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Hi! I'm Jayne, an intuitive psychic medium. I am blessed to come from a psychic family on my mother's side. I'm a kind compassionate empath and a natural healer. I sometimes use tarot or angel cards in my readings as well as calling upon my wonderful spirit guides, who are invaluable in helping me to tap into what really matters for clients, to provide messages, guidance and support. We have many life lessons, I'm here to help others on their journey in the best ways possible.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I absolutely love working with mu guides and feel very honoured to give readings and to be of service. Every client and their circumstance are unique, personal and individual. Giving clarity to a situation, looking at things from a different perspective and helping clients achieve a solution is amazing. It is rewarding when I get to pass on messages from loved ones/ souls that have crossed over to spirit.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I'm a Piscean on the cusp of Aquarius and so I feel lucky to have characteristics of both of these signs! An' Aquafish.' Like Pisces I have been described as a deeply intuitive, strong and empathic person as well as being non judgemental and open minded like Aquarius. I like to have a straight forward and practical approach to live and to have a laugh along the way.! 'm a really good listener and I enjoy connecting with and helping others.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

This sounds corny! I remember when I was six years old, They say that we all have psychic gifts to varying levels. I was extremely sensitive as a child and had a really strong sixth sense, knowing when things would happen. I have always been fascinated and my wonderful mum was clairvoyant and she shared some of her premonitions with me before she passed and she told me I was a healer. I got caught up in my day to day work however, It was only years later after attending a spiritualist church and a development circle that I started to explore my psychic skills. I went on to became a Reiki practitioner, just as my mum predicted!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had a few memorable readings. I undertook a reading for one of my colleagues recently. Working with my guides I was able to pass on beautiful messages to her which was a great help in forging a new forthcoming relationship she was unsure about. It was surreal, very emotional for us all. I told one of my other colleagues that they would be getting another job, sure enough she did, which she was amazed about!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have received psychic telephone readings myself over the years and so I can relate and understand where clients are at. I believe we never stop learning, I attend a development circle and take part in various work shops. I'm particularly interested in crystal therapy, law of attraction / manifesting and run a spiritual group which I really enjoy. I am also a Usui Reiki practitioner which I believe has been invaluable and enhanced my connection with my guides.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To have an open mind. Readings are for guidance and support to help people make their own choices right for them. Have a pen and paper handy and ask as many questions as needed. Having a reading I think, is a special and unique time for the caller.

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What our customers say about Jayne

Thank you for a brilliant reading xxx

- Susan

7th May 2023

A very kind, genuine and positive reader. Prediction came to pass. Hoping the same for the future. Love & Light. Nixe

- Dj

19th March 2023

Amazing! Real deal, queen!

- Anon

26th November 2022

Was drawn to this lovely lady and the reading was one of the best I've had on here for a while! Jayne was compassionate and empathic, and the reading flowed, including stating the outcome to a question I had asked and was indeed correct, and also giving other guidance. Was like speaking to a friend - thank you :)

- Rachel

20th November 2022

Just had a reading with this lovely lady. Spot on with everything she picked up. Didn't ask any questions. Thank you xxx

- Susan

30th October 2022

Just had a very quick reading with this lovely lady. I had a very specific question and she answered it beautifully lifting my confidence thank you 🙏

- Anon

26th October 2022

A beautiful talented reader who shows compassion and kindness. Jayne picked up on all matters I called about and she was just amazing!!

- SD

26th September 2022

Very calm and read me like a book. Brilliant.

- Anon

29th July 2022

Thank you Jayne for a great reading. X

- Allison

29th July 2022

Lovely kind reader. No nonsense and accurately picks up what she sees. Thx

- Allison

27th July 2022

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