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I've always been heavily involved in the study of spirits, ghosts, and the occult. I find the unknown so fascinating, and I find our attempts to uncover the truth even more so. There is no starting point to my journey, even when I was young enough for my first memories, I remember our family's house was so haunted, we had to move out. I did buy my first tarot cards at age 18 but failed to find that one deck that really matched with me. Then I found the Steampunk tarot deck, and within the first few readings, it was like we were speaking to one another. I did not have to refer to the book, I just knew what they were trying to say. This the deck that I do all of my readings with, but I also fell in love with Oracle cards, and found I connected well with them as well, though none matched up to the connection I have with the Steampunk tarot deck. I did tarot for family and friends at first, and then one day I went to a spiritualist group. I offered a reading to a complete stranger, and then another one, and with that I grew enough confidence to start offering it out even more. Complete strangers, with nothing more than a name and a question, were approaching me and asking for readings, and even came back for more, and eventually I started a Facebook page, for people who have had readings to group together. I loved doing tarot readings for people, and so I looked to Psychic Sofa to extend my passion out to a group of fellow spiritual people, so I can learn from the people I meet.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love encouraging and supporting and empowering people who have readings. I've had a few very dark readings from people who have been through terrible experiences, and often the cards narrow in on that one aspect of themselves that really needs that focus and that push. The solutions to problems are obvious, but its the obstacles that are the real problem. For example, if you're in a locked room, the solution would be walk through the door, but the obstacle is in finding the key. I love seeing people become the best versions of themselves, because it is always possible for you to take charge of your life!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being an Aries, I would say I sort of resonate with the personality traits. For example, I'm certainly passionate, I will throw myself into any project, and I am determined to see them through. I certainly connect to the fire aspect of the star sign, and there are certainly times in my life where I've had to be courageous. Putting myself online to do tarot readings being one of those moments!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As mentioned before, there was no starting point. My curiosity with psychic gifts, the history of spirits and magick's influence has me scouring the bookshelves to learn more, and I truly love and hate the teasing nature of the paranormal, in that we are so close to learning so much, but we just can't seem to figure that last bit out! Tarot was a branch of the paranormal that I discovered and was drawn to, and as I learnt more, the more I became involved with learning more about it. I am always learning, particularly with the supernatural, and I so look forward to learning more. (I'm all about the learning, as you can probably tell!)

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This one I have to be careful of, because I don't know how much I am allowed to say, and I also want to respect the privacy of the family. One day, a client asked if her mum could have a reading. Of course, I said yes, and the question involved me asking about her child., but as the cards started telling these messages, a presence arrived. So insanely strong. Imagine standing next to a friend or family member that's alive. It was like this presence was as strong as that. An odd feeling came over me, but as I packed up the cards and ended the reading, the presence left. Eventually, I asked the woman if she would mind telling me what the name of her child was. After a google search, the exact context and situation the cards had described came up with multiple newspaper articles. It was territory I had not dived into before, and it was new and alarming. I have since done similar readings, but that one stood out to me because of how strong that presence was.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I think I know my cards well enough to know exactly what deck to use to answer specific questions. For example, love and relationships, I have cards with sentences on, advice, soulmate cards, cards specifically for the complexities of the heart. You might want to know what this person would say to you, I have those cards. Maybe you want some advice? Some context? Future predictions? Sometimes, depending on whether it calls for it or not, I'll use multiple decks in one reading. I can know how they all interlink to provide the messages you need to hear, not what you want to hear. On that note, I want to say that as a tarot reader, I would not be able to lie to you about what I think you want to hear. What would be the point of getting a reading in that case? I will tell you exactly what's on the cards, good or bad. But that isn't to scare you. As a tarot reader, that is what i must do. As someone who has met a lot of people and has heard a lot, you have the reassurance that nothing will shock me. I try my absolute best to follow your logistical path to understand why you think, feel, and do the things you do so that I can offer you my empathy, my understanding, and the cards advice because I want you to leave your reading feeling ready to take on the world.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

This is a really good question, and I'm glad it was asked, because as much as I personally believe in tarot and psychic abilities, and as much as the cards have picked up on facts about certain situations I otherwise would have no knowledge of, we do also have to bear in mind that there is no 100% scientific evidence that confirms spirits, tarot, and the afterlife are real or false. Because of this, when you get a tarot reading, by all means, have fun with it and use it to help provide guidance! But until we get that proof that confirms or denies the existence of the paranormal, it's good to not take tarot as gospel, and to bear in mind that law of probability, self-fulling prophecy, and cognitive bias exists. This isn't to put you off, it's something I always like to say at the start of my readings, because I am a strong believer in that you should have as much knowledge as possible in order to make a well-informed decision. At the very least, tarot is a fantastic way to confirm what you do and don't want to happen, and once you're made aware of this, you can adapt your path to how you want it to be.


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What our customers say about Lauren Elizabeth

Brilliant reader very knowledgeable about the cards and reading just flowed. Thank you xx

- Allison

3rd November 2023

What a kind, bubbly, extremely helpful, friendly, excellent gifted reader. Thank you

- Anon

11th October 2023

Really great detailed reading -strong connection to the cards & my situation from a kind reader. I like that she offered a “if I do this/don’t do this” alternative spread

- Kate

4th October 2023

Lauren Elizabeth is a lovely lady she picks up on a lot of facts and tells you what is going on in detail, she told me what is comming in for me over the next months with a lot of infomation places people etc. please give this lady a chance you will not be dissapointed. susan.

- susan

2nd October 2023

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