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About Siren Sloane

I'm a long-experienced reader of more than thirty years and my journey has been an insightful journey of unexplainable psychic experiences since I was three years of age. I was given a pack of tarot cards at fifteen years of age, and everything flourished from that day forwards, I've never really looked back. From the moment I could speak and communicate my experiences as a very small child, I was able to predict simple events before they took place. I understand how to read energy, connect empathically with many souls in many walks of life. I also take a keen interest in human psychology across the board. In this complex world we all need answers and ways of managing the multiple tests and challenges we face in our everyday lives, I really like to help people find answers to questions, help solve an issue and bring forward ways to manage a problem. With my skills of advanced Tarot reading, Psychic synchronisation, higher consciousness connection, counselling training, energy and empathy alignment, I aim to bring forward readings that really get to the heart of any issues and give predictions, clarity and clarification to my callers.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I'm a sensitive soul and I see the same sensitivity in everyone, I get a huge amount of satisfaction in helping solve all of the challenges that are sent to test us in this life. I really like to get to the nitty gritty of conundrums, be it a nagging question in the back of the mind, or a serious and diverse challenge. I really like to connect empathically with people and if I can help people for the rest of my days, I'll feel I've led a fulfilled existence. I really enjoy helping people find their own path of self-empowerment, self-assured value and really set to task on assisting others to collaborate fully with their self-esteem, self-confidence and autonomy.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm a scorpio - sagittarius cusp individual, I really identify with both fire and water in my personality. I have the deep and emotionally empathic side of scorpio and lots of sagittarius creativity and flare. I've amalgamated both elements of scorpio and sagittarius to be straight talking, to the point and realistic. I'm confident and if you like a bit of scorpio /sagittarius humour then I'm your girl. Sagittarius are also well known for their love of emotional intelligence and psychology and exploring all facets of the mind, body and spirit, I actively explore all of these topics, including even body areas such as nutrition, meditation, the chakras and solutions to past trauma.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my gift when I was about five or six years of age, I would tell my mother of events before they happened. This was frequent and often people found it quite hard to comprehend. One memory that really stands out for me, was when I was very small and playing with bubbles in the sink next to my mother washing up dishes, I turned to my mother and said " mummy you had a sister called Helen didn't you? " My mother looked shocked and stared at me in surprise. Several years later my mother told me that she had experienced dreams her whole life that she had a sister called Helen in her previous incarnation and that she had been traumatically separated from her. My mother was born an only child in this life, but these dreams had plagued her, all her life. My mother too has psychic gifts that she has often kept meaning to explore, she described my gifts as " off the scale".

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have so many memorable moments with clients, so many I value and remember fondly. However, there is one that really stands out to me. Several years ago, I was asked to give a relationship reading to a lady who had just formed a new connection with a man. There was a good strong connection during the reading, we talked, we laughed, and I remember a strong thread of psychic information came through and I predicted that she would be invited to a fairground date, there was a collection of unusually painted green coconuts that were relevant, a large pink fluffy elephant, a rubiks cube, a dark blue volkswagon golf car and a large bunch of pink fragrant lily flowers. I could see this man was really smitten with her and all these items would be hugely relevant in the future. About a year later I get a call back from her, she delighted in telling me that her and her gentleman had just got back from their wedding and honeymoon in Spain. On one of their dates, he had taken her to a fairground where he showed off his throwing skills, by winning her 4 green painted coconuts, he then went onto win her a large pink elephant on the shooting range game, and she won a rubiks cube key ring from the tombola. Her gentleman drove a dark blue volkswagon golf car and the day she accepted his proposal for marriage her gave her a huge bunch of pink fragrant lilies. This lovely lady also went onto tell me that as an ode to their first date she decided to make her wedding table favours little pink elephants and rubiks cube key rings, they enjoyed coconut sorbet with their wedding meal and her wedding bouquet was pink star lilies. I was very moved by her call and absolutely delighted for her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have another ability called psychometric or psychometry skills, where I can connect to the energy in objects that have belonged to people and tap into that energy. One day I got a call from a frustrated lady who was trying to find her husband’s watch as he had mislaid it. I was able to tune in and connect to the energy and within just a few minutes I'd located the watch down the side of the car seat, lodged in the gap next to the car’s gearbox, near the foot well of the passenger side. Sure enough! there it was! One relieved husband and wife! Asides the psychic abilities I have, I've also studied a coherent therapeutic practice of 'person centred' counselling to a level 3 qualification. I like to keep up to date on lots of different formats of psychology and I've also worked previously in the field of health and social care. These qualifications and life experiences aid me in being able to communicate with anyone empathically, demonstrating gentle understanding, non-judgement, sensitivity and genuine realism.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think it's important to consider the elements of trust, confidentiality and for a client to feel as if they are really being heard by their reader and not judged. I have a strong ethos of trustworthiness, confidentiality and absolute non-judgement for my clients. I myself have had a remarkably colourful, diverse and eclectic life journey and so, just as my own path has led me through a world of complex challenges, decisions and choices, my lovely fellow human clients are no different.


