Celebrating Your Bond On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate motherhood, and to honor your mom, or another significant mother figure in your life.

Mother’s Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate motherhood, and to honor your mom, or another significant mother figure in your life. In the United States and Canada this occasion is celebrated Sunday 14th May. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and most parts of Europe, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday of the Lent.

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the support, nurture and encouragement that moms provide. Many moms also make sacrifices for their kids and families. This special day honor’s the sacred bond between mothers and their children.

Celebrating The Mother/Daughter Bond

A mother/daughter relationship is special. This connection can grow stronger and deeper over time. It’s actually been scientifically proven that the relationship between a mother and daughter is stronger than the bond of any other relationship!

For this special connection to grow it is important to have open and honest communication. There is no room for dishonesty and lies. Your mom is your primary role model and is a loving, nurturing and supporting influence in your life. When it comes to asking for advice or having someone to talk to and confide in, mom is there to listen and guide you.

Building a strong bond requires patience, understanding and continued effort, from both sides. If you are lucky to have a great relationship with your mom it’s essential that you cherish and treasure it, and celebrate it in style on Mother’s Day.

Making Mother’s Day Special

Although it’s traditional to give your mom a Mother’s Day card and gift, nothing beats saying it in person. Planning a day out together, or a special lunch or dinner, is an opportunity to spend time together and to make new memories. Show your love, respect and gratitude by making mom the centre of your world for the day.

A bouquet of fragrant flowers is a gift that is appreciated by every mom. Many flowers have associated meanings that are linked to the color of the bloom or the flower itself. When choosing a bouquet consider the meaning of your message. The lily is associated with Hera, the Queen of the Gods, in Greek mythology. Choosing lilies let’s your mom know that, in your eyes, she is a goddess.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Give your mom a beautiful piece of crystal jewelry that she can wear to enhance her positive vibe. Rose quartz and amethyst are popular choices because they hold the vibration of love. Protection crystals like purple fluorite, kunzite and black tourmaline are a great choice as they absorb negative energies. Crystals can be worn in a pendant necklace, bracelet or ring. Choose the perfect crystal by color, healing properties and size.

Aromatherapy products are highly effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety and other symptoms that affect mom’s wellbeing. An aromatherapy kit that contains essential oils, lotions or massage oils is a great pampering gift for mom. Choose an aromatic fragrance that you know she likes, or that is associated with specific healing properties. Aromatherapy sets the mood and creates a comforting, nurturing space for mom to relax in on her special day.

A photograph speaks a thousand words and is something that can be treasured forever. Give your mom the gift of a special framed photograph of the two of you together. It can be of an evocative moment from your childhood, or a happy photo that was taken more recently.


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