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It was a family friend that first called me an 'Indigo Girl' and I think I was only 6 or 7 at the time and thought she was talking about my blue eyes! It wasn’t until a long hot summer holiday of exploring woodlands near her home she explained to me what she meant. 'Indigo Children are special.' She told me. 'Not only will you be able to do great things, but you can feel the spirit of the earth and it speaks to you.' I had always been very spiritual, I loved animals and nature and even from very young knew I was an empath, but I was often afraid of the things I could hear or see and would shy away from energies that felt supercharged in any way. I remained that way until I was 16, and the old Georgian house we lived in became dark and unbearable. I had to convince my mother and grandmother that there was something there that shouldn't be! Trusting in me, knowing I was sensitive yet sensible, they called in a special psychic team to cleanse the building and a wonderful lady came along with them and she helped me, not only free myself from my fears but connect to the spiritual realm in a safe and beautiful way which opened my life for the better. Since then, I have connected with guardian angels, archangels and higher light spirits almost every day. They entrench me with love and protection, they guide me and no matter what the path life has brought, they have kept me safe from harm. As I have grown older, they have given me the wisdom and ability to connect to other people's guardian angels and spirits through oracle and angel tarot cards and crystals so I can bring their kind and loving advice to help in those moments when you need them the most.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Being able to pass on the advice of spiritual realm. Some people readily connect with angels, others find comfort in knowing they have a spirit guide watching out for them, by their side. The world is so congested in these times with so much external noise (constant stream of news, social media, pollution, stress, pandemic etc) it can be very hard to hear them talk to us, and they find it very hard to be heard over all this noise. To be able to hear and listen and pass this on is a gift, and one I love to be able to share in my readings.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Those who know me say I am a very typical Taurean but were a misunderstood bunch! People think Taurean's are laidback and lazy. And Stubborn. Well ok, I can be very stubborn, but I know a lot of other star signs who can be too! We're not lazy... we're thinkers, just because you see us sitting over in the corner 'chewing the cud' so it were, doesn’t mean we're doing nothing. No sir! We meticulously take everything apart mentally and put it back together, so we know how it works. This can be anything from a car engine to your personality. And yes, I'm a lot like that, I think before I jump, and when my mind is made up, I'm rock solid, but that's because I gave it a lot of thought. So, call me stubborn? I'm gentle but can be fierce, I have strong opinions, but I am unwaveringly loyal. I love my home, my family, and I'm a passionate cook. I can persevere through almost everything and yes, I'm a bit fussy. And of course, like all Taureans I'm sensual and very loving. Basically, when you see those fridge magnets on holiday that have star sign traits on them - I'm the perfect candidate - like it or not - the best and the worst of Taurus is all me.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was five years old, and my mother asked my Nonna to stop taking me to my grandads grave (he had died just a few months earlier) as I was becoming obsessed with death. I wasn't. I was talking to my 'Nonno' (grandad), he came to see me, so I would talk to him, and it upset my parents. He never talked much in life, he would sit with me on his knee and jiggle it while I chattered away and he never spoke when he visited but I did, and I told him I wanted him back and I would cry and say how much I missed him in real life. I don't see spirits anymore and they have never spoken to me, but I can smell them, when they are close. This can be anything from their personal scent, to tobacco, a perfume, anything at all.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

It was a lady who was to become a client. I was driving along a road to pick my daughter up from school a few years ago and I saw someone had knocked a cyclist down. They had stopped and while the driver was very distressed the cyclist was ok, He had been veering around the road, drunk and the poor lady had tried so hard to swerve. I pulled my car in and brought the lady to my car as the other few people were dealing with the drunk cyclist and she was so distressed, I was very worried about her. She had been having a very difficult time personally, and her husband had left her, she had to find somewhere new to live and a new job. She was at breaking point. That morning she had been diagnosed with a chronic condition. I wasn't reading professionally but she looked at me and said - 'You are the one I'm supposed to meet, aren't you?' She had recently had a reading with a psychic on the telephone who told her she would bump into someone when she least expected it who would help guide her on through her next stage.' I started reading for her and was able to pass on the most wonderful guidance. She is a very happy, successful lady now, and still my client.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I've travelled extensively and am educated with a PhD. I have long studied world faith and religions and have also been a dual-diagnosis case worker working with those who have mental health problems and addiction issues.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Consider what you would like to take away from a reading. When you ask for guidance that is exactly what you will get, guidance, and advice. The future is never set in stone, so you have the power to change anything you want! Asking the Angels and Light Spirits for guidance is wonderful because they always give you the best possible advice, even when things seem so tough, they help you navigate around it and find yourself walking back on smooth ground again. I believe that I can give you the advice to help you navigate whatever waters you face, but ultimately, it’s down to you to steer your course!

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