Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant readings involve a reader harnessing their mind’s eye to describe images of people, places or objects to you during a reading. They may help validate things that could have happened in your past, present or even your future.

All our highly skilled Clairvoyant Readers have been carefully chosen for their ability, empathy, and professionalism. Whether you have a specific question or just want some general guidance, our Clairvoyant readers are always available to help you find the answers you’re searching for. Every reader has an individual profile for you to browse, helping you choose the right reader for you.

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When you call for a Clairvoyant reading with Psychic Sofa, you can see all of the available clairvoyant readers, and their unique PIN codes. Then, when you call up, you’ll be prompted to enter the PIN number of your chosen reader, and be put straight through to them - it’s as easy as that! As well as our brilliant clairvoyant readers, we also have lots of other online psychic readings, such as Tarot card readers, Angel card readers, mediums, numerologists and astrologists on our lines who can help you.

Your reader will introduce themselves and take a moment to get to know you and become attuned to your energy, allowing them to give you the best possible reading experience. As clairvoyants are open to so many senses and signals, it’s particularly important that they “tune in” to you, and you’ll finish your reading feeling strong, empowered and ready to face the world! At the end of your reading, you can also extend your call by 10, 2 or 30 minutes - simply follow the voice prompts from our phone system at the end of the reading.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the existence of paranormal and psychic ability. The term derives from the French words clair – clear and voyance – vision, and refers to the ability to channel information about a person, object, location or event. Clairvoyance has traditionally been associated with religious or shamanic beliefs, but a large number of anecdotal accounts also come from the wider, general population. People have shared accounts of strong visitation or dreams of loved ones passing over before they actually have, have recalled specific details about another without asking, and even predicted the future.

Of course, the spiritual nature of clairvoyance has not always made it easy to prove its existence, but interestingly science is finally noticing certain patterns that psychics have already known for a long time. For example, many psychics and spiritual communities believe in our link with energy fields, although there are various different terms and explanations for this. The scientific community too, are also gaining greater awareness about energy and its impact on life.

Many people believe that everyone has clairvoyant abilities to some extent, with it often manifesting during childhood without you realising. However, as we get older, so many of us lose touch with our creativity, imagination, intuition and spiritual selves, neglecting or losing our natural clairvoyant gifts along the way. For many of our clairvoyant readers, they have either never lost this gift, or worked hard to reconnect with their inner selves and found their clairvoyant abilities along the way. If you’ve ever known who was calling before picking up the phone or had a strong gut feeling about a situation that turned out to be right, this might well be your own clairvoyant abilities calling out to you! To speak to one of our clairvoyant readers for a trusted psychic reading, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

Our psychic readers and clairvoyant specialists utilise their clairvoyance every day when speaking to our customers, and so can turn it on and off like the flick of a switch! They can also take their clairvoyance much further than just a “gut feeling”, and instead interpret all kinds of signs, sights, sounds and even smells to give you advice and guidance. Clairvoyance can transcend space and time to look into your past and present, as well as to “see” you and your situation from many miles away, making it easy for our readers to use their clairvoyant abilities over the phone, not just face-to-face for some of the UK’s best online psychic readings.

How Does Clairvoyance Work?

Clairvoyance, and the other clair-senses, allow our readers to pick up new information and insights about people, events, objects, locations and much more, outside of the realm of the traditional 5 senses. As well as clairvoyance, which covers lots of different types of extrasensory perception, readers can be clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairtangent (clear touching) and claircognizant (clear knowing).

Psychic clairvoyants are far more in-tune with their extra range of sensory perception than the average person, which allows them to pick up on clues, ideas, images, feelings and sensations that the rest of us might have missed. Sometimes, they can see or feel the emotions of a person or a situation when you tell them about it, or pick up thought patterns from other people through colours or even smells! It’s an impressive skill, and many of our customers are amazed by how accurate clairvoyant readings can be, and how well our readers can pick up on these tiny clues to give them guidance, insight and advice.

Using their “mind’s eye”, as well as their other senses, our clairvoyant readers can give you insight about events past, present and future, pick out the thoughts and feelings of the people involved and give you an understanding of why you, your friends, family, lover or co-workers feel and act the way they do. There are a lot of interconnected senses that our clairvoyants will use to help you, so don’t be surprised if they give you some pretty specific details or questions!

Clairvoyant predictions can be stunningly accurate, but this doesn’t mean that what they see is destined to happen. You always chart your own course, and armed with the knowledge our clairvoyants can provide, you can change the outcome of a certain situation if you want to. This is just one of the many ways our readers can help enhance the lives of our community, by giving them the tools they need to make genuine changes in their lives. Whether it’s a romantic argument that might come to a head, a struggle or dissatisfaction with your work life, or navigating the complexities of family relationships, clairvoyants and trusted psychic readings can help you take control, leaving you feeling strong, secure and empowered. To try it for yourself, call our lines for psychic phone readings on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

Why Get A Clairvoyant Reading?

