn to detach from a toxic lover, and to empower yourself, you will move towards real love.

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