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I am a dedicated practicing elemental witch with many years of experience in my craft. In addition to this I am a Reiki Master, experienced oracle and tarot card reader, qualified herbal Practitioner and crystal healer, I am an Empath with this I can feel what people are going through and I work with natures Energy and the elements. I am passionate about the readings I provide I have been reading professionally for 7 years and I have been reading on a friendly level for 11 years. I work both intuitively and spiritually to find out what you NEED to hear, this may not be what you may not want to hear but it is for your highest good. By using my gifts, I can feel what you maybe dismissing in your subconscious. When working with the cards or using the crystals in a reading and the energies around you I can unlock what the universe is saying to you. I like to use a mix of tools pendulum for straight answers crystals or oracle/tarot card this depends on what I initially feel with your energy. My spreads vary depending on the situation we are looking at. This is also your choice if you wish a particular tool to be used. I have found using healing during a reading benefits my customers greatly so not only are we working on the future and what is around you now, but we are working on the present or even clearing the past. Aligning clearing the blockages in your chakras that may be inhibiting your growth.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like being able to help people in whichever way is needed, from Healing to readings and helping with giving insights to what the universe has to say to you. I like connecting with people’s energies and making a positive impact on them for their highest good. I have this gift and would like to help as many people as I can with it.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

my star sign is Sagittarius. which also means I connect to the element of fire this is the more dominant of the elements within. I display most of the typical traits of both fire and Sagittarians. I’m a bubbly bouncy, free spirit. I am loyal to those I care for and find it hard to be around clingy people it makes me feel trapped as such. I am very creative I love making dream catchers herbal remedies pagan crafts, but like many creative Sagittarius lack the patience for the boring side of owning your own business. I love nature and would much rather be outside in nature than outside. I always try to see the best in everything, and this works for me anything I do I put my heart and soul into. Again, planning is not something I do well, I find that when I plan things, I rarely goes the way I have planned. I much prefer to wing it. sometimes even I am surprised with what comes out of my mouth.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

On some level I have always known I was different. I come from a family linage of spiritual healers and alternative therapies, but I did not know that it was what it was it was just normal to me. It was not until my teens when I spoke to my friends about what I felt and what my mum did that I realised we were different. I then progressed down my own path with my pagan routes with Elemental magick and gifts, I did not just want to learn and read what I was doing but how’s and why’s to the point of frustration with my mentors, I researched and practiced and played for many years. And for a long time, I thought my over sensitiveness and these feelings whirling inside me that didn’t feel like me was just me being me I didn’t know it was what an Empath was, this took me years to get under control and know how to deal with it and learn to use it for mine and my clients highest good. Even now I am learning new things every day there is always something the universe want us to learn for whatever reason it is. I have met and worked with many different people from different walks of life and belief systems and have come to the conclusion that your path is your path no one has the right to tell you are wrong with what you believe or feel resonates with you! Every day I meditate and tune in to the elements which make me feel complete.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

one of my most memorable experience was about 8 years ago when I mainly worked in the beauty industry. I had an older client that I used to wax her eyebrows. she was complaining about her hand hurting so I grabbed my Rose Quartz (which for some reason was on the windowsill it's usually on my shelf in another room) and told her rub it over her hands. the pain eased significantly for her. she was so shocked. I gave her that crystal as a gift as it was meant to go to her now. she then asked how I knew that, and I explained my passion. she insisted on having a reading which was arranged. she went with a reading of "what do I need to know, and crossroad spread". she was in a difficult situation and didn't know the best way to get out of it and didn't know where her life was heading. I was very nervous as I knew she didn't really get this way of life she respected it but didn’t know how it all worked or wasn't really that interested in it. within the reading it came up that she didn't really want to be the person she was work wise, her personal life was all over the place. within the crossroad spread she was given 2 choices. choice A meant not taking the job promotion which would open new opportunities elsewhere. This would feel scary and would include moving but would eventually even out and bring happiness and new love life. or Choice b which taking up the job offer where she would be comfortable money wise, and her current relationship would stay as this man loved her, she loved him, but they weren't in love it was more like companionship. it was an intriguing reading. I then moved away a few months later. Then 2 years later she found me on social media. And told me what happened. she turned the Job down. she now travels the country looking after other people's houses months at a time and turned out her relationship at the time wasn’t a marriage, he was hiding that he was gay. They are still good friends. and she has a new person she had started seeing. (They are now Living together). she is very happy, and we are now friends. And she always tells her clients and friends about this situation. and she still uses her crystal in fact she has bought more as you can never just have one crystal.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Spiritually /mediumship I consider myself a “newbie” or fledgling as my messages are muddled and not clear and bitty this is something that I am working on but when I do get messages, I pass them on if they are wanted. I consider myself an Elemental Kitchen witch so working with energies of the universe for me is not just a gift I have and use but is something that falls into everyday life. The healing that is sent out not only goes to people but to plants nature animals anything that would be needing it. Everything I do has meaning and intention even making a cup of tea it is not just a drink. The more you work with vibrational energy the stronger it feels so the energy that is felt within my body and aura will also be in the cards, and around you for me to interpret for your highest good. I have the following spiritual qualifications. Crystal healing, reading Reiki 1, 2 and master Tarot /oracle courses Higher Herbal Practitioner

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

when you decide to have a reading consider a few things. what sort of reading you would like if it were a general reading, have a feeling or thought of what you would like to come up more than others. if you are short on time pick a subject love, money etc. that way the reader can hone in easier if it is clear in your mind. Sometimes the universe tells you what you NEED to hear rather than want. Remember you have free will just because a reader says it, it doesn’t mean its set-in stone and if you have been told something you don't like it is because of the energies around you and this is where you are heading if you don't make changes. You are often told things so you can make the changes needed; for instance, something is heading your way are you going to bury your head and ignore or are you going to make the changes needed to change what is coming. My last piece of advice is when you pick a reader go by who you are drawn to. As you are meant to hear something from that reader even if it is not your "normal" reader.


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