  • Gain some perspective in life - Clairvoyant readers can see far beyond the here and now, into the past, present and future, across space and time. This means they can see where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going, as well as the souls that go with you and the triumphs and challenges you’ll face on the way. Through these amazing abilities, they can help you gain perspective on your place in the world, and give you comfort and guidance on your role in the great cosmos we all call home. There is a path for you, and our clairvoyants can help you to find and follow it for the happiest version of you.
  • Get a second opinion - When you’re struggling over a decision or looking at how to proceed with a certain relationship or situation in your life, a second opinion can mean the world. Our clairvoyant readers and online psychic readings can offer a better understanding and opinion than most due to their incredible ability to read a situation on a deeper level, without having ever been there. Seeing your present and future, they can help reassure you, give you advice and even show you the opportunities you hadn’t realised were there! Speaking to our clairvoyant readers lets our customers move forward with their big decisions confidently and be sure of themselves, for the best outcomes.
  • Find some direction - When you have a difficult decision to make, or are feeling a little lost, clairvoyant readings can be invaluable in helping you move forward. Life can throw us curve balls all the time, and things can get busy, stressful or difficult to deal with. If you’re struggling with where to go, our readers can help you identify hidden talents, offer you new pathways and opportunities and help you be confident in the decisions you make. Our readers are deeply empathetic and understanding, and many can relate very well to feeling this way in today’s world. With their expertise, talent and kindness, they can help you find direction in your life and set you on the right path to becoming your greatest self.
  • Discover a new you - When it comes to making a change in your life, having faith in yourself, your talents, your strengths and your worth is key. Our readers can look into your past, present and future, see your strengths and weaknesses and show you your best self, to help you find something you didn’t know was within yourself! Discovering a new you starts by looking inwards, and with the help of our clairvoyant readers, you’ll be able to find your place in the world and start on the path to happiness and clarity. 
  • Relieve stress and find healing - Our clairvoyants can help to reduce uncertainty and stress by looking ahead and showing you how you can make your dreams a reality, as well as looking back to help you find healing. By identifying significant moments in your past and your future, our clairvoyants can help you find and apply the important lessons the universe is giving you and lead you to happiness in the future. They’ll reassure you and give you guidance so that you can let go of fear in anticipation, and instead have the confidence to take whatever life throws at you with strength, grace and calm. 
  • Discreet and confidential advice - All of our psychic readers, including our clairvoyant readers, are highly professional and discreet. As clairvoyants, our readers can often see all kinds of things about our customers, which can be unnerving. However, we know it is a great responsibility to be your confidant, and we make sure that every single one of our readers is committed to treating this information with respect and care. When you confide in the readers at Psychic Sofa, you can feel confident it will stay between you and your reader


What does Clairvoyance mean?

The term clairvoyance literally translates to, ‘clear vision’ and is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through methods other than the known senses.

How can it be used?

Speaking to someone who is a Clairvoyant can provide insight into your past, present and future, helping you to make important life decisions and leave you feeling uplifted and empowered. Clairvoyants can see all kinds of different signs, signals and symbols to give you advice on your life path, career and love life, as well as helping you look back at important moments in your life and events to help you feel confident in your decisions and find healing and peace.

What could I ask a Clairvoyant?

People decide to talk to a Clairvoyant for different reasons. Some may just want general information, and others may have specific questions or topics of discussion. Some things that are frequently asked for are love readings, career readings, horoscope readings, or dream interpretation. Whatever you’re looking for from your reading, our expert clairvoyants can provide you with support, knowledge and kindness, to keep you on the right path.

Are there different kinds of Clairvoyance?

Although Clairvoyance is a skill in itself there are some variations. Some may choose to focus on one or all of the past, present and future. Clairvoyants often can also possess the skills of clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), or claircognizance (clear knowing).

Can anyone be Clairvoyant?

Yes they can, and in fact, everyone is said to be Clairvoyant but most people aren’t aware of it. As we grow up, many of us feel pressure from society to ignore the spiritual world, and so turn away from our own natural clairvoyance as we become adults. However, there are some who never lose these abilities, and others who put in a great amount of work to rekindle their spiritual abilities. It is often a long journey for the ones who learn to see and use it in daily life. It is a gift that is harnessed and perfected over time.

Can a Clairvoyant contact people in spirit?

Clairvoyants can see information about the present and future but cannot connect with spirit. To connect with spirit and receive messages you will need to speak with a Medium.

Are Clairvoyant predictions set in stone?

Although Clairvoyants can predict the most likely outcome for a particular event in your life, your own free will has the ability to change the outcome if you want to make the change. A Clairvoyant can help guide you through life by informing you of the likely outcome of an event, and if you want to choose a different path then you can make a positive change to alter the outcome to your own desires.

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