How Compatible is Pisces & Capricorn?

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You have chosen to reveal the love compatibility between
Pisces and Capricorn.

Capricorn and Pisces are a sure sign that opposites attract; to onlookers, you may seem like an odd couple, but you have a strong admiration for each other's strengths, and you are able to make your differences work to your advantage. You are both honest, and are devoted to each other in every way. Capricorn can be very reserved and cautious of others, so they appreciate the Piscean kind nature and empathy. Pisces has a tendency to be dreamy and emotional, so Capricorn is able to provide them with some much needed stability and security. You both appreciate a comfortable, yet luxurious home life, and this will lead to domestic bliss. Pisces will help Capricorn relax and let go a little in the bedroom, making sure to shower them in love, romance, and affection. This relationship will be long lasting, and you will enjoy helping each other reach your goals.