Winter Gemstones

It's cold outside, so you need a spiritual pick-me-up to keep you bubbling over with energetic warmth and purpose to achieve your goals. Crystals provide the esoteric answer to raising your energy levels and helping you keep active.

Winter Gemstones

Boost your energy during the cold season with these healing stones


It's cold outside, so you need a spiritual pick-me-up to keep you bubbling over with energetic warmth and purpose to achieve your goals. Crystals provide the esoteric answer to raising your energy levels and helping you keep active, rather than wanting to hibernate under the duvet.


Crystals are natural stones, most of which were formed inside the earth over millions of years. They are beautiful objects, found in many different colours and patterns, and are either transparent or opaque. Prized as precious stones for centuries, crystals are used in jewellery and home ornaments. But the spiritual side of crystals is even more fascinating than their attractive appearance. Crystal healers say that the stones vibrate to different frequencies depending on type. This vibration is healing to your body, mind and spirit. So choosing a specific crystal can help heal you. During the winter months, it's helpful to choose crystals which will energise, warm and motivate you. Check out our selection of the best winter warmers below.


How to use crystals

Wear or place the crystal on your body while you meditate, or relax at home. Place the crystal on your desk at work, or in your pocket. Have crystals placed around your home.


Crystal Types:


A smooth, tumbled chunk of crystal is perfect for almost any use. This is a very inexpensive gateway into crystal healing.



A beautiful way to incorporate crystals into your daily life. Rings, necklaces or earrings ensure the healing crystal is held close to your skin.



Cut into a stick, cone or wand, the vibrations and qualities of the crystal are amplified. A great way for intensive crystal healing.



A revitalizing gemstone formed from fossilized tree resin, this stone clears negativity, giving you a fizzing, golden energy. Amber can begin your kundalini energy awakening, which is a rush of energy that signifies a deeper spiritual connection. In Asia, amber is a symbol of courage, called the 'soul of the tiger' because it is a mentally and emotionally fortifying stone. Amber will help you to see the positive side of life, and attract good luck and success to you.



The blazing red of this glossy, translucent stone offers you a powerfully bold energy which will warm and stimulate body and mind. Renowned as a stone of motivation, endurance and courage, carnelian is the perfect invigorating winter crystal. Associated with the red of your life force, use this crystal to awaken spiritual energies, as well as physical passions.


Fire Opal

Another shining red gemstone whose fire element will unlock even the most frozen of passions. Use it to simulate new interests or fire-up new life into long-neglected talents. Fire opal sparks creative energy, so use it at work or while you are crafting or cooking. This stone will help you feel more independent, giving you the courage to know you can make a success on your own terms. You'll feel more optimistic, sociable and confident if you wear this crystal.



Absorbing negative energy, this crystal will protect you during the dark days of winter, or during dark emotional times. The stone dissipates stress and worry, helping to transform negative energies into positive vibrations. Hematite will boost confidence and make you more courageous. So wear it when you're in need of a psychic boost.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a deep blue stone interlaced with strands of golden coloured material. It activates your intellect, sparking curiosity and vigour for discovering new ideas and knowledge. Wear it if you are seeking to see the truth in a tough situation. It's also a stone of communication, so use it wherever you need to express ideas more easily, or to allow others to be heard.



Strength and stamina are two qualities which black onyx can stimulate if you wear this gemstone. It has a calming effect that can help you exercise self control when faced with potentially damaging lifestyle choices. You'll make better, more beneficial decisions when wearing this stone. The dark colour of black onyx is protective against anyone who wishes you harm.


Tiger's eye

The shimmering chatoyancy of this stone with its rich layers of gold and brown, which resemble the rippling iridescence of a big cat's eye, gives tiger's eye its name. Use it to enhance your own inner vision, called intuition. This crystal will boost your will power, energy and give you the push to recognise new opportunities.


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