Ghosts Of A Christmas Carol

. Winter is a time when spooks and spectres roam free - at least in your imagination!

Christmas Ghost

Use the wisdom of this spooky story to improve your life

In the long hours of winter darkness, every shadow in the dim light outside your window can seem like a lost soul gliding through the cold night air. Winter is a time when spooks and spectres roam free - at least in your imagination! So, in such a spooky atmosphere, it's little wonder that a great British Christmas tradition is to tell ghost stories.

Most famous of all Christmas the ghost stories is a book by Victorian novelist, Charles Dickens, which is called A Christmas Carol. It tells the tale of a mean and avaricious old man called Ebenezer Scrooge. He has been a successful businessman, earning money and worldly success. But in the process of becoming successful, he has downtrodden others, become hard-hearted, miserable and uncaring towards others. On Christmas eve, Scrooge's business partner, who has just died, appears to Scrooge as a ghost. He warns Scrooge that he's set to join him in hell, unless Scrooge changes his ways. The old miser is then visited by three spectres: the ghost of Christmas Past, the ghost of Christmas Present, and the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (the future). These three spirits are both terrifying and transformative. The spooks help Scrooge to recognise that he needs to change his life. Scrooge is transformed into a better person by their wisdom.

Here';s what you can learn from the wisdom of the ghosts of A Christmas Carol:

Ghost of Christmas Past

This spook appears as a creepy combination of a child and an old man, yet it is not terrifying. It is a quiet, reflective and thoughtful spook because it symbolises memories. It is here to show Scrooge that he must not hide from painful memories. He must face them so they can then be released. Scrooge must remember his past so he can learn from both the positive and negative experiences of past events. The ghost reveals that Scrooge was not always a terrible person. In his youth, he was hopeful, kind and compassionate. So the ghost reminds Scrooge of who he used to be. Scrooge has a violent reaction to this ghost. He tries to wrestle with the spectre to force it away. But, of course, he cannot physically fight a spirit.

Your Lesson: Release your past hurts to be able to move forward. It's sometimes painful to think about the past. But you must deal with negative thoughts and emotions in order to live well in the present. Think of a time in the past when you were truly happy. You can be that person again. Make the choice today to move away from negative influences (people, thoughts, substances, situations or places) so you can transform back into the happy, caring, kind person you are meant to be.

Ghost of Christmas Present

Resembling a Pagan god with its green robe, holly crown and cornucopia-like torch, this ghost appears as a fleshy figure, unlike the other two more wispy phantoms. It has a booming laugh, a bulky figure and delicious food appears where ever it rests! It symbolises jollity, kindness, generosity and abundance - all the positive attributes associated with the Christmas season. But the ghost's message is that you should make these attributes a permanent part of your life. The spook is fun, friendly and Scrooge laughs along with it - until the ghost begins to fade. It grows horribly old and haggard, then it draws back its robes to reveal two starving children, who symbolise 'ignorance' and 'want'. Then the ghost fades away from Scrooge - as the present always does.

Your Lesson: Life is for enjoying. So fill your present with positivity, joy and pleasurable treats - so long as you don't overindulge. But don't forget there are many in the world who do not have enough to eat or who are not cared for. Make it your business to find ways to help them. This is one of your life purposes. Take care because 'ignorance' is no defence for lack of action or for bad actions.

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

This silent spirit has a truly terrifying appearance. Gaunt and forbidding it looks like the Grim Reaper - death: the future that will come to everyone. It leads Scrooge through a series of images, showing him how his life will unfold to a lonely death, if he continues on the path he is walking. It shows how time ticks forward relentlessly, so if you want to change your life, you should change it today. The life you have is created by your choices.

Your Lesson: Change your life now! Make better choices, starting today. You are not powerless, you can create positive change. Do it!


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