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I was blessed to have been born and raised into a very psychic family, so it was not unusual to hear noises and to observe psychic phenomena at a young age. In fact, growing up was rather exciting as I had friends around me from spirit that my real friends could not see or hear. When I reached my teenage years gradually my spirit friends faded away visually, however I could feel their energy and so began my own journey into psychic awareness. At the age of nineteen I was struck down with an illness, this had a profound effect on my life to the point where I reached a dark and lonely place. After a long spell of being off work I was contacted by an old friend who had heard of my situation and wanted to help in some way. She suggested that I joined her in a healing and development circle. This was to be the beginning of my recovery and unbeknown to me, also the start of my own voyage of discovery. I was learning how to channel my thoughts and open my mind around a small group of likeminded people who had been through different journeys to be with me in this moment. I feel I am a totally different person now and feel empowered because I can see glimpses of the future and whatever you need in life........spirit will work hard to bring that to all of us.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love helping people through my readings, we all need a friend and confidant to talk to and it is a great privilege to be able to offer insight into their problems and being sensitive to their emotions at the same time. On occasions a client may need no more than a shoulder to cry on and that is where my strengths lie. I am a great listener, and my beliefs are that communication can be the start of the healing process and where bridges can be built or rebuilt in certain situations. I love clearing the fog that may surround my clients and help them see the options to take them forward. I can guide, support, assist and predict the path ahead. There is always sunshine beyond the clouds

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

My Leo star sign is the perfect CV for me! Being bold and brave I have a very generous heart which can leave me rather exposed to being over generous at times. I love life and strive to make people happy with my quirky sense of humour. Making people smile and bringing joy to people’s lives is very important to me. The world is a very different place now and the Leo in me shows kindness, strength and profound loyalty where people need it.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My wonderful Nan raised me, and I had a fabulous childhood with a different generation enriching my life from the very earliest memories. I was told beautiful stories of my family history and remember my Nan always referring to her Mum and Dad and Husband as if they still lived in our house. My first memories would have been around 6 years old. I would have very vivid dreams of people and they would talk to me in my dreams. When I told my Nan about these dreams, she would instantly know who I had been talking to and she told me that she also used to have vivid dreams when she was a young girl. I also remember picking up pretty looking random stones in the garden and feeling the vibration in the hands. These experiences always made me feel like the world was a magical place, and it still is.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

The most memorable experience I had was when I took a call approximately 2 years ago from a client who was a single hard-working mum. She was going to Australia for a holiday to visit family that she had lost contact with. She was very nervous about travelling but felt compelled to go because her family had dwindled since her divorce. The reading kept coming up with money all around her in the cards which was confirmed because visually I could see money around her as well. She laughed at this prediction as money always seemed to elude her and life was a struggle. When she came home from Australia, she rang me. Her story was she was introduced to a single man at a function one evening which led to a further date. This gentleman had his own business and was so unassuming that she was really smitten with him. They saw each other several times until her departure back to the UK. Two years later she actually ended up marrying him and moving to Australia. He was not just a businessman.........just a multi-millionaire businessman.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I love to meditate daily and work with my crystals. I have always loved stones and find nature fascinating, by attuning to nature we can all benefit mentally, especially when we all lead such busy lives. I am always happy to help and guide people to live their best life and many times it can just be a case of getting back to basics. This world has been created to supply all our needs, and I would love to make awareness of the power we all have within us. I utilise this power every day and so can you.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

From the moment you feel the need to get those answers is the time to focus on the reader who has the empathy to help you. Spirit already know your intentions so they are already working to match you with the right reader. Listen to your inner gut feeling and ask your own spirit guides to point you to the right reader. You will be guided to the reader that resonates with you the most. Love and light.


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What our customers say about Montana

Great reader gave a lot of clarity. As a reader myself she really got to the heart of the matter.

- Anon

11th June 2024

Dear Montana, hope you are still remember Winnie, whose boyfriend is Aries. Sorry for my late feedback. One of your prediction about having present exchange before Jan21 which did happen on Jan 20. It was amazing. You are such a nice and good reader. Thank you so much.

- Winnie

24th February 2024

Lovely reader honest and spot on be happy to have a read with Montana any day or evening when ever Montana is on. Speak again soon with any out come which I hope will be very soon. Xx

- MS

29th December 2023

Spoke to Montana for the first time today. Very spiritual energy. Lovely, accurate, professional reader. Wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you so much.

- Janet

26th December 2023

Lovely first session with Montana. Lovely energy, very accurate with my situation currently and also sound advises given. Predictions made. Thank you , I will update you. Have a lovely festive break xx

- marie

12th December 2023

Such a lovely lady. I rung up feeling very anxious about a new relationship but her insights and predictions has left me feeling uplifted and positive. Its like a hige weight has been lifted from my shoulders and i can't thank her enough. I definately be contacting again in the new year.

- Effy

10th December 2023

Very gifted lady gently spoken and non judgmental thank you for your advice very accurate about people blown away Xx

- Leanne

10th October 2023

Hi Montana. thank but sorry for cut off again, I did come back on but had gone off , Thank you for a great reading I hope all that will come to full fillment and I look to calling you to tell you the full. Outcome reassurance and guidance as came off as you reassured it would. but sorry we got cut off .

- Angie

2nd October 2023

Had a great reading today, Montana is very clear & kind with her approach. Connected really well to my energy and spot on with my life situation. Will definitely get back in touch once things unfold. Thank you 🙏🏼

- Anon

29th September 2023

Just had my first reading with this lovely, kind lovely. She picked up on my POI and our situation immediately. Gave me very good advice as to how to handle what was happening between us and others, advice which I will take. Very understanding and non judgemental. Came away from the reading with hope and positivity. Highly recommend anyone going through a difficult time to have a reading with Montana or even if youre not! Love and Light Jo x

- Joanna

1st September 2023

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