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About Joanne

Hi, I'm Joanne. I am a natural untrained intuitive psychic tarot reader. It is using this method that I can connect with you to gain insight and better understanding or clarity into your personal situation. I am a qualified counsellor, and with my spiritual abilities combined can guide you, inform you and reassure you.

Since experiencing first-hand the twin flame relationship and working closely with my guides, they have chosen for me to guide and assist mainly with relationships. They have allowed me to feel energies of both parties Involved and offer guidance and clarity around all aspects of relationships. Whether you’re in your cycle of separation or reconnection I can offer you a clear, concise, deep and honest reading which will empower you and allow you to move forward.

I also offer readings around career where I will use your voice vibrations to read around your profession and ascertain which direction your heading. I will provide Insight into your journey and help you gain a better understanding of where your heading.

I like to incorporate spiritual guidance into my readings and have been told by many people that this is a useful tool when feeling slightly lost on their journey.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy providing evidence of the afterlife, providing a sitter with reliable evidence and gaining feedback. I also enjoy guiding and reassuring people, giving them clarity and peace of mind.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Sagittarian in every way shape and form. I welcome change, embrace life and always have a positive view

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a young child I would have very vivid dreams that would happen in real life seeing times, events and the outcome situations. I was able to see people in hear people I didn't know, which were later revealed as spirits. As I began to meditate these spirits would connect with me during the waking day. I began to feel drawn to certain things, and felt as though there was another world for me to explore. From this point I became able to hear, see and feel spirit around me.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

one of my most memorable experiences what is a few years ago when I spoke to the lady who had lost my husband in the last 6 months her husband Peter came straight through. He has passed over due to being knocked off his motorbike while riding in the countryside in Wales. He was a charming man tall and strong, and through him I was able to reassure my client that he was happy safe and that he always loved her. The lady had lost a watch which belonged to him and it was engraved. Through Peter the lady found the watch in an old green tweed jacket she had put away. This reading was purely magical in every way and provided evidence of spirit and proves true love never dies.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am an active member of my local spiritualist church, qualified humanistic counsellor. Highly empathic, honest, evidence based and an active listener.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Firstly I feel that being drawn to your reader is the most important, read their profile, their feedback and see if you feel a genuine connection to that reader. Secondly I feel it is important to find a time where there is no rush where you can enjoy the reading in a quiet and calm environment. It is important also to remember spirit will always give information you need to know not what you want to know.

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What our customers say about Joanne

Great reader, straight to the point and no BS. Lovely to talk to and we’ll worth a call. Tracy xx

- Tracy

24th January 2022

INCREDIBLE reader. No sugar coating, massive amount of validations and 100% honest. Cannot wait to update you Joanne. Thanks so much for a fantastic reading.

- Emma

20th November 2021

Incredible reading , 100% accurate with names, timings and circumstances. Validations continuous , coming up with details that NO one could possibly know , Most reliable reader and i am thoroughly delighted to recommend.

- claire

7th November 2021

Joanne was spot on! She gave me the reassurance I was seeking but also some good advice on how to move forward and boundaries I could set without affecting the outcome. very honest and accurate, thank you.

- Anon

6th November 2021

Brilliant, wise connected reading from a brilliant, wise and connected reader.

- Kate

6th November 2021

Joanne was just superb, tuned in straight away and proceeded to read my life and why I am where I am today. Confirmed details of the why’s and the wherefores. A lovely reading where I am certain now that the the path I am on is the right one. Read the people and situations in my live with amazing clarity. Would not hesitate to call again so that I keep myself on track. A lovely soul and delivered my reading in a kind and sensitive manner. Thank you Joanne. Dorothy.

- Dorothy

10th October 2021

10* Reader! To start with she was hesitant about the connection and fairly urged me to try someone else. I knew she had the right info and I insisted for her to go deeper into the reading. I confirmed what she saw was good and from there on she just flowed with abundance of info and details and timings and descriptions. WOW! Absolutely FAB! The details she was coming up with were incredibly accurate and she didn’t know them from me gor sure ! Everything was direct link to spirit. Started off with cards and then quickly went into mediumship and psychic abilities and rolled with it with no hesitance and breaks. I am going to come back with a review in the next 2 months to confirm her validations and timings. Joanne you were brilliant today ! So accurate it was frightening ! And you started off by thinking we were not connected??!! We all need to understand that readers are not super human and we also as clients have to open and allow the energy to flow for them to be able to harness into what they are given to give to us. We need to open our eyes and ears to hear and see what we need to. Absolutely AMAZING reader! Will get back to you soon. Watch this space. Georgiana

- Anon

1st October 2021

My first reading with Joanne was astonishingly good. She is extremely easy to talk to, and strikes the balance between acutely insightful and wonderfully empathic. The information flowed and flowed, with a high number of pertinent details, some of which came as quite a surprise. Definitely very uplifting. Goodness knows I've experienced a huge number of readings on this site over the years, but this has to be one of the best ever.

- Margaret

29th September 2021

Joanne is a fantastic reader gives great validations and is very honest and lovely to talk to, definitely recommend her.

- Jane

20th September 2021

Had a reading with this lovely lady 14/09/2021 and she is so spot on with she picks up. Jo even got the name of someone very special to me that brought tears to my eyes in a nice way and we had lots of laughs too. Please speak to this lady as I did and will be doing again thanks jo love light and laughter Bev

- Bev

14th September 2021

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