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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

It's a good feeling knowing that I can make a difference to someone's life, helping them to feel more positive and giving them hope for the future.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Aries; I am not afraid of life's challenges. I am full of ideas and I am very curious about anything new. I am never still for long.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have always had a deep knowing that there was much more to life than meets the eye. I could sense it. The dreams I had as a child were very vivid, although it was not till many years later that I began to understand their spiritual meaning. I feel the energies of spirit around me and always have.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Besides being a Clairvoyant Medium and a psychic I am also a psychic artist. Some years ago I gave a lady a drawing of a baby, but she didn't know of any babies in Spirit. I saw her again about 2 years later and she told me the baby I drew had since been born. I had drawn the child before it arrived.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a clairvoyant Medium and psychic. I sense spirit energies around me and I know they help meto pass on messages to my clients. I am also able to work with a psychic vision I see mental images that show me the answers to questions put to me by my clients. I would also class myself as a student of life. I know the importance of creating positive energy around myself and my clients by sending positive thoughts and prayers.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It's good if a client can have an open mind and be as relaxed as possible during a reading. This makes it easier for the reader to sense and read their energy. I always remind my clients that their future can always be changed, if what they hear is not what they had hoped for. What you focus on today has a big influence on what happens tomorrow. I wish to help people in making the right choices.

God Bless,


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What our customers say about Sheila

I totally agree with all the other comments here. Shiela is an exceptional, amazing reader. Sheila, we finished before I could say thank you for such a warm, caring & insightful reading. Your validations were amazing . I am the one where he is very slow in coming forward and we talked about his kids. Thank you so much, I will keep you updated. X


19th November 2013

She went into the reading and told me that the situation would not be for long, that love was there and we would be together again. This lovely lady gave me hope and for that I say thank you. Love & Light x


19th August 2013

So, so glad I came through to Sheila tonight! Her visions are so warm and amazing and she describe the person to a T! I look forward to her predictions happening.. Hm looking at me and us choosing furniture together... No matter what happens it was so worth the call as I feel so much calmer after hearing Sheila's voice anyway! :)


24th July 2013

Thank you Sheila for a fantastic reading with plenty of validations.. I was so impressed. The real deal!..God bless the great work you are doing in helping others in times of distress and confusion! Love, Light and Blessings, Deena.


17th June 2013

Just had a reading with this wonderful, stunning lady. She gave me so many beautiful visions for the future. Truly gifted and one of the best readers on here. Was upset and worried because I got through to another reader and she advised me that she couldn't read me. Sheila tuned immediately and gave me peace in my heart. I am sure her predictions will come through. I love her. She deserves pages of testimonials. She is so good with validations etc. Thank you Sheila. You are a credit to your profession. 4/5/13 - M - London x


7th May 2013

6/4/13. Thank you for the reading tonight Sheila and promise to look forward to the future together. I know that it will not be all plain sailing but it will be worth it in the end. I will wait to see the palm trees and my man dressed in a shirt and tie. Sheila left me feeling calmer and much more positive. She has a lovely manner, is easy to talk to, and has a relaxed way of delivering her reading.


8th April 2013

05/04/2013. Dear Sheila. I would like to thank you for all your sincere readings I have had with you, for your precious time, and for being so patient with me. You were right about everything so far regarding my relationship matter, and I know I have nothing to worry about. You gave me the most accurate insight I could ever wish for. I appreciate it so much. You are so peaceful. Bless you. R xx


8th April 2013

Once again I spoke to Sheila. As always I felt calm and reassured about my future. She has a lovely manner and takes the time to explain things not just expecting you to accept what she sees. My lasting thought about this reading is how she has given a different slant on the same message of hope for my future. Her message is deeper each time I speak to her, the outcome unchanging although she does not remember me. In fact I gain a deeper understanding with her images. The ones I take with me tonight are the man I am estranged from at the minute inviting me in through his doorway and us placing a star on the Christmas tree at the end of the year. There was much, much more on a personal level that I could relate to and most importantly - she gave her information without asking questions first - she knew - really knew her details!! To say thank you seems so inadequate. Speak to this lady, I know I will again and again.


12th February 2013

Excellent Reader. You don't need to say anything and bam, shes hitting you with lots of information. Very accurate to current surroundings. Cannot wait to see if the predictions come to fruition. Guys she is very good. Trust me i've tried a lot of psychics. She is well worth it. Will get back to you soon, hopefully with good news.


11th January 2013

Excellent....very clear, doesn't rush and most importantly truthful. Thank you for my reading on Friday 7th September xxx


10th September 2012

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