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What our customers say about Siren Sloane

Picked up on situation very well with no questions asked. Gave helpful insight & good advice to move forward. Thank you 🙏🏼

- DP

3rd June 2024

I absolutely love this lady! Straight talking and very honest. She empowers me everytime I speak to her, she is truly amazing. She knew the situation I was in between a love interest and described him perfectly. She did say he wasn't my only option as he is blowing very hot and cold with me right now and she felt I would get sick of it. She mentioned the name Simon to me and that I would meet him through a friend and that he works in IT. I will keep you updated for sure. Thank you for reminding me of my worth xx

- S

22nd May 2024

Absolutely brilliant reading! And so intune straight from the get go! Such a lovely down to earth reader who is spot on the mark! The time flew because of how insightful thus was! Will be back again for future readings

- C

1st May 2024

After our lovely chat this morning, I remembered the name of the writer: Ben Elton. Speak soon. Fxx

- Anon

25th January 2024

Siren Sloane picked up on, without any prompts thoughts about a career direction change I had not discussed with anyone, down to the specific therapy I was thinking of. She also mentioned another specific therapy which I am trained in and identified my thoughts of self employment. I left the reading feeling more positive. Very good reader - thank you x

- Anon

18th January 2024

What can I say about this lovely lady? How about phenomenal?!! So tuned in and accurate with what she sees. I have tried many on this site, and many other sites over the years, and I return to her again and again. Love her!!

- Brenda

18th January 2024

I couldn't sleep. A couple of things bothering my mind. How will I achieve my main goal? What do I need to change to hit the fast track toward my achieving my goal? Something is missing. I could feel it. But what? I'd been online for hours researching and racking my brain, which quite frankly, was a saddening exercise. I spoke to a few readers who were nice and with the last 2 minutes of my credit, my spirit told me to get a reading from Siren Sloane. It was my first time connecting with her and I have to say, my top up to get my reading was invaluable. I asked for a career reading just to see what she picked up. She tuned in perfectly and when it got to the part where she said "you may think this is crazy, but...", Siren caught me off guard with that which she delivered. I am still gobsmacked having returned from a quick meeting, to leave this review. I have never had a reading like this in my life. Siren, to me, is a Godsend. When I thought things were looking a bit challenging, longwinded and bleak, Siren woke me up to the missing piece of my puzzle. I'm glad I had no sleep. Because if I did, I would not have spoken to Siren and how long would it have taken for me to realise what the missing piece of the puzzle was? From the bottom of my heart, I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to Siren. You are my number 1 reader and I will certainly keep you posted on the developments and look for you for my next reading. Thank you!! I am so grateful. Now I am off to bed to have sweet dreams x

- Samantha

11th January 2024

Love this reader, just Brilliant x

- Anon

10th January 2024

Siren Sloane is such an amazing reader! Thank you so much for all the information and insights they really helped and you were bang on with everything you said. Thank you for the ideas on practical things to do and ways to move forward, I'm gonna give them a go! Really fabulous reader

- Cristina

5th January 2024

WOW! what an exceptional, intuitive reading with Siren Sloane. My first ever reading with you. Thank you so so much for the uplifting reading. You tuned in specifically and noting really detailed aspects no one would know! Such a refreshing reader honestly appreciate the amazing advice thank you for confirming I am on the right track. Thank you for all the warnings it was like speaking to a friend I’ve known for ashes who has your best interests at heart. It is important to be open when having a reading with siren Sloane but she will absolutely give you amazing advice and guidance to navigate through any concerns in your life. I cannot wait to have another reading with you. Such a positive and uplifting start to the day and given me a little pep in my step. Thank you so so so much for being genuine.

- Krutika

1st November 2023

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