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Hello and welcome, I am Shirley, Spiritual life coach, Reiki master, teacher and healer through the energy of unconditional love, which flows through the golden heart. Since childhood, I have been aware of the subtle energies that are within and around us. As a young child I was always able to connect and sense the subtle energy fields of others, though I learned early on this was not the normal way or what was expected of me, I very quickly began to override my inner heart through the mind and be as they say normal, to fit in with this life we call human, my connection with the animal kingdom and nature was where I could truly be myself. Through the years of learning how society acts (note I say acts ) working and raising a family and the many aspects life throws at us along the way, my inner heart was always there which I would tap into often and then return back to what I thought was reality. Finally my inner calling became so strong I would for friends and family reveal what I had always known to be the truth, we are more than just a physical being, and so I began to let my inner heart flow. I have been a spiritual advisor for over 40yrs helping people to see clearly there way through the maze of life, enabling them to move forward with understanding renewed strength and awareness In my thirties my studies of these realms increased and became a normal aspect of my life. In 1997 I became a Reiki master, and my healing and teaching began. By 1999 I opened my first crystal waters centre, where I combined healing, guidance and teaching for human and animals. With over 40yrs practical experience, I have gained invaluable knowledge not only through the physical realms of studying the body and energetic fields, and how this affects our lives, though also through channelled insights that gave greater clarity. Through all my learning I have tested personally all aspects of services I provide, therefore knowing they will assist others. All of my work be it guidance, healing or teaching, comes from the energy of unconditional love for all life. I Am eternally grateful to all my teachers on so many levels that I have encountered, even through the toughest darkest moments, as we all have at times through this journey of life; they have lifted and inspired me to follow my heart, my gratitude is with you all always. Guidance and healing with the quantum field of unconditional love to align your being, living in harmony with your true essence, enables you to live life to your fullest potential. Now we all know there are many aspects that can occur within the physical world around us, though we are more than just our physical body, we also have our own subtle energetic bodies, a complex interaction between these energies together form our own energetic field. Just as our own field interacts, we can be affected by the energies that surround us. Strengthening and aligning our own energetic field, is one of the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves, enabling us to live life to our fullest potential. With so much information that is available to us these days, I understand it can be a minefield to navigate. Working with your own discernment is needed more than ever and why checking in with your heart when looking and searching for what is right for you is so important; we are all individual, having our own experience of life, yet traveling with all others having theirs. Where ever you are on your journey, I send you unconditional love to light your way.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Assisting clients to find their way through this maze we call life is one of the biggest gifts I have been blessed with as it lifts my heart to see people standing tall and on the path to living life to their fullest potential

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As with all signs we are more complex and hold within us traits of all of the star signs though being born under the sign of Taurus the bull has had its advantages of being grounded and stable, a love of nature and the peaceful gentle way of life, is the higher aspects of this sign that I Love

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a very young child sensing the subtle energetic fields around all life forms was so natural to me, it was only when told that this was not real that I learnt to not discuss this with people, knowing what and how others felt yet their words told me something different, I began to not express my inner knowing all in all it was a very confusing childhood

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Now this is a difficult one to answer as I have been blessed with so many memorable gifts putting one above another is beyond my heart. I have witnessed the struggle with life's journey's in so many forms from struggles with conceiving a family to holding the new life in my arms, seeing clients standing tall and finding their path ahead clearly and living life in the fullest passion of life is a wonderous sight to behold, each hold so many aspects of joy they fill my heart with passion to help others, whether this is to find a new direction that has been for so long hidden deep within or to assist in clearing the path allowing them to see a new approach in life

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have like many experienced the ups and downs that life throws at us in our quest for peace through the practical down to earth aspects of life which has given me a clear understanding of how to journey this life from a grounded human experience of life, as they say to walk in another's shoes gives insights beyond what words can say. the university of human life is a valuable experience I Am happy to have been through and to continue my learning

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Working with your own discernment is so important especially in the turmoil that life can throw at us Listen to your heart then follow what is right for you, other can assist and guide yet it is our own inbuilt confirmation that the heart will reveal

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What our customers say about Shirley

Brilliant reading today with Shirley she uplifted me and im sure her predictions will come to pass. She deserves more testimonials. Thank you Shirley.

- Gloria

19th March 2023

Thank you, insightful, reassuring and bloody brilliant 🤩 xxx

- Sandra

30th December 2022

Just had a reading with this lovely lady thank you for a honest reading xxx

- Susan

2nd December 2022

This lady is proper psychic….phone her you won’t be disappointed. Sorry we got cut off Shirley and thank you, absolute diamond x

- Lisa

12th November 2022

It was soooo lovely to connect with you today, Shirley. You have a wonderful gift and I appreciate you. Thank you for reminding me of my own power and for your excellent guidance. Everything you said was on point. Your crystal clear validations brought a lot of comfort. Much, much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

26th October 2022

So pleased I had a reading with this lovely lady, something made me call her. She connected straight away and gave validations. Gave great insight to my relationship and what is coming. Looking forward to the sparkly rock! Recommend a reading with this lady. Thank you xx

- Anon

30th December 2021

Hi Shirley, thank you for a great reading last week . Kind regards Teresa xx

- Teresa

28th November 2021

Thank you for great reading last week love and light Teresa xx

- Teresa

28th November 2021

I am soo soo grateful to you beautiful Shirley! You helped me beyond words!! THANK YOUUUUU! All your advice and guidance was exactly what I needed. You saw everything! I finally feel myself again and know how to go forward from here. I'm so grateful you were free. Sending you so much love x x x

- Cristina

27th November 2021

Old soul to old soul thank you. You gave me confirmations i needed. I would recommend this lovely lady and that comes from someone who rarely leaves any feedback. I would definitely have a reading with you again.

- Beth

20th August 2021

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