10 Ways To Beat Winter Blues

When it's cold outside, hiding away under the bed covers can see like the best option. Although it's fine to have a duvet day every now and then, it's essential to keep your energy levels up during the winter months.

How to feel fabulous as temperatures plummet


When it's cold outside, hiding away under the bed covers can see like the best option. Although it's fine to have a duvet day every now and then, it's essential to keep your energy levels up during the winter months. This is because keeping active - mentally, physically and spiritually - will keep you feeling motivated and positive during the colder season. If your energy levels drop to a sluggish crawl, you won't be able to attract new positive opportunities to you. So here are some ideas about how to lift your spirits during the winter season.



  1. Let there be light...

With daylight fading by late afternoon, during the winter months, days can feel dark and gloomy. A quick way to lift your mood is to ensure you are exposed to plenty of natural light. So get out for a walk in the in the morning before the light fades, to combat winter blues. At night, you can create warming light energy with candles placed around your living room. Make sure you put them on fire-proof surfaces and don't leave them unattended, though.


  1. Turn your home into haven

Use the quieter winter months to cosy-up your home, turning it into a haven of tranquillity, where you can relax, think and create. Clear out any clutter to make space for a creative corner - a place in your home where you can go to chill out and try out new creative hobbies.


  1. Tap into spiritual power

Your spirituality can carry you through the colder months by raising your energy levels. Use your creative corner as a place for spiritual practice. You can meditate there, practise mindfulness, and keep a gratitude list.


  1. Keep moving your body

In winter, the temptation is to hide indoors, but to stay happy and uplifted, you need to keep exercising. If you neglect your physical self, your spiritual, emotional and mental selves will also suffer. So wrap up warmly and go for a walk or a run. For days when the weather is too wild to venture outdoors, you could try gentle stretches or a simple yoga work-out in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of routines online.


  1. Revitalise with crystal energy

Natural crystals are little chunks of energy direct from Mother Earth. Each one resonates with a different energy frequency to revitalise you body and soul. Place clear quartz around your home to absorb negative energy. Wear or carry the sunny yellow stone, citrine or the protective tiger's eye stone to deflect negativity and increase feelings of self worth.



  1. Plan your next success

Making big plans for future successes is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Everyone has dreams of what they would like to achieve or try. What are yours? Use the wintertime to plan for the new year ahead. Make a list of three big goals and brainstorm ways you can achieve them. Think big and be positive - you can do it!


  1. Take the opportunity to self improve

Spiritually, winter is a time of introspection. It's the time for looking back over the past year to weigh up your successes and your mistakes. So look honestly at yourself - your thoughts, your behaviour and your actions. What would you change? How can you improve for the coming year? By improving yourself you increase your chances of achieving success at work and in your personal life.


  1. Gather Knowledge

If the urge to stay at home hibernating is too strong to resist, you can still use this time constructively. Take an online course to improve your skills and knowledge. Read a book. Quality fiction or a biography or a textbook on a subject you're interested in are all good choices for increasing your knowledge. Enhance your spirituality by gathering knowledge of the spiritual practice that interests you most. Read about its history, its purpose and its techniques. Then try it!


  1. Stay socially active

Although you probably won't be outdoors as much as you were in summer, make sure you stay in touch with your friends. Socialising with people we love or like releases feel-good hormones into your body, keeping your morale boosted. Conversation can spark new ideas for you and new opportunities. Winter is the perfect time for low-cost socialising because you can invite friends over to your house for a cosy night of conversation and a home-cooked meal.


  1. Get your beauty sleep

It's essential for your wellbeing to get enough sleep. This is especially true during winter, when longer hours of darkness and less light can throw your body clock out of whack. So go to sleep and wake up a the same times every day. Wind your mind down for an hour before bed by reading a book. Don't have any digital devices in the bedroom as the artificial screen light will keep you awake. By practising this good sleep hygiene you'll wake up feeling energised and positive.


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