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7 Ways to Tell Your Fortune!

Getting a glimpse into the future is top of most people's wish lists. Imagine how easy those big decisions would be if you already had an inkling what would be for the best! ...

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Hope - The future's looking bright for you, if you allow it!

More people than ever before are rejecting rigid, traditional belief systems. Instead, people are realising spirituality is innately inside every single person on the planet! ...

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How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

Mischievous Mercury is causing havoc! Until May 3rd, the planet Mercury appears to be travelling backwards through the heavens. ...

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Attract Love!

10 changes you can make to enhance your chance of romance ...

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8 Soulmate Secrets

Finding your soulmate transforms your life! When you finally find the person you're supposed to fall in love with, your world will change for the better. But it might not be in the way you expect! Finding your soulmate improves every area of your life, n ...

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Is It A Reason, Season Or Lifetime Connection?

You meet a good-looking stranger and you instantly have high hopes that this is the One. Before you know it, this handsome dude has been and gone! It’s important to accept that people come and go for our essential spiritual growth and evolution. ...

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10 things to give up to be happier

New Year's resolutions rarely last - here are a few simple ideas to changing your negative routines in 2017 ...

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Happy Hobby - Spiritual Me-time!

Contrary to the reputation of me-time being selfish, the idea of solitary pursuits is very common in spiritual practice. Meditation and other rituals are most often performed solo. ...

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The True Cost Of Your Happiness

Whilst you are busy doing your best to be happy, it’s essential that you don’t scupper your chances by doing things that actually cost you the contentment that you seek. ...

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Turn Your Emotions Around This Easter

Spring is in the air, with daffodils beginning to open and glimmers of sunshine peeking through the clouds. This revitalising season is the ideal time to have an emotional spring clean, sweeping away any lingering negativity and filling your mind with pos ...

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Six Ways To Attract Success

Be a magnet for success with this guide to welcoming good things into your life. ...

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The Importance Of Now

A look at how mindfulness can change our lives and answer the important question, "how can I live in the now?". ...

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