Romantic habits for long lasting love

Romance is all about spontaneity, isn't it? Well, not entirely because there are certain positive patterns of behaviour, or habits, which can help increase romance in your relationship.

Try these feel-good romantic tips for a stronger relationship


Romance is all about spontaneity, isn't it? Well, not entirely because there are certain positive patterns of behaviour, or habits, which can help increase romance in your relationship. Couples who have happy, healthy, long term relationships all have something in common: they practise good relationship habits. Healthy habits don't just apply to what you eat or the exercise you take. Getting into good relationship habits will ensure you romance is happier, stronger and more fun!


*Habit: Play together, stay together

Even if your hobbies and interests are very different: you enjoy football while your partner prefers visiting art galleries. You need to work out your common interests. Find one constructive activity that you both enjoy. If it means you both trying something new, all the better as you can both learn together. Taking part in enjoyable activities outside the home will bond you together much more closely than if you socialise separately.


*Habit: Affectionate contact keeps you smiling

Nobody wants to see you snogging your partner, so we're not talking embarrassing PDAs here. But a loving, affectionate touch on the arm, hand or shoulders from and to your partner releases feel-good hormones into your body, relaxing and de-stressing you both. Touch, such as holding hands, also signals publically that you are together as one united partnership.


*Habit: Think positive

Successful relationships are ones where each partner focuses on the other's strengths. It's called positive reinforcement. If your partner does something positive - tell them, emphasise the good action. It doesn't have to be a big thing. Perhaps cooking a meal or washing the dishes or picking you up after work. Vocalising appreciation for positive actions changes the energy and emotions in your partnership from neutral to loving.


*Habit: Forgive me, forgive you

Knowing that your partner is there to support you, rather than criticise and judge you, sets your relationship up as a caring, relaxing place to be. So make your default setting forgiveness for the small mistakes your partner makes. Give forgiveness and you'll receive it more readily, too, when you mess up.


*Habit: Saying I love you

Words impact your emotional and mental state. So words used by the people you care about most in the world pack a big emotional punch. So tell your partner you love them every morning before you go about your separate day's business. Wish them a good day. This sets you both up, mentally, for a good day and reinforces your caring bond before you part.


*Habit: Lots of hugs

Much like verbally expressing your love, the act of hugging a loved one has a fortifying effect on the brain. Hugging bonds you together emotionally and physically making you feel more connected to your partner. A hug or two a day will strengthen your relationship massively.


*Habit: Keep Talking!

Sounds obvious but it's essential to keeping your romance alive. Communication beyond the mundane necessities of your daily life is key for revitalising your connection. Keep communicating about what's important to you, what's troubling you and what your hopes and dreams are. Check in with your partner once or twice throughout the day to ask them how the day is going. A connected couple are a happy couple.



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