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Hello, my name is Rachel Marie please to meet you; I am a naturally gifted psychic reader. , born and raised in the Mystic and Magical town of LIVERPOOL, I am the heiress of an amazing SPIRITUAL LEGACY, gifted with the power of psychic energy reading. I am empathic and intuitive. My reading is GENUINE AND ACCURATE and will touch things that even you might not be aware of, regarding different aspects of your external and practical life, but also of your internal spiritual life. I perform a calming ritual before every reading, so I am able to see things that could surprise you. My answers may sometimes not be what you want to hear I am honest and some of my reading might be blunt. But if you want extraordinary things to happen in your life, then this is the perfect place for you! I can help you change for the better. I Specialise in Soul Healing, Psychic Reading, Love Advice, Personal Development Short and Long term Future. Over 20 years of experience Psychic Readings through chat, phone, and private readings Radio Conventions and Healing in the Spiritual Church I have always known that I have had this special gift as I come from a special family. And this was an advantage for me. I have felt since I was little that I possess some extrasensory abilities, My Mama and Nana taught me how to use this gift correctly in order to help others. I joined my social circle at a young age and still attend to mentor and teach others to help. I have Certificates in History & Teachings of Spiritualism and Healing & Mediumship. I am also a member of Spiritualists' National Union International. From the moment I mastered the art of Psychic Reading I have been helping a lot of people to change their lives, to overcome obstacles, no matter their nature. And now I am here to help you. So if you need to gain some clarity regarding LOVE, FINANCE, CAREER, FRIENDS, FAMILY, external or internal barriers, feel free to contact me! REMEMBER: If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you don’t have to go through it alone! The ANSWER to you your problem might be simple, just let me help you see the SOLUTION and you will be AMAZED at the shift that would happen into your life!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The best I get out of doing my readings is the trust and belief of a client and knowing moving forward advice and clarity has been given at the end of the calls knowing there are no more sadness and anxiety left in that client all faith has been restored and they finally have the answers they were looking for .this then leaves the client to move forward with their life without worry and fearing the unknown. Leaving my client worry-free and happy with the outlook is just the best feeling. I love getting Excited with the clients I also love to tell them the truth at all cost (even if you won't like it) I am here to guide you back to your correct path. I love Love so if your reading is about LOVE then I get super excited. I think of myself as an excellent relationship advisor and therapist.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Pisces born on the 22nd February. However, I do have some small traits of Aquarius. I am a typical Pisces in one aspect, complicated, but behind all of that there is a mild mannered, loveable Pisces.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Well, My Grandma AKA Nanna Lilly and My Beautiful Mama both passed now Bless their souls were Tea Leaf Readers so I guess I was brought up in this dynamic although I was aware of spirits at a very early age as my mum would speak to them all day long. I was never scared of the presence I would feel like a child almost really comfortable with them. I would and still to this day have vivid dreams to see things in my sleep in the dark such as orbs flashing lights and buzzing frequency sound this is a way the spirits try to communicate with myself. My mama would say you are so psychic my dear it's untrue and you will help so many people along your journey, I was taught by the best my family to be in tune with my psychic ability. I did not use it straight away I kind of blocked it out through my teens wanting to be normal I would tend to tell my friends things that were going to happen I had deep feelings of good and bad and my friends began to trust my every instinct then came along boys I would help them out on that too we had lots of fun... It wasn't until my Nanna Lilly died that I started to take it seriously she asked me to promise her on her deathbed I would use my ability to its fullest and help other and preach and learn and teach. It was then I went to my local spiritual church and was helped how to use my Psychic Gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Wow, I really don't know so many to choose from; one that stands out was a dear friend of mine. The Natalie Story- So Nat was at a stage in her life she was a single parent in her early 30s, had the same job for a long time, seeing all her friends getting married, was depressed being lonely having not much adult time in her life she had even stopped going to celebrations as she thought and felt she was the only single person there. She would go online dating sites and out to clubs desperate to meet the one and get absolutely nowhere. She came to my house one evening in tears so upset asking is this it for her, will she ever meet the one? Is she going to be a single mum forever?  She was desperate to share her life with someone. I invited her to do the tarot cards she was a sceptic. I managed to convince her to give it a go, and funny enough when she was calm and focused she started to relax and the cards started to connect with her. We started with a lot of emotional turmoil’s going back to her childhood when her father left and she started to understand this is why she comes across as needy to men in general. So many Angels surrounded Natalie that day; they were sending healing for her broken heart. Not from men but her Father, making her understand nothing of this was her fault. We went on to get beautiful cards most of all gratitude for what she did have in her life; we asked her to focus on that rather than dwelling on what she didn't, at the right time there was a lovely man, star sign, Leo, a little younger, however, Natalie was also young at heart. This would be someone connected to the family in some way, and will come unexpectedly and literally sweep her off her feet. Long story short she meets someone through a mutual friend at a family gathering the family connection right there. Younger and born on the 29th July, true to the cards they were spot on. They went on to get married and she never looked back with the guidance provided by the cards. An amazing true story she really did get her happy Ever after

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I Have Certificates in AQA Level 2 Certificate into Introduction to Counselling Concepts Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 2 SNU Introduction to Spiritualism Healing & Mediumship course DSNU (art) - Spirit Art DSNU (R) - Private Sittings Reiki l Certificate Degree Reiki Certificate Currently Studying NCFE Level 3 Diploma Most Important one is University of LIFE school of wise you don't have to be clever to be clever wink wink

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Relax is the most important thing here, a gentle 10-minute meditation session is advisable however not applicable, the more relaxed and open you feel the more the psychic guide will pick up on for you don't be afraid to tell the psychic the problems and worries you have they may be able to help more the more open you are. make sure you in a quiet area and you are comfortable you may want a pen and paper to write any important things down sit back relax and enjoy the reading I also advise a candle is lit as I can feel so much energy coming through the candlelight I get such a better connection with you also, grab a cuppa


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What our customers say about Rachel Marie

I called because of Rachel's good reviews and she is brilliant. Connected straight away and described the man, the situation, and how we met. I just had to extend she was that good. Well worth a call if you have questions that need answering. No hesitating or time-wasting. Fingers crossed for the predications and what she said was realistic too. No fairy tales. Give her a try. Thank you Rachel xx

- Andrea

25th September 2020

Hi Rachel please come back on here, you are such a fabulous reader and haven't seen you on here for a while . BX

- Bex

13th April 2020

Just wanted a General Reading but the first thing she said was had fire sign man possible Leo and it was just the man wanted a reading from rest flowed just truly amazing

- Beth

12th March 2020

Wow great reader and I didn't have to say anything and she just knew. Impressive

- Bex

15th February 2020

wow, wow, and WOW! picking the 'specifics'! thank you so much, you put my mind to at rest. you told me exactly what my person was going to be like - it fit the bill.x validations for various things. well - we cut Stephen away, and yes Andy has realised he was wrong about me. - i will have a choice of 2, crazy. all the best on PS. L & L Ba xx

- Bav

10th February 2020


- n/a

9th February 2020

Brilliant, just flowed, with information, really positive reader, excellent, so glad I phoned, thankyou so much ??

- Simon

7th February 2020

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