Have you met before?

Discover the six signs of a past life connection.

Have You Met Before?

Discover the six signs of a past life connection

Have you ever felt an instant connection with a person you've only just met? Like you are instinctively drawn to each other? You feel as if you've known each other for ages - but you haven't. Well, perhaps you have but in a past life! Reincarnation is a big part of many spiritual traditions. It's the idea that you are born, live, die and then are reborn in another body. The purpose of this re-birth is for your soul to learn spiritual lessons and to grow and develop spiritually, until you no longer need to be reborn but can ascend to the Spirit world.

If you've lived countless times before and so have the people around you, it's no surprise that you might have met one or two of them before, in another life. When people think of past life connections, it's usually in terms of romance. You could meet your former lover again but perhaps not as a lover in this life. It's far more likely that you will encounter people you have known as friends or acquaintances in a past life, because there are likely to be more of them! These people are part of your soul group, which is a collection of people whom you encounter over many lifetimes who are here to teach you important soul lessons - some pleasant, some not so much! Here are the signs you have a past life connection with a new friend.

1) Instant Connection

Past life people give you the feeling of an instant connection. You feel as if you've known them for ages because you have. Literally! Perhaps it seems as if you have been drawn or pushed together. Your paths keep crossing. You feel extremely comfortable together and can chat easily, but it doesn't feel awkward if you slip into a few minutes of silence, either. Being around this person feels like coming home. Nothing is strained or forced. Your soul recognises this person from a past life as someone you loved and trusted. Perhaps they were a loving parent, spouse, child or friend. Either way, it's great you've found each other again because you can both bring positivity to this life together.

2) Instant dislike

If you instantly dislike somebody new, when they've given you no reason to dislike them, you could be feeling a karmic connection from a past life. It could be a sign that they harmed you in a previous existence or that you have unfinished business between you. However, this doesn't mean you should behave badly towards them. Having them back in your life might be to work out some leftover karma between you as a soul lesson. You learn from negative experiences as well as positive ones. So beware of this person but behave fairly towards them and you will come a step closer to getting out of the karmic cycle of reincarnation.

3) Mind Link

A sure sign of a past life connection is a telepathic link. For example, you are just about to ring or text your past life friend when your phone beeps with a message from him/her! Your past life connection seems to know what you are thinking and can read your emotions - and you can theirs. If you're feeling down your past life friend knows just what to say or do to lift your spirits. This is because you have been together for so many life times that you have become connected on a subconscious level. Cherish this connection - it's fantastic!

4) You Learn together

It's not necessarily all sweetness and light with a past life connection. You might have been brought back together to learn some tough lessons. Your connection might be intended to challenge you to grow and learn. You might need to learn how to forgive, or how to let go of this person. You might go through a tough time together and help each other through it. Or one of you might be the cause of the other's tough time - and it's for you both to learn and improve yourselves as a result of this tough time. This can apply to romantic past life connections as well as friends. A learning past life connection can be painful if you resist what you are being shown. You will have several soulmates - some romantic, some not, all are here to help you learn, as you are for them.

5) Eyes connect

It is said your eyes stay the same from one life to the next. Perhaps they change colour and shape yet the essence of your eyes is everlasting. So if you look into a person's eyes and recognise something in them - this is a past life connection.

6) Sense of knowing

A past life connection knows you on a deep level. Perhaps you come from very different backgrounds, but you seem to share the same values, passions, ideas and knowledge. A past life connection brings validation of your views and thoughts. It seems weird that you two would share so many values and ideas when you are so different. But it's not strange because your shared backgrounds are from another lifetime!


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