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About Lisa

I have been a psychic medium for about 10 years. I became a reiki healer 3 years ago and this has helped me develop and grow with my unique gifts. I am also a natural healer and I work with my guides, angels and galactic beings, having had many amazing experiences. I am very sensitive and have worked with energies since I was a small child without realising it. I have always been aware that I can remote view. I work with voice vibrations and energy. I like questions when doing a reading. I believe working this way helps, clients get the best out of their reading. I am divinely guided and believe over the years spirit has brought the right people to me to either have a reading or healing. when reading for clients I get joy from helping them to gain insight into their lives in order to move forward with confidence.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Sharing hope, supporting clients in challenging times and helping them to power through difficulties. I assist by giving insight, clarity and reassurance.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical cancer sign. I am caring, sensitive, loving and genuine person. home and family are very important to me. I am very loyal and always fight for the underdog. I encourage others to reach their full potential.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have always been psychic from a young child. however didn't become fully aware of my gift till I was 15 years old. spirit has always divinely guided me. I have often been placed in right place to help others, to give messages or healing.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had lots of memorable experiences over the years. Although the one that stands out the most, is when I read for a lady at work. I gave her a message from a young man in spirit who said he was her sons best friend, he stated he passed with heart problems and wanted to let them know he was ok. The lady said no you are wrong this young man is very much alive. The next day the lady received a phone call from her sons best friends mum asking to speak to her son. It was a call to inform him that his friend had died suddently the day before. This lady rang me immediately to tell me. she stated what's the chances that she would been having a reading with a psychic medium and the young man had come through to say he was ok. This made the lady really believe in life after death.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a natural empath and listener. I care deeply and I am non judgemental. I am a reiki healer and I often feel healing is either facilitated via touch or via healing with words. I used to be a nurse and have a good understanding of people. I am able to listen and also have good communication skills.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think the most important thing is to follow your gut when choosing the reader and to just relax and enjoy.

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What our customers say about Lisa

I’ve spoken to Lisa many times. Really down to earth, accurate at reading people and she’ll keep it real and straight forward. Thank you for the healing and your continuous support. Lots of love x

- Butterfly

20th April 2024

Amazing reader. Hoping to catch up with you in the next few days but if I don’t the process has started - please send healing.

- Anon

17th April 2024

I had a fabulous reading last week. Tuned in very quickly and lots of validations and predictions. picked up the issues with the builder. giving you permission to send healing to son. Highly recommended. speak soon. Thank you

- Anon

17th April 2024

Had a lovely reading with Lisa. She made so much sense and helped a lot . Fantastic! Thank you Lisa. Kerry x

- Kerry

12th April 2024

Have had two calls with Lisa and things are coming to pass. With the love life. With an apartment I’m buying (she said I’d be buying in a slightly diff area and it would have a water view. I didn’t want to move somewhere else but it fell into place that I got a bargain for a lovely place with river glimpses from the balcony). Great healing and development tips. Predicted the timing I’d see a guy again - and had said great chemistry but maybe we’ll just be friends which seems right. Will watch with interest what happens with the other predictions. AC

- Anon

29th March 2024

Lisa, where do I start !! I’m laughing cause first of all you told me I was getting engaged on valentines and it literally happened lol. You have uncovered so many secrets about people around me friends that were not good for me etc. you’ve guided me away from men who were users and no good for me. If you want the truth ask Lisa she’s no noncence and just a real wee gem. Her predictions always happen and her timelines are on point. Your OG kerry xx

- Kerry

22nd March 2024

Ok so I spoke with Lisa a few times, she was spot on about a few things and I doubted a few things she kept on saying, we went back and forth a few readings about it, but she stayed true to what she saw. I have to come back a few weeks later just to say how scary and accurate she was in a situation I would never have seen or guessed but she saw from the beginning. Lisa is the TRUTH, be ready for it

- Anya

20th March 2024

Lisa to this day, I'm not sure how you do it but you was right again, the football team my son joined does wear a blue kit!. And he is a lot happier. All that you predicted! You never sugar coat info and always tell me the truth! I'll still hold onto my words and say you are the best on Psychic Sofa and in a league of your own. Proven by your accurate predictions and warm delivery of information. Not surprised you're always busy. Thank you for everything xx

- Anon

19th March 2024

Lisa is truly exceptional as a reader! Every time I've consulted with her, I've been astounded by her accuracy and insights. Her validations are spot-on, and her ability to pick up on things is truly remarkable. What's even more impressive is that her predictions consistently come true. Speaking with Lisa is always a delightful experience. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and clarity.

- andrea

18th March 2024

Amazing reading again with Lisa. She astounds me every time I speak to her. She just knows!!! It’s incredible. My go to reader … thanks Lisa!!

- Louise

16th March 2024

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