Paranormal Hotspots

The planet is brimming with mysterious places where supernatural activity appears to be concentrated. It's as if the landscape of these places was like a magnet for all kinds of paranormal events.

Paranormal Hotspots

Searching out spooky activity around the globe


The planet is brimming with mysterious places where supernatural activity appears to be concentrated. It's as if the landscape of these places was like a magnet for all kinds of paranormal events. From bizarre sightings of strange creatures, unexplained disappearances, claims of extra-terrestrial contact to eerie encounters with ghostly beings: these paranormal hotspots contain a wide range of supernatural activity. The exact type of paranormal phenomena varies from location to location, but one constant is the large number of paranormal places where strange and spooky happenings occur all around the world. Here are some of the most mysterious.


Bermuda Triangle

The spiritual home of paranormal hotspots, this triangular-shaped infamous area in the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean has long been associated with mysterious disappearances. Hundreds of aircraft, boats and the people travelling on them have simply vanished within this triangle. Famous explorer of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus, first recorded the existence of the Bermuda Triangle, writing that his ship's compass stopped working when he sailed through this area and he saw a strange fireball in the sky.

Theories for the loss of ships and planes range from extra-terrestrial abductions, sea monsters swallowing vessels whole, to the triangle being a gateway to another dimension! A more recent theory is that undersea craters in this area are emitting high levels of natural methane gas, causing explosions which destroy the boats and planes.



Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Located south central Arizona, these mysterious mountains were known as the Devil's playground by the indigenous Apache Indians because of the strange and frightening phenomena reported there. The rocks themselves are supposed to contain spirits of an ancient race, whose faces you can sometimes see peering out of the mountainside. Underneath the mountains is said to be a subterranean world inhabited by a non human race.

The area is a hotspot of UFO activity, with a spate of sightings of alien craft taking off and landing reported in the late 20th century.

A treasure trove of gold is supposedly hidden somewhere in the Superstition Mountains. It's known as the Lost Dutchman Mine. Many people have lost their lives searching for this buried treasure.



Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Enough to make your skin crawl, this cattle ranch in central Utah is a beacon for all things spooky! Unexplained cattle mutilations kicked off the strange events, followed by some of the bovines vanishing without any trace of them ever being found. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that the unfortunate cattle were being experimented upon by the aliens which were reportedly seen visiting the site in a shiny spherical spaceship! Lots of UFO activity has been reported from the ranch over the decades.

Balls of light have been sighted floating around the ranch. Three dogs who chased after one of these glowing orbs, reportedly, disappeared. As if that wasn't terrifying enough, one owner described an encounter with a huge wolf which was attempting to drag away a calf. After trying to scare it away, the man shot the wolf at close range six times but the beast did not appear to be even wounded. Yikes!



Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, Britain

Two thousand years ago, this woodland area of Britain, was home to a Celtic tribe called the Cornovii. Perhaps their spirits still linger in this place because it has become a hotspot of paranormal activity. If you go down to these woods you might see a big panther-like cat (there have been about 180 sightings of a giant cat) or even a werewolf, but generic monsters aside, Cannock Chase also has its own unique cryptid. It's called the pig-man - a half man half pig with a snout and curly tail, which according to legend was the result of scientific experiments gone wrong.

A black triangle-shaped UFO was seen in this area by multiple witnesses in the 1980s, and an unidentified object from space was said to have crashed here in the mid 1960s.

Cannock Chase is also supposedly an area frequented by the terrifying black-eyed children, who are said to be supernatural beings disguised as children. Spooky!



Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

This luxurious hotel tucked away in the wilderness is known as the Castle of the Rockies, and has played host to countless celebrity guests including Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II. But amongst the attractive surroundings a couple of ghostly guests are said stalk the building. Room 873 on the eighth floor was the centre of so much activity that the room is now sealed off. Legend says that a male guest murdered his family before killing himself inside the room. Guests had reported seeing a ghostly little girl with a woman in the room and disturbingly, bloody fingerprints appearing on the bathroom mirror. Another ghostly resident has a happier story, a Scottish man worked as a bellman at the hotel for many years. Just before he died, he vowed to return to the hotel he loved as a ghost.

A third apparition is of a bride who tripped down the hotel's stone staircase on her wedding day and died. Visitors have reported seeing this ghostly bride dancing in the ballroom.


Forbidden city, Bejing

With a history of 600 years of political plotting and assassinations, it's no wonder that this Chinese Imperial Palace has more than its fair share of phantoms. The royal palace was in use from 1420 until 1912 as the home of the emperor and the centre of government. A regularly seen spectre is a weeping woman, dressed all in white who floats around the palace lost in her grief. Another story tells of the sound of a phantom flute playing, when the palace is empty. Ghost dogs have been seen trotting along the narrow corridors. A despairing concubine was said to have thrown herself into a well outside the palace. If you dare if you dare to look into this well, you'll see her staring back at you!


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