A medium is someone that claims to channel spirit and communicate messages from the deceased. These messages often bring relief to the person who is receiving the message and the medium will often explain that their purpose is merely used as a 'BT Landline'.

Most mediums have had the gift since childhood and will have had strong encounters with spirit, for example seeing their Grandfather or the Grandmother from the spirit world. They will also have learnt how to interpret certain messages for those around them and many have their own spiritual guide that protects them from danger or harm. It is important to remember that all Mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums!

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What can I say, this woman is outstanding in so many ways! I have had readings in the past, but nothing compares to Adele! She knew so much about my life, and everything that was bothering me. Told me things I would have never looked into unless it was for her telling me, and thankfully I looked it all up and found out many things that I needed to know about a certain 'someone' in my life!! She is truly amazing! Thank you for everything. Adele xxx
Brilliant reading with Angelic Wings. She gave me some info and it was like a golden nugget - everything slotted into place after so long. She gave lots of really good evidence and picked up on a lot of things/feelings/situations etc. Absolutely delightful to speak with and really empathetic too. Give her a call and you won't be disappointed I promise!!!!

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Mediumship is a born gift, although on rare occasions people can become mediums later on in life after going through a number of life changing experiences. Quite often in fact, people express that they have become more spiritual after going through a huge crisis in life or going through an NDE (Near Death Experience). Many decide to take the route of healing and soul searching other such experiences that brings them closer to the spiritual planes. Many mediums will start of in a spiritualist church where they can both give and receive messages from the deceased. After time and experience mediums will either perform live or on a one to one basis. Spiritualist mediums even perform live on TV and have written a number of different books about their experiences, performances and astounding healing abilities.

Gordon Smith is a well known Medium and was labelled 'The psychic barber' as he would often pass on messages during hairdressing. His work was known to be incredibly accurate as he was able to give precise names, ages, addresses as well as evidence that the loved one was safe and well in spirit. Many mediums that work like Gordon recall seeing spirit from a very young age. In Gordon’s case he recalls seeing a family friend when he was just seven. The friend was said to be walking down the road just as they normally would if alive, but then it occurred to him that the man had passed over ten days before. Out of shock, he blocked his abilities until he was in his twenties when he felt strong enough to be able to deal with them – he then joined a development circle and he is now well known for his medium ship skills and is also considered clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. (Seeing, hearing and sensing spirit).

Mediums have also been known to pass over favourite phrases, past memories or personal details that belong to the person they are reading for, usually this is enough evidence for the person in frustration to go by and they often leave feeling at ease with themselves and the universe. Quite often when a loved one passes over we ourselves can feel jaded and upset by some of the things we didn’t get to communicate with them before their passing, we may feel as if there is no way of moving on or finding peace within ourselves until we release our feelings and pain. Mediums are natural healers and usually the person in frustration will feel a sense of relief with the energy and vibrations of the Medium.

Mediums are famous for channelling and this takes place in a variety of different ways. Some will go by a technique called 'Psychometry' whereby they take a personal item from the person in question, such as a ring or a favourite item that belonged to the deceased. This will then be enough for the Medium to form a connection. Other Mediums will use the form of 'Automatic Writing' whereby they write down what they are hearing from spirit and others simply channel messages and then communicate verbally what they see, feel and hear. However it is important to note that all Mediums work in very different ways and some simply tune in straight away.

More often than not the experience is so moving that the person receiving spiritual information will be naturally tuned in to the spirit world too, if you have had a reading yourself from a Medium then you will be able to relate to the natural high that the reading brings. Sometimes when we read texts, listen to music or write music ourselves we feel as if we are being spoken to or we perhaps feel in some way that we are channelling information ourselves. A good example is Betty Shine who was a spiritualist healer and Medium and worked with voice communication from spirit. She wrote many books that she felt were channelled through spirit and gave strong details of her work as a healer, some of which was described as 'miraculous' . She first ever made contact with a spirit guide at the age of two, and as an adult was told that she would become a powerful healer with mediumship and clairvoyant abilities, she was known to give very strong healing through her Medium skills and enjoyed it as she often voiced that she was happier giving healing.

Naturally we can come to recognise that some Mediums are more 'accurate' than others and much of it depends on how they channel the information. For example some Mediums will see, hear and feel spirit whereas others will channel only using one sensory detector (which is usually extremely profound as all the energy is going into one source only) such an listening to spirit or seeing spirit or quite often seeing images in the minds eye. The Medium will also channel for direct voice communications from spirits as Betty did, some even use instruments such as ethereal trumpets, many also use table levitations and apports (objects that have materialised out of the air). But overall, there are so many ways in which Mediums work and it continuously grows. It is indeed a very powerful skill that so many of us will forever be fascinated, intrigued and relieved by as it brings peace to our hearts and clarity to our minds.

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