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Hi I’m Anthony. I’m a spiritualist and third generation medium. I’m also a psychic, tarot reader, pendulum dowser, crystal ball/water and wax reader and also take stick readings (for anyone unsure of what that is, someone gives me a stick and I give them a reading from it, you would be surprised how accurate the readings are!). I love to explore different ways of divination and scrying and I am fascinated by the history and philosophy of spiritualism and divination. In my spare time I spend time with my wife and (small) child, love researching my family tree, enjoy cooking - especially new dishes, enjoy trips away and I am slowly writing a novel.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Years before I ever started to give readings I was told that part of the reason I am here is to give advice and to help others. When I am giving guidance I feel at one with myself, with spirit, and sometimes with the questioner. It can be an amazing feeling, the connection with spirit. A healers job is to be a channel, or medium, for spirit, whereas a mediums job is to be a healer, to heal through the messages they give. To give advice to people at a low ebb, to help illuminate a direction for them and give advice without judgment is the most important thing about what I do. Recently I was on platform in a local hall with a psychic. With the first message I gave spirit shone love on them, through me, and that love was so strong it was the main thing I felt for the next three and a half hours until the end of the evening. Readings can be amazing, the messages you give, stories you hear and feelings you encounter.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

In some ways I am a typical Aries; I’m positive, passionate, stubborn and impulsive. I’m also very loyal and enjoy new experiences. I often come across as confident, strong willed and enjoy meeting new people. I do believe in star signs, although not the general readings in the paper. I have had a personal reading from a very well known astrologer - and he was spot on with almost everything.  

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have been aware of having spirit around me since I was a toddler. When I started playgroup I had to be taken home as I hid under the table, refusing to come out, complaining that there were ‘too many dead people in the room’. I am strongly clairsentient. As a child my parents had paintings of my (long deceased) grandparents on the wall and I could feel both of them in the room, I was able to say where they were, how tall they were, what they were wearing, how they felt etc. I also have a strong psychic link with family and friends. In my early teens I had readings from two Tarot readers who both told me that I had ‘the gift’. My Mum bought a set of Tarot cards and a book to teach herself how to read. She would lay the cards out in her spread, open her book in readiness - and I would annoy her by turning the cards over and quickly, card by card, announcing what each card meant and giving the other person a potted, on the spot reading from what I felt the cards were saying to me....she would then turn them back over and start her reading. Twenty minutes and much page turning later she would finish....and her reading would be the same as mine.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are several. I remember being on platform once and telling someone that they had just been through a heart wrenching split which they were slowly adjusting to. She started to cry. I remember reassuring her and telling her that she was, step by step, going to find balance in her life and move on. I also realised that it was a last minute decision to be there that night but she felt she needed guidance. I told her that her mother's mother was with her, and that she should feel her presence right behind her. She was giving her a red rose. At the end of the message she asked if I could tell her any more about the messenger. There wasn’t much I could tell her. I felt her grandmother saying not to mind her, it was the message that was important, all I could say was that she was dressed all in blue. She confirmed the message, including parts I haven’t mentioned here, before telling me that she often felt her grandmother behind her and that she was a no nonsense, down to earth person who was buried in a blue dress with a red rose.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a great deal of life experience. I spent 10 years traveling and performing as an actor before training to be a teacher. I understand how to give a reading to someone, the sensitivity that’s needed in order to make the reading a positive experience. I have also worked in care, a very humbling experience. As well as dealing with doctors, emergency services, psychiatrists and other professionals caring for those who were dying, and their grieving relatives, taught me a lot about empathy, sympathy and something about the nature of life.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

All I ask of anyone is to be open to the experience and remember not to give too much information away. It’s my job to give you a reading, not for you to tell me all about your self and your troubles! Remember, I will not tell you anything 'nasty' - and I am not here to be a 'fortune helper'- I will tell you about yourself, your situation and give you an honest reading. Another thing to remember is to relax, enjoy the experience and I hope you will take something away with you.

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What our customers say about Anthony James

Anthony is one of the best readers I have had a reading with, outstanding, thank you so much, what a beautiful medium he is, spot one validations, he is the best of the best, very glad I was able to get a reading, he is very busy, and youl know why when you get through, same predictions as the other best readers on here, really grateful, made me feel so much happier after my reading, he gives you a boost to keep you going! :-) lots of love xx

- Anon

5th August 2023

This was a very spontaneous call. I called you before even getting the chance to read your bio. It was lovely to connect and I really enjoyed my consultation, thank you. You're an excellent sensitive as well as a really nice man, and you delivered the messages clearly and tactfully, which I appreciate. Your focus on healing was evident. Thanks again πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•β˜€οΈ

- G

29th July 2023

Picked up on the situation straight away without any description

- victoria

23rd May 2022

Thanks for the reading, very good detail and validation answered all my questions very quickly with loads of information!

- ally

18th April 2020

I had a reading with Anthony today and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with his grasp on my situation. He was extremely coherent and eloquent and I am looking forward to find out how the coming weeks/months will turn out as per his predictions. Will give a feedback again. B, UAE

- N/A

1st August 2018

A very good detailed reading - was enlightening - impressive, this gave me hope of a potentially tricky situation.


1st August 2017

Anthony is a good reader. He picked up on situations that involved a 3rd party and very talented with his jigsaw gathering and building a picture of your concerns

- Whitelight123

31st January 2016

Thank you for your reading just now Antony. You were very clear and I felt you really knew what you were talking about. You also encouraged me to have more confidence that I can make things happen and this will help too. I'll look forward to seeing how things unfold! xS

- N/A

22nd January 2016

Very gentle spirit, really enjoyed my chat and we made a good solid conclusion to my question which has given me the confidence to move forward

- lL

22nd January 2016

I had a first time reading with Anthony which was very solid and grounded and all of which made total sense and was true to the time of reading. A very calm and pleasant man who thoroughly explained his findings. Karon

- Karon

15th January 2016

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