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I have reached my current stage in life through a process of self-discovery. My upbringing was a happy one but, early on, I was always dissatisfied with the way my life was heading. I then tried many things to find my route in life but finally I discovered that only by doing something meaningful could I feel happy in myself. From working in a charity I discovered that helping others was my path. From here I became an occupational therapist working in the UK National Health Service. A challenging profession but personally rewarding. This experience of finding my path and of working to help improve a person's quality of life has influenced my use of the tarot. Ever since I discovered tarot, I have used it to both help myself and others to understand how to move forwards in life in the most positive way possible. I have had many experiences in my personal journey through the twists and turns of life so far. I have been poor and comfortably off and understand the pressures of the former and the pleasures of the latter. I have overcome the challenges of limiting health issues. I have also helped many people to live the life they need and want to. And because of all this, I can bring this experience and knowledge to my tarot readings as accumulated wisdom. I have been reading tarot since 2004 which is long enough to acquire serious experience and knowledge of the cards. Combine this with my therapeutic background and life experience and know that I will bring all of this to my readings to help you.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

It's almost a cliché to say that tarot can empower clients to follow the path they want but I have found this to be absolutely true. What I find incredibly motivating and satisfying is using tarot to help people understand the influences at work that has led to their current situation. But then helping show them what could happen as a result which gives those clients the power to act. Knowledge is power and the tarot can give you the knowledge, through understanding, to help you actively change your life. Fate is not set in stone and everyone has free will; tarot helps give you the knowledge to use that free will for the best outcome. When I give someone a reading, it is quite an experience to see the look of understanding in a client as they realise what has been happening and what they could do, or avoid, to move forwards positively. Not all readings provide a rosy outlook but even the more negative readings can empower people to act now to avoid the worst outcome. A good tarot reading can also help clients explore an issue in depth and can really help with self-reflection. Through this, you can learn and make improvements in your life. I wouldn't say that tarot can replace therapy but, used wisely, it can come close.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Leo Sun and a Leo Moon, Libra ascending. I am definitely an extrovert who is happy to work with people and I have the energy to drive things forwards. Important if you are working as a therapist! I also do not want injustice go without being addressed and I have the opportunity - and an obligation - as a therapist to actively do something about this when I find it. That's Leo all over! I do find it difficult to be subtle though, what you get with me is what you see - there's no nuance with Leo. I evaluate and balance decisions all the time, so the Libra influence is definitely there too. I would say I am absolutely typical of my star sign. I'm all fire all the time but I do have an intellectual side!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As I got older I became aware that my parents had been interested in the occult. They were both fascinated with magick (occult magick, not stage magic) back in the 1960s during the occult boom. I didn't realise I had any interest or ability in tarot until quite late, in 2004 when I was already in my early 30s. I guess that inherited occult interest just took time to manifest itself. The tarot was fascinating and even in my earliest readings I discovered that I could use the cards to understand why things were happening and what was likely to happen. Occasionally, even as a learner, I could predict specific events in my life. It was only until a few years later when I began reading for other people that I discovered my intuition was picking things up in the cards that were directly important and specific to those seekers. And that ability has only strengthened the more I read the tarot. I have also developed an interest in - and practice - occult magick and through this I do understand that reality is not what science believes it is. The tarot can be explained rationally but there is more at work with the cards than just the cognitive processes of the mind. It would be fair to say I was a late bloomer when it came to tarot but I’m certainly making up for lost time.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are actually two experiences that spring to mind. I did a tarot reading for one of the managers at the hospital I worked at (after work it has to be said). I knew her situation, as a senior dietician she was unhappy in her current role but had been in role for over 10 years and did not know what to do as she felt she was in rut. I did a classic Celtic cross reading for her and it clearly demonstrated that her passion for her work was being crushed by the demands. But the reading came up with the King of Wands as the upcoming opportunity and the Page of Wand as the outcome. The reading showed that she needed to find her entrepreneurial spirit to shake things up and get herself energised and out of her rut. Essentially, get used to and start applying for other roles. The Page demonstrated that if she could do this then she would be on a new path where she would be excited and enthusiastic. Four weeks later the manager confided in me that she had been spurred on by the reading and had found the energy and will to apply for other, more senior roles elsewhere and had been successful in finding one. She was ecstatic and thanked me personally for giving her the push needed to move her life on. That was an incredible outcome. The second reading occurred at a tarot meetup where I would do readings for members of the public. One young man came to see me and told me how he felt nothing was going right for him in terms of career. He wanted to start and build his career as a musician. The reading showed almost nothing but bad outcomes and included the 5 of Pentacles in the Hopes and Fears position. The reading had picked up his worries about work. However, I focused on the positive element of the reading and pointed out that the conscious goal and current situation was a great opportunity to seize on his ambition (The Ace of Wands). I made sure he understood things would be challenging but persevering with his goal could yield great results. The seeker appeared genuinely uplifted by this and left demonstrating positivity but with realistic expectations. It was a challenging reading and reflected his difficult experiences perfectly but the reading gave him hope that sustained effort would produce longer term results. There are no certainties in life but that was a reading that has stuck in my memory - it provided a spark of light in the face of everything he was experiencing.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My therapy background has certainly proved a major benefit as a tarot reader. As well as using my therapeutic communication skills such as active listening, my therapist experience of working with people dealing with challenging and distressing situations has been directly beneficial. I have had people come to me for a reading for guidance with serious life changing issues. I understand the importance of ethical practice and maintaining boundaries when it comes to tarot reading. I also use my therapy background experience to work with seekers in an empathetic and non-judgemental way. People come for a tarot reading for many reasons. Some come for love and relationship advice, some for career guidance. But quite a few come for a tarot reading when they have nowhere else to turn and when they are experiencing a highly emotional state which requires some level of training to manage safely. When you come to me for a reading know that I will work with you ethically and with understanding.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Make sure you have a very clear question in mind when you want a tarot reading or any kind of psychic reading. The more clear and specific your question is, the more meaningful and helpful the reading will be for you. A general reading can provide some information about the general influences at work but a more specific question can really focus in on the detail. Then, the reading can provide much more directly helpful information and you'll get more from the experience. Even if you have a general reading, it's important that you reflect on the messages the reading gives. This reflection can lead to revelations later on after the reading. Another important thing is that you don't have a reading when you are experiencing intense emotions such as anger, jealousy, and hatred. Or even strong positive emotions such as joy. These strong feelings will bias the way you interpret the messages the reading provides. Make sure you are calm when you are going for a reading - mediation can help here. If you can't reach a calm state, it is better to wait until you are before you have a reading. Most importantly. Know that you have free will. A tarot reading can show you a probable, even likely, outcome but you can change your fate. Nothing is set in stone! So, even if the reading is not hugely positive, you can change things for the better due to the knowledge the reading has given you!

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