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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel really privileged to spend time with my clients in a 1-2-1 reading and I cherish the trust that my clients place in me. It’s wonderful to be able to give insight and perspective to someone who may be in crisis or may just need a clearer picture of the patterns unfolding in their life. I treasure the special relationship I have with my clients and I enjoy being focused, connected and present so that my clients can feel safe and guided in a reading. I love being able to be of service to others and to give hope and optimism for the future.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am certainly a passionate and intense person. Like most true Scorpios, I am emotional and highly intuitive, with a perfectionistic streak. I like to get to the root of things and I have a philosophical and idealistic nature. I am quite a complex and secretive character who enjoys adventure and is resilient to lifes' up and downs. Above all, I am compassionate, loyal and honest.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been visited by spirits for as long as I can remember.  An elderly Romany woman used to visit me as a child and years later my mother admitted she had also received frequent visits by the same lady that I had described. I have regular precognitive dreams – including one predicting my friend getting hit by a car outside work, another predicting a life threatening illness when I was a teenager and another in which I caught out a cheating partner! My father bought me my first deck of Tarot cards recognising my gift when I was 12 years old and I have found them a wonderful tool with which to express my intuitions, and communicate the insights I receive from my guides.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every client is memorable to me. When I read for a client, the emotional closeness stays with me for a long time; I have had dreams about clients, years after reading for them. It’s quite common for me to continue to receive messages and insights for a client in the days and weeks after reading for them. My clients enjoy my accurate descriptions of their situation, past, present and future, but for me personally, what makes a reading really memorable is when a client is emotionally courageous in a reading and willing to really explore themselves, their needs and emotions. That kind of courage and willingness to take a chance and put such trust me is an unforgettable feeling every time.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have attended several courses of study over the years that are closely related to my intuitive work. I began studying formal meditation many years ago and then attended the Monroe Institute in Virginia, which is dedicated to researching and exploring out of body states. I have received training from two well known Remote Viewers in the USA and I have studied postgraduate courses in Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology.  I have travelled the world and lived and worked for many years in several different countries including China, India, Thailand, South Africa and Botswana! I love visiting holy places, both abroad and at home, soaking up the culture and spirituality, and have been fortunate to meet many Shamans, Sangomas and Rinpoches on my travels, who have enabled me to strengthen my abilities on so many levels.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think it’s important to embark on a psychic reading with an open hearted attitude and a willingness to receive unexpected messages and insights. Consider your question carefully in terms of what’s really important to you right now, or what’s lacking. Pick your reader by trusting your instincts and be willing to engage in the reading and interact with your reader. Some clients like to record or take notes from which they can receive further intuitions long after the reading, but for others it’s more about staying present and connected – the choice is yours.

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What our customers say about Tara H

18thAug First reading Tara exceptional. Unprecedented tried to get you again tho had extended 30 mins. Spot on subtlety & delicacy round very intricate circs. Ref photography etc. Will try to get you again soon!! X

- N/a

18th August 2019

Hi Tara, thank you for your reading on 20th Aug. Sam xx

- Sam

20th August 2017

Just had a reading with Tara she accurately described my situation in great detail, no questions asked. I will update as her predictions unfold. Lovely lady, great reader. Thanks

- N/A

10th July 2016

Dear Tara, It was so lovely to talk to you today! I was feeling so down about my situation but now feel inspired because everything looks clearer. Thank you x

- Christina

5th June 2016

Hi Tara, thank you so much for the detailed reading you gave me today - it's been really helpful for my situation and I'm sorry I didn't have the time to extend the call, Chris xx

- n/a

17th April 2016

Thank you Tara! After feeling emotionally drained and confused for weeks Tara lifted a massive weight from my shoulders. Described me and my situation as if she had lived it herself! Please call Tara you will not be disappointed. A really lovely lady to talk to with a beautiful gift of helping you see things clearly and helping you to have faith in yourself. I really cannot recommend Tara highly enough. Thank you xxx

- Karen

8th February 2016

Wow wow wow so good Tara you were so in tune with what's happening you literally blew my socks off. Do not hesitate to call Tara she is refreshingly accurate about people and situations I loved my reading and I am sure you will too. Would definitely recommend and would call again without hesitation.

- Sarah

27th December 2015

Wow wow wow so good Tara you were so in tune with what's happening you literally blew my socks off. Do not hesitate to call Tara she is refreshingly accurate about people and situations I loved my reading and I am sure you will too. Would definitely recommend and would call again without hesitation.

- Sarah

27th December 2015

Tara was able to pick up on my father in spirit, she gave me great direction on my career which cleared up a lot of doubt for me. The surprising thing was that she gave a description of a man who would soon come into my life and was insistent that he was already in my life. It wasn't until the next day that I realised who it was! Thank you for a great reading :)

- Vicki

11th October 2015

Thank you! Tara that was a fantastic reading, full of practical advice to get the energies right in me. Really grateful x M

- Michelle

30th November 2014

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