Life Hack Questions To Ask The Tarot

If you are awakening to your soul’s spiritual journey, and are curious to know why you are here and what your life’s purpose is, the Tarot can help you find the answers to your questions.

The Tarot is a powerful and ancient divination tool that can be used in a wide variety of meaningful and helpful ways. If you are awakening to your soul’s spiritual journey, and are curious to know why you are here and what your life’s purpose is, the Tarot can help you find the answers to your questions.

Although the most common questions asked of a psychic Tarot reader are generally love and relationship related, many people also use the Tarot as a map for guidance on their spiritual path. There’s nothing wrong with asking specific questions, about problems that you want help with, when you have a psychic reading. Knowing the best questions to ask the Tarot, however, can help you find more empowering and beneficial answers.

The 3 Card Spread

The simple and popular 3 card Tarot reading spread can be used to identify key areas of importance, regarding any problem or situation. Instead of using the cards to explore the Past, Present and Future they can be positioned to examine What/Why?, Karmic Lessons and Actions.

The first card asks What/Why? and helps you understand why your soul chose this particular spiritual path. It can help you indentify your life’s purpose and your soul’s blueprint for this incarnation.

To work through a situation or problem it’s necessary to understand the Karmic Lessons. The second card will help you identify these.

Once you have clarity you can use the third card to help you move forward. The Action card offers guidance and insight so that you can take practical and proactive action.

Empowering Life Hack Questions To Ask The Tarot

Asking empowering questions, during a psychic Tarot reading, can instantly impact on your life in many positive ways. If you believe in fate and destiny you will have an understanding that everything happens for a reason. Using the Tarot to gain insight and clues, regarding your soul’s path and life purpose can help you accept the challenging life experiences you may have already endured, or are presently working through.

Empowering What/Why? questions you can ask the Tarot include:

  • What have I come here to do?
  • What are the lessons that my romantic relationships are meant to teach me?
  • Why do I struggle with … (attachments, relationships or other difficult cycle)?
  • Why did I chose this incarnation?
  • What can I do to achieve my ambition and dreams?
  • What can I do to ease my struggle with … (expressing my truth, being my authentic self, fulfilling my life purpose)?

What The Tarot Can Teach You

When you ask empowering questions of the Tarot the answers that you receive will provide the clarity that you need in order to take the next step on your spiritual journey. The insights can help you accept and understand the difficult and challenging lessons that your soul has had to experience, for its development, growth and evolution. You may also find that the Tarot can help you to let go of the attachments and repetitive cycles that keep you stuck in a place of stagnation or limbo.

The next time that you consult a psychic reader, consider asking questions that will benefit your soul on a deeper level. Whilst you may want to know if the guy you’ve just met is Mr Right, asking the Tarot What/Why? life hack questions will enable you to feel more empowered in any romantic connection or relationship.


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