How Compatible is Gemini & Capricorn?

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Gemini and Capricorn.

This relationship will take a lot of hard work from both parties if you want it to succeed; you are complete opposites, and this can take its toll on a long term union, even if it's what attracted you in the first place. Geminis are free spirited and don't like to be tied down, living life at a fast pace. Capricorn is slow and steady, and insist on following the rules. You need to find a balance for this to work. Capricorn can teach Gemini to slow down a little and think a little deeper, whereas the twins teach Capricorn to let go and live a little. Sexually, if Capricorn can open up to Gemini's relaxed and playful style in the bedroom, then this could be the one thing that could help this relationship stay strong.