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I am a natural born psychic medium with all the Claires as I see, listen, sense and smell while channelling. My third eye is open and naturally do remote viewing in other words I see the unseen with my mind’s eyes. My twin flame connection triggered a massive spiritual awakening and growth in my life. Moreover, I am an empath lightworker and have the ability to tap into people’s energy instantly. Spirit, angels, spirit animals and ancestors always guide me in the right direction and providing solutions anytime I need them. I do regularly meditation as this helps to keep my intuition at a remarkably high degree. I am an intuitive tarot reader for about 20 years of experience. I am helping clients over the phone and occasionally in person. I use the classic tarot deck, angel cards, moonology as well as lucky charms and written messages to compliment my readings when I feel the need to do so. Spirit and loved ones who have past also communicate with me through my dreams in order to give me clarity for future events. Angelic forces from heaven enlighten my path for success and prosperity through their numbers and other forms of communication.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Sometimes people are feeling lost, confused, and anxious. They really need someone to show them the positive side of life and support them through their journey. Giving readings to clients is a unique way to connect with their higher self and their energy in a deeper more spiritual sense. I really enjoying helping others to overcome any obstacle and make them feel comfortable. excited, satisfied, confident and relieved. Through empathy, honesty, confidentiality and respect my clients know that always have a spiritual friend on their side to rely on. I am over the moon when through clear guidance and advise they are moving forward with a strong plan in mind leaving behind feelings of disappointment, loss or worry. Smiling faces full of joy is how I define the term success.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am Virgo with Scorpio rising, a vibrant energetic combination of earth and water. I am kind, quick thinker, down to earth, loyal, analytical, hardworking, and honest. Paying attention to detail and have the intense desire to help others. Emotional and physical health is top priority. I make healthy choices regarding food and also, I am a huge fan of herbal remedies. As a Scorpio rising, I am highly spiritual, intuitive, and mysterious individual.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was 9 years old, I had my first prophetic dream. I believe that family genes play a crucial role regarding my abilities. My parents and grandmothers had spiritual gifts even though they did not want to admit it due to Christian beliefs and views towards spirituality and tarot.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have experienced several incredible experiences with my clients, this is a true blessing in my life. One of the most memorable was about a future prediction about marriage. The specific client contacted me in order to have a reading regarding financial issues. I did not have much to say about a new work, based on what I was seeing. However, spirit showed me that the client soon will get marriage. The client, laughed, challenged me in many ways, left and refused to pay for the reading. A couple of months later returned with a huge apology as this client was getting ready to get married. Today, this individual is one of the most loyal clients I have in my agenda.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I always had the curiosity to learn more things about spirituality and energetic therapeutic solutions. When I was a teenager, I had the fantastic opportunity to communicate with spiritual healers, teachers, and mentors for topics such as numerology, twin flames, soulmates, the influence of angels, self-love, and body healing through the power of sun, the earth, the water, the crystals and the herbs. I was doing yoga and have plans to return as it proved to be extremely beneficial, mentally, and physically. However, meditation is part of my daily routine. These are all personal valuable experiences. I also have a psychology degree. Apart from tarot, I do coffee reading, cocoa reading, do automatic or spirit writing and analyse the dreams. I have read very interesting books concerning spirituality and the power of manifestation. Finally, I would like to add that healing crystals such as amethyst are a massive help when it comes to balancing my energy.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When a person decides to have a psychic reading, would be best to be open minded and relaxed. To me, when someone is open minded means that is ready to accept another point of view of a situation or is prepared to acknowledge that any new suggestion is coming through pure love and light for their own benefit. Energy is fluid so people should know that any situation could be reversed. At the end of the day, time change matters for all of us.

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What our customers say about Zahra

This lady is just the best! Totally stunned by her complete accuracy. Thank you so much. You really helped me so much. Xxx

- Maggie

1st June 2024

Zahar is an exceptional reader. I spoke with her over a year ago and she still remembered me! She gave me some predictions and advice, so I have to wait to see what manifest. However, her insight/validations have lined up with other readers. She is honest, kind, ethical, and sincere. I will be back to update her on predictions in a few months. Lots of love - your friend from NYC/LA!

- Anon

29th May 2024

Sorry we got cut off! But you were very accurate & i’ll wait to see what happens x

- Lauren

25th March 2024

Had reading, she tuned in really well, lots of predictions, I’ll get back to let you know if they happen x. All good and very intune and things said she could not know

- Lou

5th October 2023

My first reading with you a week ago you said celebration around 20th 21st omggggg been waiting for a year and yes my offer on property got accepted on the 22nd but was told on the 21st thar good news was coming. Sooooo accurate. Now cant wait for my love to come along just like you predicted xx

- Anon

23rd September 2023

Zahra your prediction has come to pass you said something around property 20th 21st, today is the 20th and after calls, emails back and forth finally the property is on the market.


20th September 2023

Lovely Zahra thank you for an amazing and beautiful reading ❤️

- Allison

17th September 2023

Thank you for a beautiful Reading today & guidance. We also laughed, & it was needed. I will definitely call you back with updates & will make sure we follow your guidance for cleansing & bring more peace into our life. D love & light. X

- Anon

25th August 2023

Thank you for this reader today. You shared loads of insights and predictions. I believe in your mind eye and what you say. I will patience go though the journey and when our manifestation material in the 3D I will return for ....what the expects now. X

- Kulvinder

2nd August 2023

Zahra is an incredibly beautiful gifted soul. I hope to see you back online soon. Much Love, the lady from Dubai xxx

- Archna

3rd December 2022

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