13 Creatures for Good Luck

Animals have often be revered for their good luck attributes. In this article we have a look at some of the most powerful creatures often associated with good fortune!


Good Luck Animals

Discover these little and big beasties associated with good fortune

Are you feeling lucky? If your luck levels need a bit of a boost, then having one of these lucky creatures around could do the trick. Certain animals and insects have long been associated with bringing good fortune to humans. But there's no need to rush out to buy yourself a new pet! In fact, don't think about homing a pet unless you can devote all the time, money and love the animal needs for its care. Instead, you can benefit from the lucky vibes of these animals by having a picture or an ornament depicting your chosen animal. Carry it with you or place it at home or on your desk at work. Easy. Even better, you don't have to clean up after it!

1) Elephant

Majestic and intelligent, elephants are awe-inspiring creatures, so it's no wonder the Hindu culture reveres them. Hindu god Ganesha, who takes the form of an elephant, is the god of abundance and fortune. Place a statue of Ganesha in your home to attract those good vibes.

2) Tortoises

Slow moving and ultra calm, tortoises are bringers of wisdom and insight. So having a tortoise image on your desk might help with big decisions. These creatures are one of the four celestial animals of the Taoist spiritual system of feng shui, where they symbolise protection, financial stability and general good luck. In feng shui, a tortoise ornament made from black metal is said to enhance your career prospects and attract promotion opportunities to you.

3) Turtles

Water-dwelling cousin of the tortoise, turtles symbolise Mother Earth in Native American spirituality. A powerfully protective symbol, they are said to ward off negative energy and bad influences. Placing a turtle ornament by your back door is said to welcome good fortune to your home. A turtle has a potentially very long lifespan so they symbolise endurance and long life for you, too.

4) Dogs

Often called man's best friend, dogs are one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac. Their friendly energy is said to bring happiness, affection and good luck into your life.

5) Dolphin

Protection and good fortune are the spiritual attributes of these cute-faced creatures. Many cultures of the ancient world, including Greece, Sumer and Egypt considered a pod of dolphins swimming in the sea to be a lucky sign. This intelligent creature also brings the energy of wisdom into your life.

6) Cats

Revered in ancient Egypt as gods, the cat has lost none of its charms over the centuries. Known as symbols of good fortune in Japan in the shape of the maneki-neko cat ornament, which has one paw raised. This cat is said to help with business success and bring general good fortune. Black cats are lucky, too.

7) Goldfish

These shimmering golden fish represent wealth and fortune in Chinese culture. Often given as gifts at Chinese new year in the hope of a prosperous future. In Buddhism, a golden fish is one of the eight scared symbols of the Buddha. So it's thought they bring peace and abundance into the home.

8) Pigs

These pink snuffling beasts have been symbols of wealth for centuries. Seeing a wild pig is meant to foretell a windfall coming your way. One of the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the pig represents honesty, tolerance, and creative spark in Chinese culture.

9) Horses

Noble and strong, the horse is a symbol of intelligence and fairly-used power for many cultures. Have a horse ornament at home if you need creativity tempered with wisdom. Or if you need to stand strong through a difficult time.

10) Bats

Red bats represent good fortune in Chinese philosophy. A picture or amulet of five bats grouped together symbolises the Chinese idea of 'wufu' or 'five blessings'. These blessings are: love, health, wealth, long life and hope.

11) Spiders

Whether they creep you out or not, spiders are said to be good luck symbols! Wearing a pendant in the shape of a spider web is said to attract good fortune, success and financial gain.


12) Scarabs

The humble dung beetle has some pretty impressive good luck karma behind it! In ancient Egypt, scarabs were symbols of rebirth and transformation. They are also protective talismans which deflect negative energy.

13) Frogs

This little green creature has inspired numerous cultures from around the world with its good luck charms! According to Australian Aborigine folklore, frogs are lucky because they bring thunder and rain to the land to help crops grow. The ancient Romans apparently liked to have a frog or two in the garden because they believed frogs brought harmony and happiness to the home. Certain Native American tribes believed frogs gave humans the gift of fire. While in ancient Egypt, the frog goddess Heqet, the frog goddess, symbolised fertility and the protection of children. In western traditions, the frog is said to attract friendship and love.


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