Paranormal Powers

If something is unexplained, it's often feared and ridiculed. So has been the case for many types of paranormal phenomena: from ghosts and mystical belief systems to extraterrestrial life and astrology.

Paranormal Powers

Discover different types of psychic ability


If something is unexplained, it's often feared and ridiculed. So has been the case for many types of paranormal phenomena: from ghosts and mystical belief systems to extraterrestrial life and astrology. Fortunately, people are becoming more open than ever to new ways of thinking, so interest in alternative beliefs has never been more intense. In this way, psychics have moved into the mainstream media, with demand for their insight greater than ever. It's important to understand that psychics are not mysterious folk with strange supernatural powers. They are simply people with the ability tap into a sixth sense to reveal information that could help you deal with issues in your life.


The sixth sense or psychic ability is an unexplained phenomenon, in a similar way that electricity and the weather seemed mysterious until science caught up with an explanation. It's likely that most people have some psychic ability but are just not aware of it and don't know how to use it. Psychics are people with a stronger, more developed sixth sense.


Psychics receive information through their sixth sense in many different ways. But it could often be described as the ability to tune into the energy and emotions of the person who's having the reading. Psychics use their sixth sense to help you reach the root of your problems and to empower you to make better informed decisions on your future. Here are some of the methods a psychic may use to give a reading.



1) Sixth Sense

Best described as an energy sense, the sixth sense is about tapping into feelings and emotions. Using this sense, a psychic can connect with a higher state of consciousness or tune into energy to read information about you of which they have no prior knowledge. The aim of the reading is to help you solve issues, deal with emotions or decide on a new direction in your life. Psychics cannot predict the future, nor do they make decisions for you. Psychics may be able to tell you the likely outcome of events if you take a certain course of action but the future is not pre-determined. Your future depends on the choices you make; psychics can help you see the best path for your future but it's up to you to take it. Psychics are not necessarily mediums.


2) Mediums

Mediums are psychics who have an added ability of being able to connect with departed souls to pass on messages to you. Think of them as an intermediary between the spirit world and our world. They can also channel for information from your spirit guide or higher self to help advise you on life issues and decisions. The method of receiving messages is very individual, with some mediums saying they see spirits while others hear words spoken from spirit; others receive messages through feelings, intuition or emotions.



3) Clairvoyance

Meaning 'clear sighted', this psychic skill is a visual awareness which some psychics have which enables them to receive information on for their clients. So the psychic would sees images - perhaps like in a waking dream - relating to the client or situation they are reading. Images might appear in the psychic's mind's eye or perhaps the images play out like a film that only they can see.

4) Clairaudience

This relates to hearing. Thoughts or words are heard by the psychic, in their head or seemingly out loud. The spoken messages are passed from a higher consciousness or from a spirit guide, or from a loved one in spirit. Names and place names are commonly passed to a psychic in this way to help pinpoint information relevant to the client.


5) Claircognizant

This subtle sense is a nudge from the psychic's higher self giving an insight into their client's situation. It describes a sense of 'knowing', like intuition. The psychic feels or knows instinctively information about the client.



6) Psychometry

This fascinating psychic skill means reading the energy of an object to discover information about its owner. The idea is that objects can hold residual energy from the person who owns or has handled them. The object emanates this energy and the psychic can pick up on this and interpret this energy through the sensations or visions it gives them.


7) Precognition

Known as second sight, this is the ability to know about events before they happen. Most often reported in the form of dreams, where the person dreams about an event which soon after appears to actually happen. Precognition may also occur when daydreaming or during meditation.



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