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I have been doing tarot readings and providing insight spiritually for nearly 25 years and with the Divines' blessings I am always improving and getting better and better to assist people throughout all walks of life. In order to keep doing this, I do practice deep levels of meditation. I am a very good listener and I understand every individuals' needs.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

As I said, I am a very good listener and I understand every individuals' needs. I do not judge people based upon their lifestyles or personalities and I treat everybody equally and with respect. I do my utmost best to guide my clients onto the spiritual path, in order for them to get a deeper understanding of themselves.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

My star sign is a tough one.  A typical cancerian is highly emotional and sensitive to the needs of others, I on the other hand, am very in control of my own emotions.  This enables me to give as much information and guidance as possible to my clients, without getting attached or involved emotionally. In numerology my date and time of birth is very highly connected with the energy of the divine which explains to me after many, many years why I feel I am always walking one foot on earth and one in heaven.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From the age of 15 or 16 I began to understand the natural laws of nature and I have been using my gift to better myself and people around me, so that I can perhaps help make this world a better and happier place to live in. To achieve this I began researching and educating myself in all the different arts of spirituality. I say the arts of spirituality because just as music is an art which connects one to the divine, I also believe the art of tarot, astrology and numerology are important tools for connecting with life's forces with deep mediation.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Most of my clients throughout my years of guidance have been very memorable and enjoyable, but there are a few I still think about who connected with me very deeply some time ago. One lady I used to talk to is now living her dreams and although she had a tragic life she never lost her faith and confidence in me. She lived in Australia and wished to move to Africa back to her family, but her circumstances were always covered by dark energies. I had picked up these energies and advised her how best to clear them away. These negative energies which were in fact sent from Africa by certain family members who were not happy for her return. She took on my instructions and openly began to challenge the dark energies by being confident and positive. She overcome her biggest obstacle, being that of her own sister who wished to marry the village prince herself.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been blessed by my Guruji to serve humanity since July 1998 when I first entered into my Gurus' place of worship. My Guruji heals through his unconditional love and I have had many experiences over the years in dealing with people from all walks of life who are constantly facing problems. I have also recently completed my level 1 certificate in counselling skills and looking forward to level 2. Yippee.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Before any person wishes to consult with me I must put straight that honesty and a clear conscious is the only way to have the best guidance by myself as I do not and never have sugar coated my interpretations and instructions. Honesty is the best policy

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What our customers say about Shiv

Brilliant Brilliant his the best Spot on with Accuracy. He’s The best on sofa. Sofa Are so lucky to have him. Thank you Shiv blessings to you

- Anon

20th June 2024

Thank you for my amazing.reading. mind blowing. You have deep and true insights. Love and light xxx

- Rachel

7th June 2024

He was incredibly accurate, I was overwhelmed with level of accuracy and with the guidance he gave. He is a true gift. Thank you very much Shiv, stay blessed.

- Anon

19th May 2024

I don't know how he does it but Shiv has accurately predicted several events in my life along with the actions, intentions and feelings of people involved. He's absolutely amazing x

- Anon

26th March 2024

this man is very hard to get hold of but very much worth the wait. his style of reading just flows and is very quick. his readings are usually consistent too. I would say that although nothing has come into fruition, it is worth giving him a call

- Anon

17th March 2024

I had a reading with you few days ago. You are so amazing, now I know why you have so many reviews. You said I may be going into a new job but there's a delay, you were right there was a delay I was waiting for the contract. You said il move into my new home end of the year maybe November so il let you know but everything else you said in the reading was so correct all the validations. Thankyou so much you are one of a kind.

- Anon

10th March 2024

I have been speaking to Shiv for a long time and he has always given me so much clarity on my situation and always been spot on with his predictions. This guy is amazing and such a lovely man! My guardian angel🙏

- Anon

29th October 2023

Please come online more 😩 I really need to talk to you.

- Sonia

12th October 2023

OMG!!!Best reading ever!!!Thank you Shiv.Leannexxx

- Leanne

20th August 2023

Excellent reader. I'm gobsmacked by the accuracy. Thank you

- Joanna

9th July 2023

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