6 Magical Love Charms for Valentine's day!

Everyone could do with a bit of extra love in their life, right? Of course you could! From strengthening romantic relationships to attracting new passions or allowing affection and kindness to flow into your life, February is the time to open up to love.

Love Knot


Attract love and romance with these magical ideas


This second month of the year is sacred to the goddess of love because it is a time for new beginnings and fresh hope. So tap into the potent power of this month to attract love into your life.

You can make love charms very easily to encourage loving energy to surround you and make it part of your world. Perform little rituals to create magical amulets which can bring renewed passion to your relationship, or send out signals that you are ready to meet a soulmate.

With love charms, it's all about the intention. The raw materials carry energy but it's your spark of intent that makes them powerful. Carry your charms around with you and their energy will enhance your own, making you super-seductive! So get creating your own luscious love charms.


1) Freya's Day

Love and romance may be on everyone's mind during the Valentine month of February. But did you know that there's a day dedicated to love every single week of the year? It's true. Those loving vibes are super-charged every Friday because this day is sacred to the goddess of love. And it's all in the name. The word 'Friday' comes from the Pagan goddess Freya's name. So this means Friday is a particularly potent time to make your love charms or to generally try to attract love. Attract Freya's frequency of love by wearing a green pendant or a green accessory on Fridays because green is the goddess's sacred colour of love. It's also the colour of your heart chakra. So wearing green will help to open you up to love.


2) Rose Quartz

The delicate, soothing pink of rose quartz crystal carries a very strong energy of love. So you can use it to make a simple love charm. Choose a small piece of rose quartz, one which you can carry around with you easily in your purse. On a Friday, when love energy is most powerful, cleanse your crystal under cold running water from a tap. Ask Freya to cleanse all old energy from the crystal. The ask the goddess to charge your crystal with the energy of love. Ask that love in all forms that are pure and good be attracted to you through by the energy of the crystal. Remember to carry your crystal love charm around with you for maximum effect!


3) Love knot

A love knot can be a type of binding spell. It is intended to strengthen happy bonds. So if you are in a happy relationship but would like to make your connection deeper, or you want to inject more passion between you, try this love charm. Take a piece of thin ribbon or silk cord. Green, white or pink coloured is best. Fold it in half so the two ends are together, then tie a knot in the middle of the string. As you slowly pull the knot together, visualise you and your partner holding hands. Say, 'I ask that our bonds are strong and loving, so long as we both will it to be so'. Place the love knot in a small paper bag. Put a photo of you both, on a happy occasion, underneath the knot inside the bag. This charm is for healthy relationships only. Do not attempt to bind anyone to you who is not willing. It won't work. And you'll be creating a whole bucket load of bad karma for yourself. Just no!


4) Shell charm

Attracting love begins with loving yourself. So build up your self esteem and self love first, if you want to attract the love of others. You can support this process with a shell love charm. Go to the beach and spend time choosing a beautiful shell - one that really stands out to you. It's fine to buy a shell, if you don't have access to a beach. Cleanse the shell under your cold water tap, asking for all old energy to be removed from it. Then write a positive affirmation on a small piece of paper. Choose an affirmation with a loving theme, such as 'I am worthy of love' or 'I deserve a healthy relationship' or 'My relationship is passionate' or 'I attract only loving people'. Fold up the affirmation paper and tape it inside your shell. Carry it around in a little velvet jewellery pouch or box. Or you could make a tiny hole in the shell and wear it as a pendent on a chain. Make sure your affirmation is firmly taped inside, though, as you don't want it to fall out!


5) Feng shui love talisman

The spiritual system of feng shui has been used for centuries to harmonise the flow of positive energy into your home and into your life. Using talismans or charms is a big part of attracting good energy in feng shui. Animal charms are popular for their ability to attract or deflect energy. To create your love talisman, choose an animal that mates for life, such as a swan, wolf, penguin, gibbon or seahorse. Print, cut out or draw a picture of it. Or make or buy an ornament or charm in the shape of it.

If you are in a relationship, write your initials and your partner's initials somewhere on the depiction of the animal. If you are single, write your initials and the word 'love' on the picture or ornament. Hold the talisman in your hand and ask to attract healthy, loving connections. Do this every day. Carry the talisman with you.


6) Magical bath

Taking a magical bath can help cleanse your energy and turn you into a love magnet! Yes, really. In this case, the love charm is essential oil plus intention, as well as the cleansing, scented steam the oil creates in a warm bath. Essential oils of rose, jasmine, sandalwood or ylang ylang will open your heart chakra, making you receptive to love and kindness. Choose one essential oil or blend two of them. Mix a couple of drops of essential oil into an egg cup-size volume of carrier oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or similar. Pour the mixture into a warm bath and enjoy the scent. But to make the magic, set your intention as you relax in the water. Visualise being in a loving relationship. Think about all the qualities you want in a partner. Imagine your fear and resistance to love gently evaporating like the steam in your bath.


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