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Hi there Porschia, here! Welcome and Thankyou to you for reading my profile. I am here today to give you clarity on life situations, like love career and, general readings also. I have had the gift 'since the age of eight years old, I have read for International Clients and I just love to help, to give assistance as I am also an Empath and a life coach. I give advice, support and guidance when needed the most! I love what I do. I also specialise in messages from your loved ones, when you need reassurance the most, spiritual guides will guide me as well as your beloved family member to give you that special message, to treasure forever, as they never go away, they are always by your side. In times of joy, and sadness. Let me help you get that message to you! I find it helps a lot of my clients, even family members, as they always have it confirmed with special events, like a Wedding to a Christening. that I see through these special beings, our Children of God. I am a true Empath,friend and a great Support to you, so please reach out to me. I’m here for you . Love and light! Your Friend and Empath. Porschia x

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The thing I like most about giving readings, is that the satisfaction of my clients past and present that they get, their affirmation when they confirm that the predictions did happen, pretty much to days, not weeks . They thank me for helping them, the support I give, it makes me happy!! ..also, we have to interact with our clients, be attuned 'to your Spirit guides and lead them in the right direction, so it would be the Gratitude they give me for helping them in love, career, to loved ones in spirit. I am so grateful to my past and present clients, as they have spurred me on to do more, in a spiritually informed way. I do get Spirit beside me, if they feel they should warn, greet or haver happy news, to give the clients some peace and affirmation that the Spirit 'walks beside us every day! . especially loved ones, who have passed. That’s the best satisfaction all round for me.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I can be authoritative at times; I am pretty much the perfectionist! I am a loyal Virgo who stands up for what they believe in. This is loyalty to family and friends Loyalty to clients, I’m loyal to anyone. And I care about people! :)

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was aged eight, saw a weird male standing over me. He scared me then! but you will be glad to know he doesn't scare me now, he’s pretty much guided me out of dangerous situations, been there on my birth of my children in the 1990s he’s very authoritative at times, he is and always has been my Spirit Guide from his birth in 13.02.1846 to the day of his death on the 23.08.46..and he’s still here ..158 years later ! So yes, he sings too!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable time with a client was when I saw a plot thicken! This was a lady who was concerned about what her husband was up to 'in his spare time! I saw him plotting and planning to take everything from this lady, there was another Woman involved in this, with another Male, so there was the three of them planning. The house, her money, everything! I even saw her throwing clothes out of the window, at her husband, as I informed her the bad news, so I witnessed that ,the following week, she confronted him after recording him on the phone to the lady and the other male. Police were investigating and they were arrested, I foiled their plan and the lady in question who's cards I read. couldn’t thank me enough, she said how I saw it in her cards and her advice that I gave her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have pendulum psychometry and psychic artistry experience as well! I read normal playing cards and I have a great attitude, I interact and i love to help people, very down to earth very grounded and great positivity for my clients as well.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Think about what you want to see happen, how can you change the course 'of unhappy situations, take control of your destiny, I am just here to help you reach any goal, warn you of any changes that may be negative, and to be your own Empath and life coach listen to yourself.it is you that can make things happen be very positive and erase any doubts in difficult times there is always light at the end of the tunnel .it always works !!


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What our customers say about Porschia

Wow amazing outstanding one of the best readers on the sofa. Thank you so much for helping with my anxiety over my situation. Looking forward to future predictions with confidence xx

- Anon

26th June 2022

Best reading I have had on here for some time! Thank you Porschia - you have a great connection to spirit! Look forward to speaking with you again.

- Anon

9th June 2022

Love this reader, always on point. Says what she she’s as well. Past prediction about house move came true

- Anon

9th May 2022

This is my second reading Porschia and she has an amazing ability to but you at ease. She was very fast and brings in information that I only know about. Thank you for brining my nanny through and the jam tarts lolol. Nanny used to make them for me after my piano lessons when I was young. The one thing I like about Porschia she is not judgmental and helps you to work through things. Thank you for a lovely uplifting reading , felt so much better after. xxxxxx

- D

16th April 2022

Felt like I've known Porschia for years! - We have a great connection. I'm always touched how Porschia remembers names of people around me even down to the small but important specific details (Proves she is a wonderful listener and obviously genuinely cares). Such an incredibly 'humble' reader with an amazing gift!! Thank you P. Dan xx

- D

8th April 2022

My new favourite reader!! She was absolutely lovely and I enjoyed every minute with her. She mentioned things that were spookily accurate. She was deffo reading my mind. Gave validations and realistic outcomes/predictions. I’ll be back to update. Take care love xxx

- Anon

25th March 2022

Porschia you are such a beautiful soul and so uplifting. Very fast with connection and was able to validate my situation, totally 100 percent spot on with others around me and there personalities. You have an amazing gift and gave support and predictions . I will call again as I really enjoyed my reading with you . Have a reading with Porschia ,she is non-judgmental, kind, caring, very good active listener, uplifting, professional , good humour and very gifted. God Bless xx

- D

25th March 2022

Porschia is a gentle kind lovely warm lady with a wicked sense of humour. She is scarily accurate and she predicted my male friend would go into a certain field and later that day he told me he was applying for study in that exact field. Amazing !! Thankyou Porschia, I rang you feeling confused about my life and hung up feeling much more relieved about where things were going. She will definitely be busy so get her every chance you can.

- Rebekah

23rd March 2022

Incredible reader. She will be busy

- C

17th March 2022

Impressed with the reading I had... Really tuned into the situation and the person I asked about.. In fact I am astonished by how much information I was given !

- Karen

11th March 2022

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