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Franke is a clairvoyant, who picks up on your life through voice vibration and uses tarot for confirmation. She likes when clients have taken time to mediate on their question so she can get started straight away. Franke has a reputation for giving amazing and warm readings and connects well with whomever she speak to. Franke specialised in Relationships and Career.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

In some cases, a client will call for clarity or an answer to a situation. While I may not always be able to give them all the answers, I will aim to them feel that things will be more manageable. I can tell much from a person’s tone on how a person is feeling. Ultimately, I get that satisfied feeling knowing if helped someone.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am Pisces moon with my Venus in Virgo. Which means I pick up on what isn’t spoken about, and I can assess and explain it in detail. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From young I have been astral travelling. I don’t journey much anymore but those were good times. So now I’m using my skills to go into 5d to help others and it’s nice.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have quite a few but one is a friend who wanted to find love. She was dealing with a real crappy guy who strung her along for many years with no real commitment. I knew once she focused on moving flat from a shared to her own apartment that when she will have room for new love. She started her house hunt got her place and 3 months later she has a person who had an eye on her for some time and proposed to her! Look at how the universe works! 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Be open to the reading, if you are in a resistive state, I won’t be able to read you effectively. Please talk. I’m going to be your guide, but I’ll also be your telephone best friend for the time we are connected. It not only helps the reading it helps you also get your situation, off your chest.

I have had a few (not many) clients quizzing me to see my authenticity. Please don’t do this, let your intuition guide you at all times. There are some amazing readers here, so if you are not sure to choose me, I’m perfectly fine with that.

My readings are different, come in with an open mind. Ultimately, you will get the guidance you need.

Oh, and please be so kind to leave a testimony, if it helped you in any way. it really helps me and others wishing to get a reading from me. Bless!


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What our customers say about Franke

Jaw dropping I could listen to Franke all day through headphones. Severely gifted. Really got to the heart of the matter of the poi. Will definitely be back for another reading for an update on my situation.

- Carol

11th June 2024

Thank you Franke for the clarity and your honesty

- Anon

11th June 2024

First time leaving a review on here ... I must say my intention was to have a 15min reading . I was greeted by Frankie on the phone with such warmth and confidence , she got straight to it with ACCURACY like I have never experienced before... I can not even put I to to words how AMAZING my reading was , I ended up staying on the phone for a hour . And within 2 days of my reading miracles began to unfold... Thank you sooo Much Frankie you truly are a Godsend ... Definitely marked down as my favourite reader .

- Jolene

5th March 2024

Thank you Franke, I really felt uplifted in speaking to someone who can explain why I am feeling the way I do. You touched all the areas I am at a crossroads and seem to understand who I am and what will bring me peace. Thank you

- K.

22nd December 2023

A very down to earth, refreshing and intuitive reading. You provided so much affirmation delivered with such grace. Your tone is calm, compassionate with a beautiful vibration. You covered all areas that I raised In the beginning with such clarity and left me feeling empowered and validated. To say this was an amazing reading is an understatement, but your kindness shone through especially as I felt like I was dealing with so many transitions. I didn’t get to thank you, so what better way In a testimonial the Pisces lady.

- R

5th December 2023

A breath of fresh air on the sofa, this incredibly gifted reader showed such compassion and empathy - it was such a privilege to speak with her, don't take my word for it, give her a call, you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to speak to you again soon.

- Anon

27th November 2023

Thank you Franke great reading and I felt understood. Very accurate. Xx

- Allison

24th November 2023

One of the best on sofa!! Thank you Franke so much for my amazing reading, wow! she is so fast , accurate, lovely kind calm, and so gifted, will be very busy on sofa, very happy i got her, lots of love xxxxxx

- Anon

20th November 2023

Franke is a very special reader. Picked up on many deep things. (& described a very important photograph to me exactly, though I didn’t get chance to tell her that). A true, wise, spiritual reader.

- Kate

8th November 2023

Absolutely fantastic! Franke is honest and truthful in her predictions. No fluff, just honestly...she is now my go-to on psychic sofa!

- Anon

16th September 2023

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