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Hi there I'm Tess and I'd love to join you on your tarot journey. Tarot has been in my life for over twenty years, whilst the oracles joined me around seven years ago. I love to assist people with the help of the tarot and oracles along a magical journey. I believe tarot helps develop an insight and a guide to resolve issues and questions and opens possible pathways when you can't see the wood for the trees so to speak.  I like to give hope when someone feels there is none, and compassion in times of need. I also love to ask my guardian angel to assist and lend an understanding thought. I do hope you give me a call so I can join you on your journey. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I would say what I most like about reading for people is being a part of their journey. Learning together about their past, present and building a brighter future. I love to hear hope in someone's voice and never be judgemental of someone's situation. Having been through so many journeys myself I feel helps my clients as I can always empathise with someone.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Oh my gosh I am such a typical piscean. I'm kind, extremely caring and highly emotional. I love to look after my family and friends and always try to take their problems and help resolve them. I am a dreamer and see good in everyone, always giving people a chance.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I would say as long as I can remember I have felt someone is with me guiding me and helping me learn right from wrong. I've always felt the urge to help people. There has always been that sense of déjà vou in many situations throughout my life. I was gifted my first deck of tarot many years ago and still today find the deck one of my favourite to help clients especially with relationship readings. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

All my clients are memorable. I would not and could not pick any particular experience. I just love readings where you can almost feel your client smiling at the other end of a phone. Recently I managed to make a dear friend burst out laughing as she had been hiding stuff about herself, yet I managed to find out what it was. But I sincerely love joining people on their journey.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My life is my experience. Being understanding and not judgemental really really makes the tarot so personal and a pleasure to be able to share my gift with others. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Firstly I would say know exactly what it is you wish to ask a reader. Go to a reader with your mind open and willing to hear things and learn things that could surprise you. Remember the tarot is just a guide, a pathway to a future. You can change the outcome if you find yourself straying from that path. When choosing a reader always go with your gut instinct. It may be the photo you see before you or the words we choose to use to tell you a little about who we are. 


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What our customers say about Tess

This psychic is AMAZING! Tess is down-to-earth, friendly, and has a healing energy to her. She's very accurate!! Will definitely keep you updated xxx

- Tristan

27th October 2023

Thank you so much for helping me get past a narcissistic friendship. I came to you a few times for help on my journey I made it 😊. I asked for a general which tess mentioned she didn't normally do. But everything was what I needed and she helped me so much to put the past to bed. I can't thank you enough

- Anon

21st August 2023

Warm and straightforward. Have honest, straight feedback in a very empathetic way. Definitely will return.

- Xxx

5th May 2023

Spoke to Tess on 29/12/2022 about an ongoing family issue. She gave lots of validation and was so understanding. I am delighted that her prediction for a harmonious outcome has happened just days later. Thank You Tess.

- Nick

1st January 2023

Thank you for reading today. Lovely lady Spot on reading xxx

- Susan

8th December 2022

Thank you for never sugar coating and being practical... Tess is a great reader and tunes in fast... She was happy to look into lots of different scenarios and it's much appreciated... Thanks so much Tess x

- Kim

26th October 2022

Tess just feels like a down to earth wise woman who sees it, says it, reassures without sugar coating. Great reader.

- Kate

12th July 2022

I had a wonderful reading with Tess. A complicated situation and LDR. Tess gave me lots of validation a wonderful reader. Enjoy

- Isobel

30th May 2022

Good reading, using cards. X

- Anon

7th March 2022

Had a lovely reading thank you tess 5/5 Lou xxxxxx

- Anon

28th February 2022

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