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Welcome everyone, thank you for taking your time to have a little look, my name is Pia I'm a natural Psychic, Spontaneous Medium and Tarot Reader, where my gifts have been passed down through the female side of the family dating back to my Great Great Grandmother. I provide insight, guidance and support I have my beautiful spirit of my Great Grandmother to guide me through my life and when helping people. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

It’s very rewarding for me when I’m giving a reading, my Great Grandmother is playing with my head she gets excited, I’m excited as I'm going to give you information that will be able to hopefully help with whatever information you are in or going to be in. At time I may be given information where I would just say out of the blue sometimes it may not make sense but later on it will. In a way I'm responsible for what I'm doing and I’m dealing with peoples life's so it gives me a rush and butterflies to make sure I’m doing the best that I possible can its challenging at times but very much rewarding. 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Well when you think of Leo’s you think bossy, stubborn, vain, attention-seekers, all very true however I have learnt to identify with myself and to be true and turn those not so great traits into positive ones. I'm very caring of family and friends, I love looking after people, I'm a social butterfly I really do enjoy the company of others, Leo's tend not to do too well on their own for a long period of time. I'm sensitive and from a very young age people have felt comfortable to come and talk to me even though I wouldn't have talked to them much and just being around me. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was at the age of 6 my grandmother’s lodger came to visit my mother and I. He then went home by bicycle, after a few moments he had left I jumped up and started saying to my mother that we must follow him so we quickly got into the car given my mother directions to go followed him and right before our eyes; a car came crashing into him. It was like I knew something was going to happen but I did luckily he was fine all he broke was his femur. From that day on, still up to today I believe it was spirit using me as a tool so that I could help this man. Up to this day I speak out loud to myself as if I was having a conversation with myself but I'm not because spirit are always listening to me.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have always helped people wherever I go, I met one person I remember was going through a distraught and stressful time I told them that their relationship with their parent would not change it would remain the same but to not always tell their parent every little detail as they would throw it back in their face. They would come out of their abusive relationship and will meet someone whom and they would move to a different part of the continent. They did not believe me but 2 years on this all happened. I’m happy because they are finally happy and loving life. This experience made me believe in myself and to bring and encourage my confidence in what I do.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I strongly believe that I have been put on this earth to do exactly this where I’m helping, giving guidance, information, reason and a feeling of relief to individuals, I have been given this gift for a reason and being able to use it is the best purpose in my life. People look up to me and when there at need or want someone to talk to or listen to they need me. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To believe and to not focus to much on the timing although as psychics we do give timings and that some events do happen in that time frame, some events in life don't as its not yet time or circumstances change which alter the timings of the events we predict, do not lose that belief as it will happen there's no time in spirit. Take a nice deep breath clear your mind of any negativity say to yourself that you will get the answers you’re hoping for and finally make sure to enjoy your reading.


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What our customers say about Pia

Pia thank you for the best reading I have ever had. Such a lovely lady. 100% accurate. So kind and caring. Do not miss an opportunity to call this beautiful soul. Thank you

- Lindsey

27th December 2016

Had a couple of readings with Pia now and this lady is fantastic... picked up on my situation both times without any questions or prompting, and gave me validation after validation. And such a lovely person too :) thank you so much, appreciated Pia take care love Leanne xxxx

- Leanne

7th December 2016

A fabulous reader no card shuffling no questions no waffle no time wasting just flows with information and honest predictions. A real genuine psychic!

- N/A

4th December 2016

This lovely lady gave me an awesome reading... knew exactly what she was talking about! She might be new but I suggest you catch her whilst you can!!xxxx

- Leanne

23rd November 2016

First read with Pia - as soon as you let her know what your focus is, Pia runs with it. She had soooo much insight I don't believe Pia breathed in between each sentence, it was just pouring out. I had questions, but had to need to find a spot to jump in, which she didn't mind (like some readers). Pia was very reassuring and caring of my well being. Thank you from Toronto Canada 11/19/16

- N/A

19th November 2016

As a reader of many years I felt drawn to have a reading with Pia just to treat myself. Well this lady blew me away and she is very much the real deal. She just about got my whole life in 20 minutes. No rubbish just gets on with it and gives a true and honest reading. Your great grandmother is proud and thank you lovely xxx

- N/a

19th November 2016

Really descriptive and gave me a real insight into who I wanted to talk about. Definitely helped and didn't give me any false hope. Told me patience was key and everything would work out. Thankyou x

- N/A

28th October 2016

I had a lovely reading with Pia yesterday and I can not fault her, she tuned in well with an ex and described him to a T, she also predicted more and am now waiting for those to come to fruition. Give this lovely lady an chance, she will not disappoint. Pia is new to Psychic Sofa, what a lady. Caring, intuitive, and needs no prompting. Love this lady, I will definitely be back to share my news.

- Cheryl

20th June 2016

Had a very thorough reading from this very bubbly lady, she picked up lots of positive things happening for me in the coming months (in work & relationship) that I shall look forward to. I recommend this lady for a very detailed reading. K

- Karon

20th June 2016

Just have to say Pia is fantastic, tuned into my ex and described his situation to a T. Also gave some insightful predictions. Pia is new to psychic sofa, so give her a call, you won't be disappointed. Genuine, caring, intuitive, real and an absolute a pleasure. Love, peace and light Pia. X

- Cheryl

20th June 2016

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