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Hi my names Hayley Jay, I have been using my psychic abilities to bring clarity and guidance to clients for the last 20yrs. As a very intuitive child I was always able to read/feel peoples energies. Having developed my psychic abilities I have been completing readings for clients using my clairvoyance clairsentient, tarot cards, astrology, and LOA to bring clarity and insight. Whether it’s a work situation, love, family issues, spiritual matters or you just some insight to what’s coming up next in life I’m here for my clients in all aspects of life to provide upliftment  and to reassure them that there’s always a solution to every problem.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love the fact that within a short period of time of talking with a client I can help them to gain a different perspective on a challenging situation. My objective is always to enable clients to move forward with confidence and clarity so they can feel empowered to move forward within the situation. I’m very much a people person and I love helping people to feel and be at their very best.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I’m a typical saggi lady, in the sense that I’m energetic and very optimistic. I love life and feel very contented even if it’s a typical British rainy day it doesn’t bring me down but at the same time like to progress in life and don’t like to be stagnant.
Other star signs forget that saggies are very curious about the world around them and that’s very typical of me. I love learning about new things and researching the finer details. I can be very honest so my family and friends tell me but with clients I make sure I’m tactful and use my honestly in a constructive manner.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From around the age of 5 I was very sensitive. I picked up on other people’s feelings and could sense strongly people/situations that whether negative or positive. As I got into my late teens I realised I was very empathic and further devolved my psychic abilities using a variety of skills. I have other family members that are psychic and use their gift professionally. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are quite a few however one recent one that stands out is a client I had was going through a number of challenging situations all at the same time. She was drained and couldn’t see a way through. However after a number of readings through breaking down each situation, using my psychic tools to bring positive insight into certain relationship dynamics and giving strategic clear guidance my client was empowered to move forward with confidence and a sense of empowerment that she had lost many years ago. Her personal growth was astonishing and because she gained her power back she was able to deal with the other challenging situations that were out of her control. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a vast amount of experience of being a parent and having different challenges within family dynamics. I have worked in a variety of fields from part time manual work, charity work supporting families with younger children to build confidence within their parenthood skills. I’ve retrained and got back into education as a mature student to work my way up the corporate ladder. However within all my different roles my spirituality has always been shone through and it was always a natural procession to advance my psychic abilities. I’m a natural empath so in any role my intuition is always high and I’ve learned to truly trust it 100% it’s never let me down.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

First of all go with and trust your gut instinct a pick reader u feel you’re most drawn to. Allow the reader to connect with you and feel your energy’s, relax yourself remember it’s your time to express what area in life you what guidance on. Please remember we are totally non-judgemental a lot of what clients discuss with readers we have heard probably heard something similar and us as psychics have also been through so rest assured as long as it’s doesn’t go against our guideline on the phone line we are open and here to discuss anything with you whether its matters of the heart, work dilemma’s, family situations or direction in life we are here for you.


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What our customers say about Hayley Jay

2/1/2019. Had a reading with Hayley Jay this afternoon. She was amazing and I would highly recommend her. I'm a recently out of a relationship with someone and she gave me insight and clarity about the thoughts and motivations around the man at that time. He really hurt my feelings and Hayley Jay picked up on his characteristics and said that I should expect an apology. In the meantime I asked about someone from my past that has re-emerged in my life, and he is like a breath of fresh air in comparison, but I am extra cautious now. Hayley Jay advised that I won't have to do much, just sit back and watch. Although I shed a few tears during the reading, I feel so much better having spoken with her. Thank you so much Hayley Jay, you are amazing and I will definitely come back to you for another reading , love and light to you . Sonia xxx

- Sonia

2nd January 2019

Thank you so much Hayley Jay. I am very satisfied with the reading and you were spot on with everything. I am very pleased of the clarification I needed to know, to have a better understanding with my relationship. You are very kind, easy to talk to and understanding. You are amazing and I honestly can't wait to have another reading with in the near future. Hugs...EB

- Elizabeth

23rd December 2018

This lady is absolutely amazing, so spot on and so lovely to talk to. Not only is this lady accurate, but she also speaks so much sense and gives great advice. Thanks Hayley Jay,,,, S xx

- S

1st November 2018

THANK YOU SO MUCH XXX you put me at ease and I can't than you enough. I can't believe how much detail you gave about my ex partner x will be calling back soon ????

- Lucy

24th September 2018

Hayley Jay a big thank you to this lady. Wd have spoke at length about my husband and you gave me so much insight about him and his other life and most of all you made me feel stronger and more in control. Huge thank you and will update you when I'm back of my holiday xxx


6th July 2018

Thank you so much Hayley Jay x you gave me so much clarity around my ex and lots of valadations about the present situation. Thank you for the advice and I await the predictions in august. Will be ringing back soon xxx☺


20th June 2018

Thank you so much. We spoke for over 1 hour and I wish it would of lasted longer. What a wise woman you are xxx gave me so many valadations and we spoke at length about so many things but most of all my love life. Just a massive thankyou for putting my mind at ease. Xxx will be ringing back soon xxx

- Na

2nd June 2018

This lady is wonderful. Kind and friendly who delivers good validations and great advice. I would recommend.

- Andrea

30th May 2018

Spot on about work it was like you was working along side m..you described my situation and environment to a t.. just brilliant guidence your a star. Will be back in touch soon for an update xxx if I say Mr manager you know

- N/A

30th May 2018

I really enjoyed my reading. A lovely and wise lady with great validations, insight and good advice.

- Andrea

29th May 2018

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