Signs from Your Guardian Angel

Everyone has a guardian angel. This divine force will guide and protect you. But you have to be willing to listen. Angels are spiritual beings, which are part of many world religions.

Discover if angelic forces are communicating with you


Everyone has a guardian angel. This divine force will guide and protect you. But you have to be willing to listen. Angels are spiritual beings, which are part of many world religions. The word 'angel' means 'messenger' and angelic beings are said to be a link between the human world and the heavenly sphere.

You can ask angels to bring positive ideals, such as love, calm or joy into your life. Your angel is also there to protect you and will help you if you ask. If you're going through a stressful time, imagine yourself surrounded by a bright white light. Then ask your angel to lift your spirits. Whisper your request quietly in your head. Imagine the white light raising you gently upwards and clearing your mind of worries. Don't be embarrassed - it's a private spiritual process and nobody else has to know!

If you ask your angel a question, you have to listen carefully for the reply. You will find that angelic answers often arrive in subtle ways. Here are some signs that could be a communication from your angel.


Angelic Signs

1) White feather

Classic communication from an angelic being, this simple sign is used as a gentle signal that your angel is watching over you. If you spot a white feather where there wasn't one a minute ago you can be sure this is your angel's calling card. It's sent as a message that you are not alone, your angel is always with you. You might find a single small feather or a whole bunch of larger ones. Collect the white feathers and put then in a box to remind yourself that divine help is always yours for the asking.

2) Follow your Intuition

One of the strongest angelic lines of communication goes direct to your thoughts and feelings. Angels can tap into your intuition, helping you to recognise when situations or events are not in your best interest. If you suddenly feel that something is wrong - don't dismiss this feeling. Listen to your intuition and change your behaviour or remove yourself from the situation. Strong feelings are a warning from your angel. Listen to them.


3) Media Messages

Angelic messages can come from the strangest of places. So you should pay attention to your surroundings and be tuned in to receive a message. You might be flicking through a book or magazine, when you find your eye is drawn to a particular sentence - that's your message. Or, perhaps, the words of a song on the radio or a news report on the television, or something a stranger says to you clicks with you. You might find a message on a road sign, for example a 'stop' sign might be a message to slow down in your life as well as on the road! Engage your brain and be alert to possible signs that could be a communication from your angel.


4) Look twice at Coincidences

Coincidences don't exist in the angelic realm. Instead, they are a way of angels communicating with you. When pleasant unexpected things happen, like finding a lost piece of jewellery, or a chance meeting with a friend who can help you - see it as your angel in action, not a coincidence.


5) Sensory Signs

Angels work through your senses: sight, sound, feelings and especially scent. People often mention a floral fragrance when their angels are around. Roses, jasmine, and violets are commonly reported as angelic scents. An angelic fragrance will rapidly fill the air, and then disappear just as quickly. Angels are beings of light, so if you are trying to visualise your angel, imagine an orb of bright light in whatever colour feels right for you - white is the most common, but also blue or golden light.


6) Angelic gifts

If you are lucky enough to receive a gift from your angel, you know your angel is close. Angel gifts might be a shiny coin, a crystal, a smooth pebble, a shell - any small, pretty object that turns up unexpectedly around your home or in places you normally visit. Treasure this token of good fortune and love because it's a sure sign your angel is watching over you.





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